Jul 20, 2016

We Need More Borders And More States

From Zerohedge:

In the context of trade and immigration, borders are often discussed as a means of excluding foreign workers and foreign goods. In one way of thinking, borders provide an opportunity for states to exclude private actors such as workers, merchants, and entrepreneurs. On the other hand, borders can also serve a far more endearing function, and this is found in the fact that borders represent the limits of a state's power. That is, while borders may exclude goods and people, a state's borders also often exclude other states. 

For example, East Germany's border with West Germany represented the limits of the East German police state, beyond which the power of the Stasi to kidnap, torture, and imprison peaceful people was far more limited than it was within its native jurisdiction. The West German border acted to contain the East German state. 
Similarly, the borders of Saudi Arabia delineate a limit to the Saudi regime's ability to behead people for sorcery or for making critical remarks about the blood-soaked dictators known as the House of Saud. 

Even within a single nation-state, borders can illustrate the benefits of decentralization, as in the case of the Colorado-Nebraska border. On one side of the border (i.e., Nebraska) state police will arrest you and imprison you for possessing marijuana. They may kill you if you resist. On the other side of the border, the state's constitution prohibits police from prosecuting marijuana users. The Colorado border contains Nebraska's war on drugs. 

Jul 19, 2016


The 15 July 2016 coup d’état attempt in Turkey may not be what it seems.
Israel may have helped Erdogan to stage a fake coup.
The coup may have been designed to fail.
The man who reportedly organised the ‘fake’ coup, General Akin Öztürk, served as military attaché to Israel.
According to Turkey’s pro-government newspaper Taraf, the Turkish army’s deputy chief of staff, Aslan Guner, bought wiretapping equipment in Israel in 2007.
Reportedly, Israel uses this equipment to listen in to the cell phone conversations of Turkish citizens.
Israel supplies the Turkish military with aerial drones and electronics.
If there had been a real coup, the plotters would have announced to the world that President Erdogan had been:
“Rigging elections, 
“Cosying up to Israel, 
“Accepting bribes from Saudi monarchists, 
“Peddling ISIS’s stolen oil in partnership with his son and Barzani, the Kurdish strongman…”

Jul 16, 2016

Totalitarian Schemers and Their Open Borders

From LewRockwell
By Tom DiLorenzo

“Those who support multiculturalism .  .  . realize that if they are to transform Western societies into strictly regulated, racial-feminist bureaucracies they must first undermine those societies.”
–Frank Ellis
At the outset of his administration, President Bill Clinton famously declared that “the era of big government is over.”  He then did everything in his power to prove that to be yet another of his slick lies.  At the outset of her administration, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, a one-time East German “communist youth leader,” famously declared that “multiculturalism has been a failure.”  She then did everything in her power to prove what a Big Lie that was, most notoriously by inviting millions of Third World, Muslim immigrants (mostly young men) into her country, lavishly subsidizing them, giving them sex education lessons, and intimidating, censoring, or threatening to punish critics of her policies.

Barack Obama has followed suit in a somewhat quieter way with non-enforcement of border controls that has allowed millions of Third World peasants to flood the country.  The Republican Party has done nothing to interfere with any of this.  Residents of small towns all throughout rural America are not always happy when thousands of government-subsidized welfare clients from the Third World are dumped in their neighborhoods accompanied by threats from the federal government should they complain about it.

All of this is has been given an official blessing by the capitalism-hating, Castro hand-shaking, leftist pope, an ideological soul mate of the Merkels and Obamas of the world and an accomplice in their project to “ fundamentally transform” their societies (which is traditional Marxist rhetoric, by the way).

This plan to “fundamentally transform society” is also supported by the forces of political correctness in the media, the universities, television, and the popular culture in general, whose new “god” is multiculturalism.  Oppose their plans to “fundamentally transform” your society from a Marxist perspective and you will immediately be labeled a racist, sexist, homophobe, etc., etc., and declared persona non-gratis in society.

