May 23, 2016

Downfall: Will the EU End in a Bloodbath?

From Sputniknews, 22.05.2016
by Angus Gallagher

The British people are poised to strike a massive hammer blow against the EU on June 23rd. Our aim is to liberate Europe from globalist inspired tyranny. But do claims that the EU transcends history and is a force for good mean it’s all just British nastiness?

On a frigid November morning in 1576, Philip II’s tercios storm beleaguered Antwerp. Hardened by the savagery of Dutch resistance, the imperial troops have turned wild due to their bankrupt monarch’s failure to pay them.  
What follows is a 3 day orgy of murder, arson, and rape that leaves Antwerp a charnel house and 7000 innocents dead.
Those slaughtered at Antwerp were the sacrificial victims of a stubborn ideal that refused to acknowledge reality: the millenarian dream that all Europeans should live under a single ruling authority.   
Ever since Charlemagne revived Caesar’s ghost, Europeans have been haunted by the concept of a universal monarchy. The tides of history regularly churn up such composite transnational entities as the Holy Roman Empire, the Habsburg Empire, the First French Empire, the Third Reich, and now, in its modern incarnation- the European Union.  
Only two things have remained constant: the first is that Britain and Russia have always sought to remain beyond the centralization of European power and the second is that just as a tide comes flows in, it must also recede. Indeed, no supranational European power has ever stood against the tide of history.  
It would seem that if the EU has any hope of surviving, it would need to be radically different from its predecessors. But is it? Has the concept of European unity evolved from that cold morning in 1576 when Spanish soldiers burned Dutchmen alive for the dream of a united Europe?  
The EU’s policies of economic and monetary union have looted economies and imposed austerity as completely as Philip II’s hated tax collectors. The Euro is no more stable than was the ducat with its massive inflation due to imported silver from the New World. Financial and monetary union was a disaster then, just as it is now.   
Just as the Habsburgs harangued their subjects into a common defence policy against the Ottoman Empire, the EU, with infinitely less cause, is forcing member states to confront Russia. This creates the geopolitical instability around the EU that typified former empires: this is solid proof that the EU is not some evolutionary leap in the European psyche.    
Faced with the failure to integrate its Muslim immigrants, Philip II banned the use of Arab culture in 1568 only to instigate an Islamic revolt that lasted five years.
Once quelled, Philip dispersed the Muslim population to different regions, forcing governors to accept them. Unable to crack the problem, mass expulsions to Africa finally eradicated the issue from 1609 to 1614. 
Does this not sound worryingly familiar given the tensions that are simmering in 2016?   
Social protests and poverty often fused with nationalism to fuel uprisings against the Holy Roman Empire: we see this both in the age of Luther and today where rising anger with the EU’s directives has ignited labour unrest from Greece to France.  

May 22, 2016

Obamacare Psychiatrists to Put POTENTIAL Dissidents Into FEMA Camps

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

Recently I have written about how DSM V, the manual for diagnosing mental illnesses has been politicized in the area of gender identity disorder. Well, we are seeing the same thing with regard to a new disorder we call Oppositional Defiant Disorder, which marginalizes all protesters, those who hang out on the Internet and criticize the government. These developments are not new as this article will trace the attempts for the government to label dissent as mental illness and they desperately want to get a hold of your kids and jam psychotropic drug into their system.

A Brief History

There is an ongoing battle for the psychological health and welfare of America’s children and eventually all Americans. Since 2002, the government has been intent on testing millions for mental illness. This obsession even extends to our veterans as they return from combat and leave the service. The veterans are increasingly being diagnosed as having PTSD and they are subsequently being adjudicated to not being eligible to own a firearm.

Marti Oakley has been at the forefront on covering elderly abuse in which the courts are stealing the property and incarcerating the elderly into mandatory detention in a care facility because they are mentally infirm. And why is this happening? If an elderly person fails to balance their checkbook, for example, they are robbed and confined by the courts.

