Feb 6, 2016

Time to Bomb Iran – Iran wants euro payment for new and outstanding oil sales – source

From The DailyCoin, FEBRUARY 6, 2016:

P.S. — the last Middle Eastern nation to sell its oil for euros was destroyed:
But Iran has the S-300…

BY Nidhi Verma, Reuters

A general view shows a unit of South Pars Gas field in
Asalouyeh Seaport, north of Persian Gulf, Iran November 19, 2015.


Iran wants to recover tens of billions of dollars it is owed by India and other buyers of its oil in euros and is billing new crude sales in euros, too, looking to reduce its dependence on the U.S. dollar following last month’s sanctions relief.

A source at state-owned National Iranian Oil Co (NIOC) told Reuters that Iran will charge in euros for its recently signed oil contracts with firms including French oil and gas major Total (TOTF.PA), Spanish refiner Cepsa CPF.GQ and Litasco, the trading arm of Russia’s Lukoil (LKOH.MM).

“In our invoices we mention a clause that buyers of our oil will have to pay in euros, considering the exchange rate versus the dollar around the time of delivery,” the NIOC source said.

Lukoil and Total declined to comment, while Cepsa did not respond to a request for comment.

Iran has also told its trading partners who owe it billions of dollars that it wants to be paid in euros rather than U.S. dollars, said the person, who has direct knowledge of the matter.

Iran was allowed to recover some of the funds frozen under U.S.-led sanctions in currencies other than dollars, such as the Omani rial and UAE dhiram.

Switching oil sales to euros makes sense as Europe is now one of Iran’s biggest trading partners.

“Many European companies are rushing to Iran for business opportunities, so it makes sense to have revenue in euros,” said Robin Mills, chief executive of Dubai-based Qamar Energy.

Iran has pushed for years to have the euro replace the dollar as the currency for international oil trade. In 2007, Tehran failed to persuade OPEC members to switch away from the dollar, which its then President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called a “worthless piece of paper”.

The NIOC source said Iran’s central bank instituted a policy while the country was under sanctions over its disputed nuclear programme to carry out foreign trade in euros.

“Iran shifted to the euro and cancelled trade in dollars because of political reasons,” the source said.


Iran has the world’s fourth-largest proved reserves of crude oil, and expects to quickly increase production, which could lead to tens of billions of euros worth of new oil trade.

Iran’s insistence on being paid in euros rather than dollars is also a sign of an uneasy truce between Tehran and Washington even after last month’s lifting of most sanctions.

U.S. officials estimate about $100 billion (69 billion pound) of Iranian assets were frozen abroad, around half of which Tehran could access as a result of sanctions relief.

It is not clear how much of those funds are oil dues that Iran would want back in euros.

India owes Tehran about $6 billion for oil delivered during the sanctions years.

Last month, NIOC’s director general for international affairs told Reuters that Iran “would prefer to receive (oil money owed) in some foreign currency, which for the time being is going to be euro.”

Indian government sources confirmed Iran is looking to be paid in euros.

Tehran has asked to be paid using the exchange rates at the time the oil was delivered, along with interest for those payment delays, Indian and Iranian sources said.

Accelerating Events & Disclosures with Jim Willie

Will Lehr of interviews Jim Willie of
Join us in a Two Part Series covering current financial and economic events. The discussion in this two hour episode goes all over the place. Please enjoy…

