Sep 7, 2010

Gold & Silver prices are going Up! Up! Up!

Do not say that I did not warned you then and again on this blog.
This is just an appetizer: they will go to the moon while the world financial system (and especially the world "reserve" currency) go inexorably to hell for good. Run to the gold and silver lifeboats until you can.

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From the just released Thunder Road Report:

I can’t remember a time in my 23 years in the market when there was so much confusion and uncertainty about the outlook. As the monetary catastrophe unfolds gradually, some days things look a little brighter, then the sheer enormity of the problem becomes only too apparent once again. Sentiment keeps flipping between optimism and pessimism, but the debt bubble just gets bigger! Noel Gallagher wrote “These are crazy days, but they make me shine”, and that sounds like a good enough motto for trying to invest right now (fingers crossed). The silver price has started to trade differently and it appears that BIG MONEY is moving in to the metal (at long last) and fighting the Cartel. There is evidence that the supply of physical silver is getting tight and it could be the beginning of a major upward move in the price.
This and much more in the full report


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