Sep 29, 2016

Russia Calls War in Syria “A US-Controlled International Terrorist Alliance”

Anyone paying attention to war on Syria, following reliable independent sources for credible information, avoiding media scoundrel propaganda, knows the conflict is Obama’s war, using terrorists as imperial foot soldiers, supported by Pentagon-led “coalition” air power.

On Thursday, Russia’s Defense Ministry spokesman General Igor Konashenkov blasted State Department spokesman admiral John Kirby’s scurrilous remark, suggesting (US-supported) extremists could launch “attacks against Russian interests, perhaps even Russian cities…(its) troops (sent) home in body bags.”

He called his remarks the clearest “confession by the US side (that so-called) civil war in Syria is a US-controlled international terrorist alliance” against a sovereign independent state.

“What makes Kirby’s statement particularly shocking is that the scale of direct US influence on terrorists’ activity is global. That it reaches as far as Russia. The mask (is) off…” It was off long ago.

Konashenkov explained Russia “knows well as to where in Syria, including Aleppo province, there are ‘clandestine specialists’ who do the operations planning and command the militants’ operations and how many of them there are.”

“Should there follow any attempts to act on the threats towards Russia and Russian military servicemen in Syria, the militants may find themselves short of both body bags and the time to get away.”

Russian General Staff’s Main Operational Directorate first deputy chief General Viktor Poznikhir said “terrorist groups are preparing provocative attacks with chemical weapons on Syrian army positions and residential areas in (eastern) Aleppo to accuse government forces” of the high crime.

France’s “Big Idea for the World”. French Terrorists Dispatched to Subsaharan Africa…

Global Research, September 29, 2016
American Herald Tribune 25 September 2016

French imperialism is exceedingly busy these days. Since April 2012 the DGSE, France’s equivalent of the CIA, have been helping French terrorists enter Syria so they can behead children and eat their body parts in the name of ‘human rights’.
Though we have been saying this for some time, the French Ministry of Truth has now discreetly admitted that we were right all along.
In 2012, the French overran Mali with terrorists they had been using in Libya. The bombing campaign helped France, in the words of the French foreign minister ‘reconquer’ Mali. The country is now destroyed, divided but very much open for the French and American business of resource extraction.
Central African Republic
A year later, the French overran the Central African Republic (RCA) with Saudi-funded Seleka Takfiri terrorists. The Seleka terrorists cut a lot of heads but had spokesmen in the French media with impeccable French.  The previous French-installed dictator of RCA Francois Bozizé, whom former French president Nicolas Sarkozy described as the “autistic fool of Bangui”, had signed major oil deals with Beijing. Bozizé ‘s handlers in Paris were outraged.
The French have been coordinating Boko Haram terrorists against the intransigent and sinophilic Biya regime of Cameroon. In January 2015, French special forces were, according to Afrique Media, arrested by the Cameroon military fighting alongside the Takfiri terrorists and discreetly repatriated to France on orders from the Elysee Palace.
The French used the RCA operation to provide them with reinforcements for the destabilisation of Cameroon. Cameroon President Paul Biya called on China to lend military support in fighting terrorism. A prominent Cameroon security consultant told Afrique Media that a French rat-line of terrorists going from RCA capital Bangui to Chadian capital Ndjamena had been routed by the intervention of Chinese special forces based in Algeria. There is no way of confirming whether or not the information is true. But if it is accurate, the suggests that China may be flexing its muscles more in Africa, getting tough on terrorism – French terrorism! The presence of a Chinese military base in former French colony Djibouti has not pleased Paris either.
The Chinese have been causing lots of trouble in former French equatorial Africa too. The French attempted a coup against their former puppet Denis Sassou-Ngueso some months ago. Sassou-Nguesso is turned increasingly to China in recent years, to the chagrin of Paris and Washington.
French agent General Mokoko is now languishing in a Brazzaville jail for treason. A video of the general was leaked to the press where he was exposed conspiring with the DGSE to overthrow the Sassou-Ngueso regime on behalf of French imperial interests. He had promised to be loyal to France and for that the Empire’s information service has been most flattering in its portrayal of the Alcibiadian general. We are told he is currently reading hefty books on Napoleon while digesting the classics of French literature. Ah French imperial nostalgia and its erudite African acolytes!
Burundi, a progressive country with Africa’s most popular president Pierre Nkurunziza, has been fighting off French media disinformation since 2010 but Paris and former colonial slave-owner Belgium, have been waging a secret war against the country since April 2015.
Nkurunziza’s ambitious development programme and proclivity towards BRICS investment is not in the European Union’s interest. The EU has been using false pretexts of constitutional issues to oust Nkurunziza together with gangs of crazy, violent youth called ‘peaceful protesters’. The United States has been heavily involved in the neocolonial war too, through the ubiquitous enemy of all things African, US ambassador to the UN Samantha Power. For readers unfamiliar with Samatha Power, she is the woman who overran a seven year old boy and didn’t stop! Samantha has Africa in her heart!
The United Nations, under Power’s stewardship, has issued a mendacious report claiming that the Burundi government is planning genocide against the Tutsi minority in the country. Thousands of Tutsis and Hutus have protested against the UN’s outrageous lies.
But Burundi has a strong military and intelligence apparatus. They have managed to resist for over a year and look like they may well hold out.
Democratic Republic of Congo
Meanwhile, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, there is trouble once again.
Since nominal independence from Belgium in 1960, the country has been a neo-colony of Western interests and has been maintained in a permanent state of war and poverty. The Congo is the world’s richest nation. But its people are poor. The contradiction is called capitalism. Since the CIA and Belgian intelligence agents assassinated the country’s first Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba in 1961, puppet leaders have proven untrustworthy.
Sese Seko Mobuto ran the country on behalf of Atlanticist neo-colonialism for several decades. Mobuto was ‘our man in the Congo’ until, relying on a burgeoning national bourgeoisie for legitimacy Mobuto, began to disagree with Belgium, Paris and Washington. Washington lost no time and dispatched special forces to Rwanda to help newly-installed genocidaire Paul Kagame mount an invasion force of the DRC in 1996. Rwanda was helped by Yoweri Museveni’s Uganda and the revolutionary forces of Laurent-Désiré Kabila.  Mobutu stepped aside. The death toll of the US-instigated wars is estimated to be between 5 than 6 million. But many say the figure is much higher.
However, once Kabila took power, he quickly turned against his US-backers, cut ties with Kagame and Museveni and declared his preference for Chinese investment.  The ‘gods of empire’ were not pleased and Kabila was promptly assassinated.  The country was now suffering the predations of Kagame’s US backed militia who were murdering en masse in the province of mineral-rich Kivu, with strong support from Western imperialism.