A new explanation and theory is USD Death seen in Oil Price decline — The dismantling of the Petro Dollar. If the pseudo foundation of USDollar has been crude oil since 1973, then the death of USD is clear. US is focused on war and bank hegemony, while China is focused on trade and infrastructure
Russia accepts RMB in oil payments from China, as de-Dollarization continue. This is nail in the Petro-Dollar coffin. Next the Gulf Emirates accepted RMB in oil payments
Iran joins the Eurasian Trade Zone via development contracts with China. A completed triangle on the Eurasian Trade Zone is coming into view. Three empires are joining as Russia, China, and Persia unite in a grand awakening.
A German leader from Bavaria (Seehofer) met with Putin in the Kremlin supporting conditions set to undercut sanctions during the great flip east. The dumping of Arab human flotsam & jetsam has not gone over well in Germany. Passage paid by USGovt NGO groups including Soros, inducing social sabotage.
Suncor posts huge $2bn quarterly loss, and S&P downgraded 10 firms. Appearing is a big wide red ink river as oil hedges expire. Big firms have been running at losses while working capital goes rotten.
Central Banks are no longer expanding balance sheets, as the debt game unravels. The new sheriff in town is the White Dragons in the East. The negative rate implementation is a final gasp, breathing through their a$$holes.
The S&P500 has critical support level at 1870, it is going to break and the TNX 10-yr yield is heading to 1.5%. This is the bond black hole that sucks in global capital. Afterwards comes the RESET and New Scheiss Dollar to reduce capital value within the hole. There are two missing liquidity channels: Fed/WallSt and Bush narco money.
Global Trade has ground to a halt, with Baltic Dry Index down 80%. There is a global shipping strike from unprofitable lines and refusal to take USTBills. Oil tankers are circling the Gulf of Mexico in large numbers. The US exported 400,000 empty containers in 2015 (LA, Long Beach, NY, NJ)
And Much More…

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Feb 5, 2016

Goodbye Petrodollar: Russia Accepts Yuan, Is Now China's Biggest Oil Partner

From Russia InsiderFeb 3, 2016 

Russia is now the top crude exporter to China, the largest (or second largest, depending on whom you ask) oil demand growth country in the world.
At the start of the decade, Saudi Arabia enjoyed a 20% share of Chinese crude imports, while Russia was lagging far behind with 7%. Now the Saudis find themselves neck and neck with Moscow for the lead in Chinese market share, with both performing in the 13-16% range. But Russia's share continues to rise, as The Kingdom struggles to maintain a foothold.
Why? Analysts attribute Russia's huge market share growth to its willingness to accept yuan, while Saudi Arabia is still clinging to blood-soaked dollars. As Business Insider notes:

Interestingly, part of Russia's success in China has been attributed to its willingness to accept Chinese yuan denominated currency for its oil.
This is consistent with earlier forecasts about Russia's market share in China. Bloomberg reported back in July:
Following Russia’s recent acceptance of the renminbi as payments for oil, we expect more record high oil imports ahead to China,” Gordon Kwan, the Hong Kong-based head of regional oil and gas research at Nomura Holdings Inc., said in an e-mail, referring to the Chinese currency. “If Saudi Arabia wants to recapture its number one ranking, it needs to accept the renminbi for oil payments instead of just the dollar.”
As both the head of the Eurasian Economic Union (and founding member of BRICS), as well as a major energy exporter, Russia is leading the charge against the dollar. And now other nations are following suit: Iran and India announced last month that they intend to settle all outstanding crude oil payments in rupees, as part of a joint strategy to dump the dollar and trade instead in national currencies.
The dollar is slowly losing its privileged place in international transactions. What this means for the United States is anyone's guess.

Feb 2, 2016

The Crypto Jew Behind the NIST Cover-up of 9-11: William Jeffrey (Jaffe)

Since William A. Jeffrey is the NIST director behind the fraudulent report on the collapse of the World Trade Center, we need to know more about this person. Jeffrey is obviously a high-level agent in the 9-11 cover-up, which means he is connected to the criminal cabal which is behind the crime itself.

William Jeffrey was nominated by George W. Bush to head NIST on May 25, 2005, and was confirmed by the Senate on July 22, 2005. He became director of NIST at exactly the time when the report on the collapse of the Twin Towers was being crafted for publication.

One needs to understand that the NIST report on the collapse of the Twin Towers is a complete and criminal fraud on the American people; that much is abundantly clear.  That means that the appointed officials, like Jeffrey, and other people behind this massive fraud should face prosecution and punishment for treason. In order for my thesis to be consistent, William Jeffrey, the person behind NIST's fraudulent report, should be connected to the Jewish/Zionist criminal cabal that controls the U.S. government.  So, does he?

The first thing you will find, when you look at William Jeffrey, is that he has been involved in all of the high-tech covert things that were evidently used on 9-11.  Here is the basic on-line biographical sketch of Mr. Jeffrey from Bloomberg/Business Week:

Jan 30, 2016

Government Rule: Liberty or Serfdom?

by Ted BaumanThe Sovereign Investor
A while ago I wrote an article about Uruguay in which I spoke approvingly of that country’s decision to bar foreign corporations or sovereign wealth funds from purchasing its rich farmland. The Uruguayan government was alarmed by the acquisition of massive tracts of fertile African land by such entities — such as the governments of Saudi Arabia and South Korea — which they intended to use to grow food for their own people.
Uruguay’s parliament decided that the costs of such deals far outweighed any potential benefits. I agreed. Sure enough, I received a few scathing letters from readers accusing me of being a “socialist” for supporting government interference in the “rights of property.”
I thought of those letters when I read the other day about Saudi Arabia’s purchase of huge areas in the Southwest U.S. to grow alfalfa for their cattle herds. As my colleague JL Yastine has pointed out, what the Saudis really wanted was the water that land contained, since it was cheaper for them to grow cattle feed with ours and ship it halfway across the world than to irrigate their own land. Every drop that goes to Saudi alfalfa is one less for American farmers.
This raises urgent questions about the meaning of liberty … and about the kind of world we want to live in.
Some years ago, as I bounced on the hard seat of a Land Rover while traversing a dangerous mountain pass in southern Madagascar, a local colleague explained to me that our route was necessary to avoid violent protests by Malagasies in the rural lowlands. They were enraged because their government had sold exclusive rights to nearly 30% of the country’s farmland to the sovereign wealth fund of South Korea. To add insult to injury, the Malagasy government had also sold the Koreans the rights to a massive coal seam, which they planned to mine and export for their exclusive use.
Unlike the current occupiers of a U.S. federal wildlife refuge in Oregon, Malagasies didn’t object to the fact that their government controlled the resources in question. Instead, they objected to selling them to foreigners who had no interest in their welfare. They knew that there would be few jobs from the Korean projects, and that the taxes and fees the foreigners paid would probably end up in politicians’ pockets. They would pay higher food prices and possibly even face shortages while food was exported to its foreign owners, as had happened in Ethiopia, India and other countries.
It was a transparently raw deal for Madagascar. And a few months after I left, the country’s government was overthrown in a massive popular uprising, from which it has not yet fully recovered.

Property Is Never Truly Private

A clever guy whose blog I read says that there is no such thing as private property. Instead, he says, what we are really buying when we purchase something, such as land, is a “violence voucher” — a promise by the government that it will enforce your rights to use the land and to exclude all others.
This is not an academic issue. It goes to the heart of one of the great conundrums of libertarian thought: The rights that we so jealously guard from “overreaching government” only exist because of that government. Even the rights that we regard as natural — such as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness — can only be realized if there is an organized force outside the market that acts to protect them — at a minimum, the law, the courts and the police.
The alternative is for each of us to be our own little warlord, like Immortan Joe in the blockbuster film Mad Max: Fury Road, enforcing our own “rights” through pitiless violence.

The Invisible Boundary Between Liberty and Serfdom

The governments we humans create to secure our rights tend to grow into an oppressive force that eats into those rights. The question is: Where’s the boundary between the things the government does to secure our rights — such as the “violence vouchers” that secure our property — and government violations of our rights? No government at all is Mad Max-style anarchy, but too much is serfdom.
The case of land ownership by foreign corporate or sovereign entities gets to the heart of this dilemma. In Madagascar, Uruguay and the southwest U.S., governments responded differently, with varying results. Madagascar’s government was overthrown. Otherwise property-loving patriots in the Southwest are up in arms over Saudi access to “their” water.
In Uruguay, on the other hand, the government’s decision means that country’s farmland market continues to be accessible to individual foreigners, like you and me. If we had to compete with Saudi oil money, we’d be shut out of that market.
What do you think? Is it right for government to intervene in land markets in this way? Or is it “socialism”? I’d love to hear your thoughts: Send me an email at [email protected].
Kind regards,
Ted Bauman

America’s Secret Multi-Trillion Dollar Black Ops Slush Fund

From Vidrebel, January 25, 2016

A month ago two billionaires began a public dialogue that can enlighten us all about the Dark Corners of the American government. It began earlier this month when Hugo Salinas Price noticed that the reserves of Central Banks around the world had declined by a trillion dollars. Central Banks had dumped a trillion dollars in US government bonds in the 17 months ending January 8, 2016. Normally that kind of fire sale of assets would have taken down the US and global economies.

