Oct 26, 2009

Police Define Political Activism As 'Domestic Extremism'

Cops keep database of politically active Brits' license plates to enable stop and search harassment, equate peaceful protest with terrorism

Paul Joseph Watson - Prison - Monday, October 26, 2009

Police in Britain have defined political activism as “domestic extremism” and are treating people who attend demonstrations as criminals, cataloguing them on multiple national databases as well as tracking their vehicle license plates to enable them to be targeted for stop and search harassment.
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This kind of highly confidential document – pictured above – is rarely seen by the public.
These so-called "spotter cards" are issued by police to identify individuals they consider to be potential troublemakers because they have appeared at a number of demonstrations.
The photographs are drawn from police intelligence files. This card was apparently dropped at a demonstration against Britain's largest arms fair in 2005.... Read all

More: Police in £9m scheme to log 'domestic extremists'
--Thousands of activists monitored on network of overlapping databases 25 Oct 2009
Police are gathering the personal details of thousands of activists who attend political meetings and protests, and storing their data on a network of nationwide intelligence databases.

The hidden apparatus has been constructed to monitor "domestic extremists", the Guardian can reveal in the first of a three-day series into the policing of protests. Detailed information about the political activities of campaigners is being stored on a number of overlapping IT systems, even if they have not committed a crime. Senior officers say domestic extremism, a term coined by police that has no legal basis, can include activists suspected of minor public order offences such as peaceful direct action and civil disobedience.

How police rebranded lawful protest as 'domestic extremism' --Forces gather details of single-issue protesters --Activists claim monitoring has echoes of the cold war 25 Oct 2009

About 600 climate change campaigners had gathered outside the Drax power station in North Yorkshire... It was the type of demonstration which has been going on for decades in Britain. But the police appear to have had another, completely different view of the 2006 protest. After the demonstration, the first in what has become an annual gathering known as Climate Camp, North Yorkshire police conducted a review along with government officials.

Internal papers obtained by the Guardian show they called it "the first time domestic extremism took place against national infrastructure in the county". The term "domestic extremism" is now common currency within the police. It is a phrase which shapes how forces seek to control demonstrations.

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