Email leaks: Top government positions were SOLD to those who funneled money to the DNC

via NaturalNews Thursday, September 29, 2016 
by: L.J. Devon, Staff Writer

Meet Matthew Barzun, the U.S. Ambassador to the United Kingdom and Sweden. Barzun bought his ambassadorship, paying more than $3.5 million to the DNC and Obama's Organizing for Action nonprofit from 8-21-2009 to the present. This is how the government has been operating under Obama; globalists are paying large sums to take up roles in the U.S. government in order to carry out their own agendas. The same sort of corruption occurred through the Clinton Foundation. After Hillary was appointed secretary of state, foreign donors gave to the foundation only to gain favors in return.

Countless ambassadorships and top government positions sold under Obama

Matthew Barzun isn't the only one buying his way into the government. In fact, a new leak by WikiLeaks reveals that at least 24 top government positions were appointed based on donor status. Over 55 pledgers to Obama scrambled to donate large sums of money to buy positions within the government. Tony West paid over a million dollars to be appointed deputy attorney general on March 9, 2012, the very same day his money was recorded in the DNC's ledger. Charlie Rivkin pledged over 2.5 million to Obama's "nonprofit" in exchange for swiftly becoming assistant secretary of state and ambassador to France. Robert Roche pledged over 1 million to Obama, and was quickly put on the Advisory Committee for Trade Policy.

The Wiki leak reveals that most ambassadors to foreign nations were purchased. Other countries take advantage of this and can easily purchase ambassadorships within the U.S. government so that they can negotiate insider deals with their respective countries. This is how the U.S. people have been ripped off. The U.S. citizen just gets taxed more so other countries can run off with the money. The U.S. people are left with nothing but the change, crumbling infrastructure, and sadly, the poor are hurt the most. If the democratic party wants to talk about income inequality, let's start with how the rich bought their way into the government and took more money from everyone else, auctioning off our future.

This Wiki leak makes clear to the U.S. people why Obama's foreign policy and trade deals were brazenly incompetent and against the interests of the United States. It's all because the Obama administration gave favors to foreign countries and sold away top positions and ambassadorships within the government.

Sep 28, 2016

Exposed: French Military Caught Planning ISIS False Flag Attack

Reports from France indicate that the French military have been caught red-handed in the act of preparing an ISIS false flag terror attack on it’s own citizens - and none of their excuses are making any sense.
Reports from France indicate that the French military have been caught red-handed in the act of preparing an ISIS false flag terror attack on it’s own citizens – and none of their excuses are making any sense.
ISIS flags, video equipment, Arabic newspapers and a generator were discovered by gardeners in a cave outside the town of Saumur – causing panic among local citizens who called the local and national police, as well as anti-terrorist units.
With scores of police and emergency personnel on the scene, a senior military figure intervened, announcing that the contents of the cave belonged to the military and were part of a mysterious, as yet unexplained “exercise.”
The scandal has added weight to the argument that most terrorist attacks are actually false flags perpetrated by security forces against their ow people, as a means of controlling and manipulating the public.
French website Union Populaire Republicaine (UPR) reports that as one of the gardeners approached the cave, he “saw three men get into a white van and leave quickly. Approaching the cave, his surprise was great since he discovered video equipment, a generator, Arabic newspapers and ISIS flags.
Thinking he had discovered a hideout used by terrorists preparing attacks, the employee immediately informed the police, who in turn alerted the state services and anti-terrorist forces.
The national police, municipal police and gendarmerie were quickly on site, followed by the sub-prefect of Saumur, the prosecutor, forensic identification, and the Departmental Directorate of Public Security. Local residents were obviously worried about this deployment of forces, and the local press, mainly the Courrier de L’Ouest, was quickly on the scene.
Gardeners employed by the town of Saumur were working at this church when they found the 'stash of Daesh' hidden a cave.
Gardeners employed by the town of Saumur were working at this church when they found the ‘stash of Daesh’ hidden a cave.
After two hours of investigation, the sub-prefect of Saumur announced that this was a false alarm: he had been told by a spokesman from the Joint Centre Nuclear, Radiological, Biological and Chemical that the existence of the generator and ISIS paraphernalia in the cave was part of a ‘training exercise’.
That at least is the “official version” that was served to the media. Curiously, the press was satisfied with this explanation.
It is also curious that the vast majority of the media ignored a story that caused alarm for thousands of local residents and involved all of the nation’s emergency services. The story was reported by Courrier de L’Ouest, the local newspaper previously mentioned, and another local outlet Saumur Kiosque.
However only two national publications reported the story. Le Figaro thought it warranted a “brief” and BHM-TV published an article  – spectacularly missing the point – suggesting the military should have forewarned the police about the operation.

Sep 26, 2016

Climate Alarm Debunked but Climate Swindle Continues

by James Corbett, via The International Forecaster:

First, the good news: The global warming alarm is officially over. Of course, for the more perceptive among you this is not news at all. The 18 year 8 month long pause in global “warming” (which, after a brief El Nino break, could be back by December). 
The demonstrable lack of a CO2-induced tropical hot spot. Record-breaking gains in Antarctic sea ice. Record-breaking lack of hurricanes making landfall. The demonstrably incorrect claim about “hotspots of acceleration” of sea level rise. And on and on and on and on ad infinitum.

But the latest nail in the coffin of the global warming scam comes via a savage takedown of one of the main pillars of global climate modeling. The pillar is referred to as “climate sensitivity” and measures the expected change in equilibrium temperature in a doubling of radiative forcing (like atmospheric CO2 concentration). In other words, Equilibrium Climate Sensitivity (ECS) estimates how much equilibrium temperature changes if you have a sustained doubling in CO2 (from 350 parts per million, for instance, to 700 ppm). This is obviously one of the core ingredients of any global climate model, but curiously the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) that is supposedly synthesizing the best scientific data on climate to come to a “consensus” about climate change has been getting less and less sure about ECS as time goes on.

As a presentation at the London Climate Change Conference earlier this month demonstrates, this is likely due to the fact that four specific mathematical errors have been found in existing ECS models, and once the errors have been corrected it turns out that actual ECS is between 1.3 and 1.7 degrees Celsius, far lower than the IPCC currently predicts (between 1.5 and 4.5 degrees Celsius). Keep in mind that the whole Paris climate conference nonsense last month was centered around the pledge to keep carbon dioxide emissions down in order to prevent a 2 degree temperature rise. Well, guess what: that mission is already accomplished. Humans could double the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere at the moment and still not reach 2 degrees of temperature rise. And that’s using the climate scaremongers’ own data. (Those interested in checking out the math for themselves are invited to watch the presentation or view the equations for themselves.)

But now for the bad news: this will not change anything with regard to the Paris climate accord hoopla, the warnings of impending apocalypse, or the cries that “Something must be done!” to stop this non-crisis. And by “something” it is of course understood that lots of money should be thrown at the problem. Lots and lots of money.

As we have discussed in these pages before, the burgeoning climate control industry with all of its green energy offshoots and green finance spiderwebs represent a $100 trillion boondoggle that dwarfs all previous boondoggles (even the Pentagon’s ongoing missing trillions fiasco) by orders of magnitude. Yet curiously, there is no skeptical coverage of the potential swindle represented by this unimaginable transfer of wealth. Instead, all of the media coverage is focused on the other side of the issue: who funds those who critique this (demonstrably incorrect) “consesnsus” on global warming?