These practices are reminiscent of how the Soviets used to imprison political enemies. The Soviets simply said if anyone disagree with the government, they must have “political schizophrenia” and required to have treatment in a mental healthcare facility.

All “Conspiracy Theorists” Are Mentally Ill According to DSM V

When I went through my clinical training, the Bible of mental illness, The Statistical and Diagnostic Manual (DSM-4r) defined Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) as a highly controversial mental illness used to describe children and teens as mentally ill if they exhibited disobedience and defiance. When I was first nationally credentialed, most practitioners did not take this diagnosis seriously and we mistakenly believed that it would fade away. We uniformly believed this to be true because defiance and oppositional behaviors are hallmark traits of healthy rebellion exhibited by children and teens as they seek independence. Rather than ODD fading away, the diagnosis has become the tool of the ruling elite.

The new DSM (5) has expanded the definition of ODD to include adults who exemplify “paranoid ideation” about the government and frequently express these delusional ideations on the Internet.

In most states, the government could arrest a member of the Independent Media based upon a charge of “threat to self and others due to paranoid ideation under the new ODD. The hold of the media types would be f0r 72 hours. The “patient” would not be able to speak with family and more importantly, with an attorney. The result could be a sentence which remands one to a mental health facility where they are forcibly drugged since they are now a ward of the state. Personal assets can be seized in order to pay for “treatment”.

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May 21, 2016

UN Plots War On Free Speech To Stop "Extremism" Online

from ZeroHedge:

The United Nations Security Council wants a global “framework” for censoring the Internet, as well as for using government propaganda to “counter” what its apparatchiks call “online propaganda,” “hateful ideologies,” and “digital terrorism.” To that end, the UN Security Council this week ordered the UN “Counter-Terrorism Committee” — yes, that is a real bureaucracy — to draw up a plan by next year. From the Obama administration to the brutal Communist Chinese regime, everybody agreed that it was time for a UN-led crackdown on freedom of speech and thought online — all under the guise of fighting the transparently bogus terror war.

The UN, ridiculed by American critics as the “dictators club,” will reportedly be partnering with some of the world's largest Internet and technology companies in the plot. Among the firms involved in the scheme is Microsoft, which, in a speech before the Security Council on May 11, called for “public-private partnerships” between Big Business and Big Government to battle online propaganda. As this magazine has documented, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and other top tech giants have all publicly embraced the UN and its agenda for humanityMany of the more than 70 speakers also said it was past time to censor the Internet, with help from the “private sector.”

At the UN meeting this week, the 15 members of the UN Security Council, including some of the most extreme and violent dictatorships on the planet, claimed they wanted to stop extremism and violence from spreading on the Internet. In particular, the governments pretended as if the effort was aimed at Islamist terror groups such as ISIS and al-Qaeda, both of which have received crucial backing from leading members of the UN Security Council itselfTerrorism was not defined. Everybody agreed, though, that terror should not be associated with any particular religion, nationality, ethnicity, and so on, even though at least one delegation fingered the Israeli government.

In its “presidential statement” after the session, the UN Security Council claimed that “terrorism” could be defeated only with “international law” and through collaboration between the UN and emerging regional governments such as the various “unions” being imposed on Europe, Africa, Eurasia, South America, and beyond. “The Security Council stresses that terrorism can only be defeated by a sustained and comprehensive approach involving the active participation and collaboration of all States, international and regional organizations ... consistent with the United Nations Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy,” it said. Of course, the UN still has no actual definition of terrorism, but it is in the process of usurping vast new powers under the guise of fighting this undefined nemesis.

However, the UN, in its ongoing war against free speech and actual human rights around the world, has offered some strong hints about its agenda. According to UN officials, the plan to regulate speech on the Internet will complement another, related UN plot known formally as the “Plan of Action to Prevent Violent Extremism.” As The New American reported last year, the plan calls for a global war on “ideologies.” That crusade will include, among other components, planetary efforts to stamp out all “anti-Muslim bigotry,” anti-immigrant sentiments, and much more, the UN and Obama explained. So-called “non-violent extremism” is also in the UN's crosshairs, as is free speech generally.