It is obvious that Angela Merkel’s purpose, and the purpose of all the other European leftists, is to destroy German (and European) culture in particular and eventually, all the institutions of Western civilization.  They do not care what the tenets of Western civilization, which have evolved over the centuries, are replaced with because of their belief that it stands for nothing more than racism, sexism, and capitalist “exploitation.”  They are the great-grandsons and granddaughters of Lenin and Marx.  As the British intellectual Frank Ellis, once wrote, “Today’s ‘political correctness’ is the direct descendant of Communist terror and brainwashing” with its “rigid requirements of language, thought, and behavior, and violators . . . treated as if they were mentally unbalanced . . .”

The fondest dream of Barack Obama and his fellow American leftists is to follow suit with the Europeanization of America and its “fundamental transformation” into a totalitarian society where the state controls all aspects of behavior through threats, intimidation, censorship, and propaganda without all the messy violence of past generations of totalitarian control freaks. When this fails, as in most certainly will, they will then resort to imprisoning dissenters – or worse. 

Jul 6, 2016

The Corporate State

Independence Day always leads to an outbreak of stories about the glories of democracy from the usual suspects in the media. One of the stranger things in my lifetime is the fact that when I was young, democracy was a fetish of the Left, while the Right scoffed at the wisdom of the masses. Today, it is a fetish of the Right and the Left is making ominous noises about the foolishness of elections and democracy. The result is the so-called conservative media turns July 4th into a saccharine celebration of democracy.

Most everyone reading this is bright enough to know that America was never intended to be a democracy and it is not a democracy today. The Founders imagined a republic composed of sovereign states that would do the bulk of the governing. The Civil War obliterated the sovereignty of the states, thus allowing the Federal government to assume most of the governing. Our state governments perform administrative tasks on behalf of the Federal government, often financed by Federal tax dollars.

It’s tempting to think America is on a long path toward Caesarism, where the institutions of republican government are hollowed out as power is transferred into the hands of an authoritarian. The trouble with that is the modern nation state is too complicated for that sort of autocratic rule. The nation state is a vast bureaucracy today with a semi-permanent staff loyal only to the bureaucracy. They take direction from the executive, but the scope of the government is too massive to control in a fine detail way.

Consider some numbers from the US government. Health and Human Services has about 150 employees who report directly to the president. These are appointees usually brought in the by the Secretary of HHS. The department has 78,000 employees that are civil servants. Most of what HHS does on a daily basis is unknown to the White House staff. Most of it is unknown to bureaucracy itself. An organization of that scale and permanence takes on a life of its own. It’s a giant blob that absorbs what it touches.

This is why we have elections and not much changes.The rhetoric changes and maybe the way the bureaucracy is sold to the public changes a bit. Otherwise, the only thing that changes is the overall size of the state. It always gets bigger. 50 years ago the Feds spent about $4500 per citizen and today they spend close to three times that. This is in inflation adjusted dollars. That’s a lot of elections with nothing ever changing, suggesting something else determines the size and scope of the state.

A better way to think of the modern nation state is as a corporation. The modern publicly traded corporation is setup to profit the owners, who are the stockholders. The people running the corporation, the CEO, the CFO, the senior managers and so forth, are put in place to run the enterprise in the interests of the owners. You, as a stockholder in Apple, want to see the company make money so your stock goes up in value. You don’t get to set company policy, but you have a vote at a shareholder meeting.

Now, the major stock holders have some say in the management of the firm. These are the people who sit on the board and decide who is put in as a CEO or push for a shakeup of the management team when necessary.They are not running the daily operations, but they get to decide who is running the daily operations. Like the small stockholders, they want to see profit so presumably they have the same interests as those small shareholders. Sometimes they have other motives, which are at odds with the shareholders.

The modern state is similarly arranged. The super rich are not bound by the state any more than a major shareholder is bound to the company. They sit on the board as major political donors and fixers, but they may perform this function for many countries, just as a rich guy sits on the boards of many firms. Sheldon Adelson is just as involved in Israeli politics as he is US politics. George Soros is involved in the politics of a dozen countries, including countries that are in competition with one another.