Another billionaire had an answer. Rob Kirby said the US Exchange Stabilization Fund bought that trillion dollars in bonds. The Exchange Stabilization Fund was created in 1934. It is above the law and any Congressional oversight. The CIA has been subject to Congressional investigation but never the ESF. It was initially funded when FDR asked Americans to turn in their gold coins that were valued at $20.67 per ounce. The dollar was devalued to $35 which gave the ESF a paper profit of $2.8 billion. The Treasury Secretary appointed a manger for the ESF. The first man to run the ESF was Harry Dexter White who worked closely with Secretary Henry Morgenthau Jr. Soviet documents proved that White was a Soviet spy. White served on 18 government boards including the one that ran OSS Black Ops financing. He sent $50 million to China in 1940 to fund the war against Japan.

White also helped create the IMF and the World Bank. He won the battle with John Maynard Keynes to make the US Dollar the world’s reserve currency at Bretton Woods in 1944. This had severe ramifications for the Dollar and later might have became one of the reasons why President Kennedy was assassinated.

The ESF took over Black Ops financing for the CIA when it replaced the OSS. In 1948 the ESF delivered $10 million in cash which CIA handed out to politicians in Italy to make sure the ‘Good Guys’ won the elections. The ESF funded regime change all over the world. And when it came time to import heroin from the Golden Triangle to the US during the Vietnam war, the ESF was there along side Air America.

In the 1960s the American Dollar was experiencing problems. Wall Street had decided to over populate the country so America had to run deficits to pay for the importing of raw materials that were not needed when the population was only 150 million people. The US was also supporting hundreds of military bases overseas and funding regime change. The ESF developed a work around through the IMF to pay for military coups and counter revolutions. The ESF would front the coup leaders cash which was subsequently written up as an IMF loan. The ESF would ask that these loans be paid back in foreign currencies so the US Treasury through the New York Federal Reserve Bank and its 21 primary dealers could manipulate currencies to make the dollar look good.

Other sources of income for the ESF’s market manipulations of gold and currencies were the illegal drug and weapons trade. It was the ESF through the CIA that set up the infrastructure for the major Drug Cartels. My regular readers know that the Big Banks launder a trillion dollars a year in illegal drugs and weapons sales. They also launder $500 billion a year in political bribes.

In the summer of 1963 President Kennedy had decided to change the way international monetary policy was conducted to cure our continual trade deficits. He wanted to bring in foreign countries and to make the operations of the ESF, the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department transparent and open to public inspection. This decision died with JFK’s assassination. President Kennedy was killed on the 53rd anniversary of the first meeting held in 1910 to draft the legislation that became the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. Other reasons given for the assassination of JFK were his opposition to Israel’s acquisition of nuclear weapons. And some wanted the US to go into the Vietnam war and lose it so we could hook the younger generation on drugs and make trillions of dollars from the addicts and the systematic destruction of our cities.

The decision to keep ESF’s operations a Dark Secret had disastrous consequences for the Dollar. Robert Roosa was Undersecretary of the Treasury for Monetary Affairs under Kennedy and then Johnson. As head of the ESF, he decided to issue US Treasury bonds which were payable in Swiss Francs. They were called Roosa bonds. They were a disaster as the Swiss franc went up in value. The ESF also bet against the German mark which proved to be another losing proposition. They also participated in the London Gold Pool which tried to keep the price of gold down by dumping US gold onto the markets. This also was a disaster as gold kept going up while the Dollar kept going down.

Please note that Roosa was a former NY FED VP and later became a trustee of the Rockefeller Foundation and a member of David Rockefeller’s Trilateral Commission. Roosa’s boss was Douglas Dillon who was a boyhood friend of the Rockefeller brothers. His father was Jewish and had changed the family name to Dillon. Dillon went on to serve as President of the Rockefeller Foundation.

There were some Dark Days for the Dollar in the late 1960s through the 90s. The ESF did make a lot of money from the Drug trade. In 2001 the Bush administration had decided to invade Afghanistan even before Israel did 911 to blame it on the Muslims so we could spend $6 trillion on wars for Israel. That decision to invade Afghanistan was made because the Taliban had eradicated most of the opium crop which threatened the Narco Dollar.

The Narco Dollar allows the US to print money by the trillions and to send them overseas to finance drug shipments and pay ten billion dollars in bribes every week. Keeping that money overseas lowers inflation in the US. The invasion of Afghanistan was good for the US Banks.

The Bankers started printed Super Notes which were authentic looking counterfeit $100 bills. They were updated dozens of times to keep them looking good. The US propaganda machine blamed Russia and then Iran. The Super Notes were not made good enough to be accepted by the Federal Reserve or any major Central Bank. That was so holders of Narco Dollars would be too frightened to try to redeem them at a Central Bank thus keeping all that money overseas. Bringing Narco Dollars home would destroy the American economy overnight through inflation.

There are other sources of money for the ESF. $8.35 trillion went missing from the Pentagon since Clinton was President. We should expect some of that money to have made its way into that ESF slush fund to cover bad Wall Street investments and a weakening Dollar. Other federal agencies have seen money walk out the door but not to the level of the DOD.

There are $225 trillion plus dollars in speculative bets made against a rise in US interest rates. The ESF and the Federal Reserve are likely behind this wild speculation. The premiums from the sale of more than $225 trillion in CDS was split up amongst the ESF and the major banks. These premiums gave the banks and the ESF tremendous assets which they could use to buy that trillion dollars in US Treasury bonds.

A couple of years ago the Federal Reserve told the major banks to write living wills. This meant that banks were to separate their assets into several different corporations. Depositors’ money and all of those risky Credit Default Swaps (CDS) and those fraudulent Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS) were put in the same section of the sinking ship as the FDIC taxpayer guarantees. The Central Banks including the Federal Reserve have decided that when the next crash comes depositors will be treated like investors. Deposits will be taken to cover losses. Of course the losses are far greater than the deposits in a fractional reserve system. That means the Central Banks will have to Hyperinflate currencies to protect the Uber Rich. A Bank Holiday will rob everyone of what little money they have. After 90 days of unbelievable price increases, money from that savings account will be nearly worthless.

Bankers changed US law. It is now the law that the banks obligation to pay for a CDS loss is greater than your demand as a depositor. This means speculators are to be paid before you get your deposit back.

Dr Jim Willie has noticed some rather strange events in the Treasury bond market at the level of the New York Fed and the 21 primary dealers. I think the ESF is involved as well. It seems that $3.5 trillion in US Treasury bonds were sold that were not issued by the Treasury. He compared the US budget deficit to the sales of Treasury bonds and found a discrepancy. Maybe that was the ESF acting through the NY FED to fund Black Ops and market manipulations.

The ESF is the lost likely candidate as the source of the funds to purchase a trillion dollars in dumped Treasury bonds. But how much longer can this continue? Nobody knows how many more trillions the ESF still has. The Dollar is the only strong currency but that is all due to manipulation and fraud. When the Dollar Dies, we will see an overnight devaluation and the beginning of Hyperinflation. There will be Nationwide Food Riots.

I seriously doubt we can make it to election day 2016 without a collapse if we do not have Debt Cancellation. I could be wrong. We might last until 2017. We need to arrest the Bankers and seize their assets before they destroy the world. We can use the money they stole from us to liquidate all the Unpayable Debts they created through fraud.

The alternative is that we let the Bankers starve a few billion people to death and issue a cashless digital currency that would give them the Divine Right of Kings to rule over us. Let me close with something I have not said for awhile.

The Fundamental Fact of Your Existence as a modern man or woman is that the bankers of New York and London want to reduce you to Debt Slavery.

Accept that fact and move on to the solution.

That is their plan for you.

What is your plan for them?

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Please consider this: Either Learn What Money Is Or Accept Mass Starvation As Your Nation’s Future.

The Sinaloa Drug Cartel and ISIS both work for the CIA or rather the ESF and the CIA:
Video: The Sinaloa Mexican Drug Cartel Is A CIA Subsidiary

Israel sent the head of their Central Bank, Stanley Fischer, to run our Federal Reserve when the Dollar Dies.
Israel Killed JFK And Has Ruled America Ever Since.