May 17, 2016

NWO Weapon Monsanto, “Most Evil Corporation of the World”, Governs US Government – and with the TTIP our Food and “Health”

via Euro-med:
Summary: Monsanto is not only the world’s largest producer of GMO seeds but also has a murderous past through the production of toxic chemicals such as dioxin (Orange) for spraying in Vietnam, PCBs,  and more, which are said to have killed millions of people.
Monsanto’s corn and soy products are very toxic to rats, producing cancer tumors, premature births,  congenital malformations (in humans, too) and organ damage – probably mostly because of Monsantos supplementing Round-up. Its growth hormone for cows to increase milk production led to udder infections with pus in the milk and large antibiotic consumption.
Monsanto has bought US Congress, the Department of Agriculture and the White House – Hillary Clinton in particular, probably the first female US president – buying and dictating  US agricultural laws. Especially,  Monsanto prohibits the labelling of GMO products in US shops.
Monsanto’s hybrid GMO products cannot produce seed for the next year. This has driven millions of farmers in developing countries into poverty and provisionally 183,000 Indian farmers to commit suicide. Now they try to  repeat the trick in Africa with the help of Monsanto shareholder and depopulationist Bill Gate .
Monsanto used Mafia / Gestapo / KGB methods to force farmers to sign Monsanto  contracts.
By the CETA and TTIP-trade agreements which are so secret that not even the MPs know what is agreed there,  the road to European fields and tables is being made unhindered open for  Monsanto’s toxic Round-up-GMO  products. 
Monsanto is forcing Monsanto critical, independent science out of the scientific journals – putting in its own mendacious unscientific rubbish instead.
Monsanto is a Rockefeller NWO product and is to get a monopoly on food on the world market, to strip us and to strangle any resistance to the world communism of  the NWO, Agenda 21,.
Monsanto is a weapon of the NWO against humanity.

May 15, 2016

Results of Glyphosate pee test are in ‘And it’s not good news’, Virtually everyone in Europe is contaminated with Big Ag’s glyphosate pesticides: Of MEPs tested, ALL show positive results for Monsanto’s cancerous weed-killer

Last month, Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) volunteered to take a urine test to see if glyphosate—the cancer-linked weedkiller—is in their system. Forty-eight MEPs from 13 different European Union countries participated in the test, and now the results are in.

Greens take the #MEPee to highlight ‘probably carcinogenic’ effects of #glyphosate— Andrew Bell (@aw_bell) April 22, 2016
According to ELISA test results from the accredited Biocheck Laboratory in Germany: “All participants excreted glyphosate by urine.”

The experiment was spearheaded by the Green Party in the European Parliament, which wants a ban on the controversial herbicide in the European Union.

The group noted in a press release of their so-called “#MEPee” test:
On average, the MEPs had 1.7 micrograms/liter of glyphosate in their urine, 17 times higher than the European drinking water norm (0.1 microgram/litre). This means that everyone we tested was way above the limit for residues of pesticides in drinking water.

The Stellinga

From bionic mosquito:

From my post on The Freemen, I introduced the larger-than-life Harm, and the person who soon became his charge, Erin.  Erin has grown quite curious of Harm, his background, and the history of those Harm often refers to as “my people.”  Another of Harm’s “people,” Bern, have to go back to Charlemagne – or, as Bern calls him, “Carl the Butcher.”

From The Last of the Freemen, by Carl Trotz:

“So Carl the Butcher,” Bern continued, “he was in the business of killing, conquering people, taking their land, demanding tribute from the survivors in perpetuity. Common enough, the Romans did it, they do it today, invading in the name of peace or democracy or human rights, then cramming hopeless debt down their throats. But unlike the Romans, and really, clearing a path for the puppet masters we have now, the Butcher understood that if he destroyed a culture, then the people would be easier to control. You wouldn't need an occupying army. Those are expensive, you know. And because he controlled the Church, forced conversion became the way to do it.”