Jul 2, 2016

The EU's Architects: Nazis and Nazi Collaborators

From Strategic Culture

BY WAYNE MADSEN | 02.07.2016 

There is an old adage that pertains to the founding of the European Union «If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, again». And for the Nazis and Nazi collaborators of the Second World War, viewing the post-war European death and destruction brought about by Adolf Hitler and his «Third Reich» alliance of Italian fascists, French Vichy, and others, the immediate decision was to «try again» with a European Union that would establish the same European super-state envisaged by Hitler but with a decidedly «democratic» aura.
What eventually became the EU, the European Coal and Steel Community, was formed by six Western European countries in 1951. The organization was the brainchild of Robert Schuman, a French politician who swore allegiance to Marshal Philippe Petain, the French Vichy leader and ally of the mustachioed German ex-corporal. Schuman was later stripped of his political rights for his collaboration with the hated German bosche. However, Free French commander, General Charles De Gaulle, restored Schuman’s full citizenship, after which the old Vichy collaborator set about to create a modified version of the Third Reich, the European Union. And to complement his «Fourth Reich-Lite», Schuman advocated a military alliance to give it muscle. It was the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Schuman served as a post-war French foreign and prime minister. Schuman’s collaborators in his plan to create a federal Europe were fellow Frenchman and OSS/CIA asset Jean Monnet and German chancellor Konrad Adenauer, who, as pre-war mayor of Cologne and president of the Prussian State Council, provided the Nazis with various perks, including the right to fly Nazi flags from Cologne city flagpoles.
Another founding father of the EU was Walter Hallstein, a German lawyer who belonged to a number of Nazi professional groups and who fought as a lieutenant in a Wehrmacht artillery regiment in northern France, Hallstein was captured by the Americans and served out the remaining of the war in a prisoner-of-war camp in Mississippi. Western history books and the always-dubious Wikipedia, have whitewashed the Nazi credentials of EU founders like Schuman, Adenauer, and Hallstein.
Another supporter of the embryonic supporter of a federal Europe in the early 1950s was Prince Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld in Germany and later of the Netherlands. Before marrying Crown Princess Juliana of the Netherlands, Bernhard was a Nazi Party member in Germany and an officer of the Reiter (Mounted Corps) of the SS. He was also a member of the Nazi Motor Corps. In 1940, Bernhard’s old pals at I.G. Farben, the German petro-chemical company, along with SS chief Heinrich Himmler, were lobbying Hitler for a common European currency, the precursor of today’s euro. After the war, Bernhard enthusiastically supported the creation of a European Union. To shepherd plans for the future union through European nations, in 1954, Bernhard sponsored the first meeting of European federalists and their Euro-Atlanticist NATO allies at the Bilderberg Hotel in the Netherlands.

Jun 29, 2016

EU Unmasked: After Brexit, Plans for Full EU Superstate Revealed

via Corbett • 06/28/2016
by James Corbett June 28, 2016

Well, that didn’t take long.
The graphite was hardly dry on the Brexit ballots when TVP Info, a Polish broadcaster, leaked a 9-page document drawn up by the German and French foreign ministers calling for an EU superstate complete with an EU army, integrated border controls and common taxation. The German foreign minister discussed the plans — which are being described as “an ultimatum” — with his counterparts in the Visegrad Group of countries (Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia) this week.

The document, bearing the Orwellian title of “A strong Europe in a world of uncertainties,” lays out the exact tyrannical plans that the EU’s critics have been warning about for years. After identifying key areas of uncertainty and concern affecting Europe — from spreading [false flag] terrorism to [manipulated] cultural tensions to [engineered] economic hardships — the document proposes three new areas for expanded EU cooperation:
Click to read the full document
Click to read the full document
  1. European Security Compact, including an expansion of internal “security” through a strengthened Europol, and expansion of external “security” in areas like North Africa and the Middle East through coordination with the African Union, G5 and other globalist counterparts.
  2. Common European asylum and migration policy, including the expansion of FRONTEX with permanent, dedicated EU-supplied staff, and the creation of a European Asylum Agency tasked with standardizing the registration of asylum seekers and hosting joint EU-controlled databases.
  3. Completed Economic and Monetary Union, including “convergence between member states” in strategic sectors of the economy, the development of a European Monetary Fund presided over by EU parliament, and continued moves toward “common taxation.”
Even more stunningly, the paper actually proposes a standing EU-directed military chain of command, up to and including standing European armed forces: