Jul 30, 2014

US sends threat to Germany via the WSJ: vote against Russia or we collapse Deutsche Bank

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The Last Stage Of Eurocracy

From Martin Armstrong,  

The European Central Bank is so out of touch with the economy it is frieghtening. They see that they have a range of options to consider including negative interest rates. What they do not grasp is that people will not invest and start businesses simply because interest rates are too high. The people must see an opportunity to make a profit. Politicians never see that all their manipulations of the people exclude themselves from the process. They want to retain all their draconian regulation, extract more taxes to secure their future, and federalize Europe to permanently established their job security.
Forcing the euro lower to make European goods cheaper is not reforming the system. They are too BYZANTINE in  regulating everything right down to coloring eggs. The complexity is mind boggling. Start with reforming the system and then you may actually create an economy instead of killing it. Even in Germany, the regulation is way too much people would rather work for a major company than start anything on their own. This is the real destruction of economic growth.

Even the Romans learned that taxes were a burden. The problem with socialism has been the pretense that they are doing this for you – not them. In reality, it becomes no different from handing money to a charity and you find out 3% makes it to the actual people and the rest lines their pockets for administrative costs.

Jul 29, 2014

Massive security alert over Android 'Fake ID' bug as experts warn personal and financial details of millions of users have been at risk for four YEARS

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Ukrainians Ordered to War, Women Burn the Military Writs

From  Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis: (my emphasis)

The war in Ukraine is going so well that soldiers are unpaid and men are ordered to serve whether they want to or not.

Hats off to a group of women who confront a Ukrainian soldier and burn military writs right in front of the soldier's face.

Writ Burning Video

Video link: Ukrainians Burn Writs

Woman to Ukrainian soldier: Who are you?

Soldier: I am the head of the local recruiting center.

Woman: Why are you bringing military writs?

Soldier: It's an order from above. I can't explain all the details but you can read about it on the internet

Soldier: When did you get the writs?

Very disgruntled woman: Yesterday evening.

Another Woman: This one we got recently.

Soldier: Yes, we're sending those to put the potential recruits under control

Yet another woman: We don't need it. We don't need any war.

Multiple women chime in with the same thing at once

Very disgruntled woman: We've been told that the police will handle those who refuse to sign the writs for mobilization. What does that mean?

Soldier: It's an official order for total mobilization.

Another woman: We've been told those fairy tales many times. They told us those who refuse to go to war will go to jail for 5 years.

Soldier: I ask you, did we take anyone to war so far?

Woman: When you take someone it will be too late to worry.

Another woman: We've never been on Maidan. We didn't touch anyone. We don't need it.

Very angry man gesturing: Take your recruit list and make sure no one will be taken to war.

Soldier - finally admitting the truth: They will take your sons anyway.

Same angry Man: Who will take them?

Soldier: The state

Same angry man: We don't give a damn about your country and your war!

Large group gathers writs and sets them on fire.

Background conversation: mostly untranslated but also containing We are sickened of the authorities.

More background conversation: The authorities flee like rats from a sinking ship, but they come here and take our sons and send them to death. They all made the mess and now they need us to clean it up.

Fire takes hold

Another woman: Those who wanted all this, let them go to war! We never needed this nor Maidan.

Cars stop, many more people including more men watch on the periphery.

Writs go up in ashes. Many still confront the soldier

Congratulations to all those who told the soldier to go to hell.

Unintended Consequences (One Hour with Jim Willie)

Jim Willie discusses the last several decades of US policy and the unintended consequences of attempting to prolong the inevitable demise of the Petro-dollar standard. He discuss the abandonment of the gold standard, outsourcing of industry, the little-known Chinese gold lease, QE, Ukraine & Iran, post Lehmann bank conglomeration, German gold repatriation refusal, NSA espionage, Banker murders, and prosecution of PNB, Credit Suisse, & Deutsche Bank.

False Flag? Fake Video of Alleged Pro-Russian Militia Claiming Responsibility for MH 17 Attack Was Made Before Plane Crash

MH 17 likely downed by a SU fighter jet about 20 miles south east of Gorlovka
By Vladimir Suchan
Global Research, July 28, 2014
Logos Politikos 17 July 2014
This could almost be a smoking gun of the false flag attack with respect to MH 17. Some five hours after the loss of MH 17, the Ukrainian Security Service published a recording of alleged pro-Russian military officers led by commander Bes, who is based in Gorlovka (Horlivka), allegedly confirming that they shot down the Malaysian Boeing 777.
The video was uploaded about 5 hours after the time of the plane’s crash–20:16 PM local time.
The video tape claims that the call took place at 16:40 local time. But the plane was lost between 17:15-20 local time. The timing might be put in order if one assumes that, for some strange reason, the Ukrainian secret service decided to put their Moscow Time instead of the time in Donetsk. But this seems to be a  stretch and does not appear to be warranted. It does not make sense for Ukrainian secret police to mark the time of their videos according to the time in Moscow.

Moreover, and even more importantly, as the log of the video shows (see the photo), it was actually made the day before on June 16 at 19:10 PM:
The first alleged recordings are at 16:40 and 16:33. Apparently local time. At the alleged 16:40 (still more than half an hour before the plane was supposed to crash), a person in the taped conversation claims that the plane was shot down “about half an hour ago.” At 17:10 the next call is made that is telling about allegedly finding a first casualty.
Now, it is true that legendary commander Bes is based in Gorlovka. But Gorlovka is some 30 miles from the crash site in Grabovo. A Ukrainian officer was later quoted that the self-evidence has allegedly a battery of Buk missiles 15 miles way from the crash site, which still put it some 15 miles away from Gorlovka. to the tape, the site which was supposed to fire the missile is identified as a “block-post of cossaks” in Chernokhyne near Debaltzevo, Lugansk, which is about half way between Horlivka and Grabovo but further to the east away from the line between these two places. But blockposts are  not exactly positions to be equipped with Buk missiles.
Now what is also interesting is that July 17 MH17  flight was the FIRST ever flight which Ukrainian air controllers diverted directly over the Donetsk People’s Republic away from its usual routes which avoided both the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics either to the south or to the north. Not this time. On the previous routes of MH 17 see here (scroll down the page).
Furthermore, Ukrainian air controllers made sure that the flight goes directly–precisely over Gorlovka (, which happens to have the legendary self-defense commander Bes with whom the Ukrainian secret services have a whole history of especially acute animosity and accounts to settle. His name or codename is also one of the best known and most recognizable among the self-defense commanders right after Strelkov, Babay (who is now away), Mozgavoy and Khodakovsky. So, clearly, the Ukrainian junta also wanted to pin the blame not only on the resistance as a whole, but also on a specific person with an established name and fame.
And what are the chances that out of all the places Ukrainian air controllers would send the plane just over Gorlovka and right by a place where they claim to have a knowledge about Buk missiles being stationed there? (Can anyone find any Buk missiles near Debaltzeve?)
From the trajectory is then also clear (unless self-defense did have a functioning Buk missile system and, despite the expertise which is needed for operating such a complex system, they could not distinguish and recognize a big civilian plane) that MH 17 was almost certainly not shot by a Buk missile, but that it, indeed, had to be a Ukrainian fighter jet some 10-20 miles south-east of Gorlovka.
In fact, self-defense has its own tape of a conversation of an unidentified Ukrainian jet pilot in the area exactly at the time when MH 17 was shot down. It is here:

Thus, if this was, as it looks, a setup and a false flag, special operation, one may also ask what plan, if any, there was about with respect the place where the aircraft would be crashing down. It is possible that the idea was that a successful hit would make the jet disintegrate in the air. However, with a big plane like this one, that’s not likely. In this respect, another good question to ask is how far is the crash site from the nearest Ukrainian position. That would also be good to know.
Another interesting and relevant piece to the puzzle of MH 17 downed south-east of Donetsk: on July 15, the Kiev regime suspended its flights over east Ukraine after losing a plane. But then, in the afternoon of July 16, Ukrainian troops resumed flights of military aircraft over Donetsk and Lugansk, and especially over Saur-Mogila, which is relatively close to MH 17 crash site, a spokesman for the Ukrainian national security service reported. The flights were suspended on Tuesday after the downing of a transport plane in Lugansk Region. The resumption was confirmed by militia sources, which said airstrikes were being delivered near Saur-Mogila Hill in Donetsk region. The next day, July 18, MH 17 was directed by Ukrainian air controllers over the very zone where Ukrainian military aircraft were operating.

Insolvency + Illiquidity = Bankruptcy | Jim Willie (Ep. 4)

Jul 28, 2014

UPDATE of the Latest US Government Hoax — Paul Craig Roberts

From Paul Craig Roberts, July 28, 2014: 

UPDATE of the Latest US Government Hoax
Paul Craig Roberts
The Russian Ministry of Defense has declared the purported satellite photos placed on Twitter by the US Ambassador in Ukraine as fakes.
I could tell that the images were fakes not only from their low resolution and absence of proper designation, but also from the unprofessional way in which the information was released.
Of course, many users of social media would have no experience and could easily fall for the hoax, which was clearly the US government’s intention.
The anti-Russian propaganda campaign being conducted by Washington follows in the footsteps of the campaigns conducted against Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi, Assad, and Iran. Washington’s campaign of lies against Russia proves the absence of integrity in the US government and is reckless as it can lead to war.
Peter Duveen, who commented on my article exposing the State Department hoax, explained that having foreknowledge of news events that Washington orchestrates allows Washington to control the explanation before any evidence is available. By the time evidence is gathered, the narrative is established and the evidence ignored:
“Part of the US propaganda mill’s effort is into forming the conversation. Once certain narratives take hold, true or untrue, they edge out other narratives. So the effort is to get control of the narrative, to form the conversation with whatever materials, usually false, are available. Then, of course, the false information will be referenced as true, and the direction of the narrative will be fixed. The narrative being lowered into place, for example, is that Russia was somehow responsible for the downing of Flight 17. With the help of the media, the hope is that the narrative will gain momentum. Eventually, if it catches properly, it will be impossible to question, just as people are considered freaks who question the official narrative of 9-11. That is why the narratives are introduced as quickly as possible. Thus, we saw how quickly it was announced that Flight 17 was brought down by a surface to air missile. That would lead me to believe that it was actually not brought down by a surface to air missile. So also with this incredibly amateurish effort regarding Russian shelling of Ukrainian positions. Russian reaction is never obtained in the articles about it, and it is no longer mentioned that Russian territory has been shelled by the Ukrainian military.”