Charlemagne apparently understood the value of destroying the culture.  So did those known as the Frankfurt School.  So did the communist Antonio Gramsci.  So does today’s Pope, it seems.  It is too bad that many supposedly freedom-loving people do not understand this.

Eventually, the Saxon nobility accepted Charles and conversion; the freemen lost their way of life – no more allodial ownership of the land, no more freedom.

Returning to Bern:

“Of course armed resistance was futile at that point. Some tried to revolt, a generation later, long after the Butcher was dead. They called it the Stellinga, but not surprisingly, they were mostly all killed. There’s a saying, you know, that lightning strikes more trees than grass. It’s always better to keep a low profile.

“So,” he said, patting the table with his hand for emphasis, “we've kept hidden since then, following the old ways and the old law, but blending in to survive, finding our freedom in places other than war or politics.”

I have read a good amount of history regarding the Middle Ages and I do not recall coming across the term Stellinga.  It does not appear in the index of the most definitive work I have, RHC Davis’s A History of Medieval Europe.  I did, however, find a hint of this history in that book:

The Saxons were heathen and still worshipped their primitive Germanic gods…. The Saxons were the traditional enemies of the Franks, and had never formed part of the Frankish Kingdom.  They had little political organization of their own. What unity they possessed, was founded on their heathen religion, the central object of worship being the Irminsul or sacred tree-trunk, which was supposed to support the heavens.

I only now know this was a hint because of what I read in Trotz’s work.  Trotz does make use of this tree trunk in his novel.

The forced conversion included the cutting down of these sacred tree trunks, first the Jupiter Oak or Donar’s Oak in 724:

May 13, 2016

The Collapse of the European Union

Return to National Sovereignty and to Happy Europeans
By Peter Koenig

May 12, 2016 "Information Clearing House" - Imagine – the European Union were to collapse tomorrow – or any day soon for that matter. Europeans would dance in the streets. The EU has become a sheer pothole of fear and terror: Economic sanctions – punishment, mounting militarization, the abolition of civil rights for most Europeans. A group of unelected technocrats, representing 28 countries, many of them unfit to serve in their own countries’ political system, but connected well enough to get a plum job in Brussels – are deciding the future of Europe. In small groups and often in secret chambers they decide the future of Europe.

Take the TTIP – under pressure from their masters in Washington, behind closed doors under utmost secrecy – and most likely against their own personal good – a small group of European Commission (EC) delegates without scruples, without any respect for their co-citizens, without consideration for their children, grand-children and their children, only interested in the instant laurels and pay-back – to be sure – from the colonialist, usurper and warrior number One, the United States of Chaos and Killing, they are ready to put 500 million Europeans and their descendants at peril.

It cannot be said enough what horrors the TTIP (Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) would do to the people of Europe; and that is based on the little we know from the 248 pages ‘leaked’ by Greenpeace Netherlands of the ultra-clandestine negotiations taking place. ‘Negotiations’ is the most unfair term imaginable, since all the rules are imposed by Washington, the same as with the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership, involving 11 Pacific countries and the US – but not China and Russia).

Though TPP negotiations are finished, none of the 11 Pacific partners, nor the US Congress have approved the treaty. There is hope that even if ‘negotiations’ by the secret EC traitors and Washington should come to conclusion, at least some of the 28 EU countries may not approve. To be valid, the treaty needs to be approved in unanimity. The new rightwing Austrian frontrunner for Austrian’s Presidency, Norbert Hofer, has already said he would not sign the TTIP agreement. Similar remarks have been made by the French Minister for Foreign Trade, Matthias Fekl, who said, “There cannot be an agreement without France and much less against France.”