Much of the material for the above article came from source videos Rob Kirby has seen 12 times over the years. They were made in 2011. The video maker was a great grandson of Frank Vanderlip, one of the men who wrote the draft for the Federal Reserve Act. He disappeared in January of 2012. Rob Kirby had talked to him before the disappearance. You can find the videos here:


Jan 29, 2016

The EU Refugee Crisis - How and Why it Happened

From Ian56:

The EU Refugee Crisis is the natural result of the Neocon Wars to destabilize the Middle East which have been on going from 2001. Wars and conflicts always produce refugees and displaced people.

There are now more refugees in the world than at any time since the end of World War 2. 10 million or more of them are the direct result of the Neocon wars in Iraq, Syria, Libya and Afghanistan.

The majority of the people flooding into Europe come from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and North Africa. Some are from Ethiopia and Somalia - the results of conflicts in these countries (the US has active in both, propping up the brutal regime in Ethiopia in its near civil war while destabilizing Somalia). Some others come from the rest of Africa and Pakistan.

The number of actual Syrians is difficult to determine as the majority of the refugees and economic migrants transit through Turkey and fake Syrian passports are easily available in Turkey for $250 to $700. 

The latest wave of migrants from the summer of 2015 has been an engineered / arranged event. It appears to have started with significant numbers of people leaving Turkish refugee camps or other areas of Turkey where they had been living for some years. Lots of these people were from Syria - mostly Sunnis and Kurds who had fled the violence and the takeover of their villages, towns and cities by al-Qaeda or ISIS. 

The people in the Turkish refugee camps are not legally entitled to work so they earn money via illegal employment or the Black Market. Life must be tough.

There has been a steady stream of refugees arriving on Greek Islands from Syria and Turkey and to Italy from Libya for some time, but nothing on the scale we saw in the second half of 2015.

1.1 million refugees and migrants arrived in Germany in 2015, most of them in the second half of the year. Germany says it expects similar numbers in 2016.

This sudden increase in the number of refugees or migrants and the sudden decision by thousands of people to leave Turkey and head for Europe was not accidental. It was encouraged by Erdogan - probably by making life in the camps more difficult in some way. The presence of 2 million refugees is a drain on the Turkish economy. Perhaps Erdogan wanted to relieve this economic strain, perhaps he had other reasons.

The open Turkish borders, the easy availability of cheap fake passports (to pretend to be war refugees and not migrants) and the presence of people traffickers, which the Turkish government seems to have done nothing to suppress, all helped increase the number of people trying to get into the EU.

In addition to this, thousands of travel guides suddenly started appearing in Turkish ports with detailed instructions, including railway routes and timetables, on how to get from Turkey to Germany and Northern Europe. These travel guides were produced by a group calling itself W2EU (Welcome to Europe). This is an open borders  advocacy group, the funding of which is murky. We don't know who exactly is behind this group but it is the sort of thing that Soros' "Open" Society groups would support in their efforts to destabilize Europe.

Once news that thousands of refugees were successfully making it into the EU and Germany spread, it encouraged thousands more people to try. Lots of these people were not from Turkey or Syria, but made their way to Turkey in order to get into the EU.

A high proportion of the refugees arriving in the EU are young males aged around 18 to 35. There are  4 times as many adult men arriving than there are adult women. 

Then Angela Merkel did the best possible thing she could have done to encourage a wave of mass immigration to Europe "Germany welcomes all refugees".

Merkel and Germany were aiming for 400,000 to 500,000 immigrants a year to address the problem of an aging population and to provide cheap labor for German Corporations.
However as soon as she said it, over 150,000 immigrants a month (or 2 million a year) started turning up so she said that the rest of EU would have to take some - a dictatorial edict for Imperial quotas (the sort of thing the USSR used to do with their Central Planning).

Well that didn't work and started causing rebellions and ructions from several Governors of the Provinces of Romecountries in the EU.
Several countries suspended the Schengen (open borders within the EU) agreement and started putting up physical fences as well as border checks and cross border transport suspensions, to try and stem the onslaught from the mass invasion.

It also started causing large scale problems for Merkel at home with open rebellion from her sister party in Bavaria and protests against the immigrants on the streets of German cities.
Merkel's approval ratings in Germany plummeted.

Merkel started backtracking saying that Germany would start checking if the immigrants were refugees or whether they were economic migrants - in the latter case they would be deported. It is not known if Merkel is serious about mass deportations, we will have to see if she does it.