In 2006, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation ran a documentary that was meant to bring an increasingly skeptical public back on board with the idea of manmade global warming. Airing on The Fifth Estate, an influential and respected investigative journalism program, “The Denial Machine” attempted to throw mud at any scientist who dared to question the so-called ‘consensus’ on manmade global warming by implying all such scientists were secretly funded by oil companies.

Unfortunately for the pushers of the manmade global warming scare the truth is almost exactly the opposite. Rather than a vast, oil company-funded conspiracy, skepticism of the climate swindle is confined to a few marginalized scientists who are increasingly forced to work pro bono in order to work at all. On the other hand, there is no shortage of money for promoters of the official line that we are all about to die in a ecological catastrophe (unless you give all your money to the banksters and give up all your rights, of course).

Sep 24, 2016

Elites Secretly Plan “Global New Deal”

This post Elites Secretly Plan “Global New Deal” appeared first on Daily Reckoning.

In the 1930s, elites said the New Deal would haul the country out of the Great Depression (it didn’t).
Now some elites say a “Global New Deal” is needed to shake the fading world economy out of the Great Recession…
The U.N.’s Conference on Trade and Development just released its annual report. Bearing the sugary title “Structural Transformation for Inclusive and Sustained Growth,” it’s actually a rip-roaring manifesto for a global new deal. And they admit it. Quote:
“A global new deal will need to move beyond business as usual.” That, of course, will require “effective international cooperation and action.”
Strong stuff. What would a global new deal entail, exactly?
Truckloads of public spending on everything, alpha to omega. Taxes to kingdom come. Red tape and regulations beyond even that. Global wealth redistribution. Welfare. Here’s a dose, the authors indulging their fondness for commas to the full:
“The policy package in developed economies will need to combine a proactive fiscal stance, both on spending and taxation, with supportive monetary and credit policies, stronger financial regulations and redistributive measures through an incomes policy, minimum wage legislation, progressive taxation measures and welfare-enhancing social programs.”
Lots like the original New Deal.
The report also demands a return to the “developmental state” with its “production transformation policies” — the latter being out-of-town jargon for something less sweet: crony capitalism.
“Production transformation policies” is the kind of fimble-famble bureaucrats use to make trouble for honest words. And the one thing they can’t afford is honesty. No bureaucracy can. Here’s a stab at the “developmental state,” if you can penetrate the fog:
“Active industrial policies require a supportive institutional geometry of developmental states, government-business dialogue and ‘reciprocal control mechanisms’ that ensure government support translates into desired actions by the private sector.”
Note well the words “control,” “government” and “desired actions.”
Jim Rickards calls obscure reports like this “silent dog whistles” elites use to communicate with each other. The information is open to the public. But only those in the know can decipher the coded messages behind the official gobbledygook.
Question: Are these elites putting their plan into action right now?

In April, global elites reached a climate agreement in Paris. And it’s about to become binding after 31 nations officially joined the accord in New York this Wednesday. It could be fully ratified by the end of the year.
Jim predicted global institutions will use climate change as a stalking horse for something more… sinister:
Climate change is a convenient platform for world money and world taxation. That’s one way the elites could sell their plans to the public. It’s inflation masquerading as “saving the planet,” “climate justice,” or what have you… If you have a global problem, then you can justify global solutions. A global tax plan to pay for global climate change infrastructure with world money is the end game.
The endgame? Jim’s been beating his tom-toms lately about special drawing rights (SDRs). That’s the IMF’s “world money” and Jim says elites plan to use it to replace the dollar in global trade. He’s also said global elites could resort to “helicopter money” to generate their blessed inflation.
What does climate change have to do with SDRs… helicopter money… and a “Global New Deal”?

Sep 21, 2016

A 12-Step Program To F**k Up Your Country

From ZeroHedge:
1. Take one country built by other people.

2. Have a central bank debase the currency.

3. Inflict metric shit-tons of rules, regulations and taxes on the citizenry, personally.

4. Drive a stake through the beating heart of the economy – small business (See #3).

5. Import millions of illiterate, low-IQ mouth breathers from 3rd world shitholes who have no intention of assimilating or producing.

6. Dump them on the producers – the descendants of those who built the country.

7. When the citizenry have a problem with the flood of mouth-breathers, guilt them into submission. If you can’t guilt them, hoot them into silence by screaming PC-conflict epithets at them.

8. When Government can’t meet payroll – literally paying for all the Free Shit they’ve ‘promised’ to everyone – continue to take out loans you “promise” to pay back (See #2).

9. Play identity politics by pitting racial groups against each other. The winner gets privileged status. (Pro tip: There is no ‘winner’ and will never be one).

10. Use the distraction created by #9 to loot the treasury.

11. Use the friction created by #9 as an excuse to disarm the citizenry using the fig leaf of “safety”.

12. Keep the citizenry distracted by ginning-up useless foreign wars, bread, circuses and a conga-line of retards in the ‘media’…