Nov 14, 2010

Justice Department Prepares for Expansion of Law Prohibiting ‘Material Support’ for Terrorism

(I expect that this blog can be declared as "supporting terrorism" and legitimate military target any time. In case it will disappear with its author, the explanation is below)

By Michael Deutsch
November 14, 2010 "Information Clearing House" -- 
-- In late September the FBI carried out a series of raids of homes and anti-war offices of public activists in Minneapolis and Chicago. Following the raids the Obama Justice Department subpoenaed 14 activists to a grand jury in Chicago and also subpoenaed the files of several anti-war and community organizations. In carrying out these repressive actions, the Justice department was taking its lead from the Supreme Court’s 6-3 opinion last June in Holder v. the Humanitarian Law Project which decided that non-violent First Amendment speech and advocacy “coordinated with” or “under the direction of” a foreign group listed by the Secretary of State as “terrorist” was a crime.

The search warrants and grand jury subpoenas make it quite clear that the federal prosecutors are intent on accusing public non-violent political organizers, many affiliated with Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO), of providing “material support,” through their public advocacy, for the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). The Secretary of State has determined that both the PLFP and the FARC “threaten US national security, foreign policy or economic interests,” a finding not reviewable by the Courts, and listed both groups as foreign terrorist organizations (FTO).

In 1996, Congress made it a crime then punishable by 10 years, later increased to 15 years, to anyone in the U.S. who provides “material support or resources to a foreign terrorist organization or attempts or conspires to do so.” The present statute defines “material support or resources” as:
any property, tangible or intangible, or service, including currency or monetary instruments or financial services, lodging training, expert advice or assistance, safe houses, false documentation or identification, communications equipment, facilities, weapons, lethal substances, explosives, personnel and transportation except medicine or religious materials.
In the Humanitarian Law Project case, human rights workers wanted to teach members of the Kurdistan PKK, which seeks an independent Kurdish state, and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), which sought an independent state in Sri Lanka, how to use humanitarian and international law to peacefully resolve disputes, and to obtain relief from the United Nations and other international bodies for human rights abuses by the governments of Turkey and Sri Lanka. Both organizations were designated as FTOs by the Secretary of State in a closed hearing, in which the evidence is heard secretly.

Despite the non-violent, peacemaking goal of this speech and training, the majority of the Supreme Court nonetheless interpreted the law to make such conduct a crime. Finding a whole new exception to the First Amendment, the Court decided that any support, even if it involves non-violent efforts towards peace, is illegal under the law since it “frees up other resources within the organization that may be put to violent ends,” and also helps lend “legitimacy” to foreign terrorist groups. Writing for the majority, Chief Justice Roberts, despite the lack of any evidence, further opined that the FTO, could use the human rights law to “intimidate, harass or destruct” its adversaries, and that even peace talks themselves could be used as a cover to re-arm for further attacks. Thus, the Court’s opinion criminalizes efforts by independent groups to work for peace if they in anyway cooperate or coordinate with designated FTOs.

The Court distinguishes what it refers to “independent advocacy” which it finds is not prohibited by the statute, from “advocacy performed in coordination with, or at the direction of, a foreign terrorist organization, which is for the first time found to be a crime under the statute. The exact line as to where independent advocacy becomes impermissible coordination is left open and vague.

Seizing on this overbroad definition of “material support,” the U.S. government is now moving on political groups and activists who are clearly exercising fundamental First Amendment rights in vocally opposing the government’s branding of foreign liberation movements as terrorist and support their struggles against U.S. backed repressive regimes and illegal occupations.
Under the new definition of “material support,” the efforts of President Jimmy Carter to monitor the elections in Lebanon and coordinate with the political parties there including the designated FTO, Hezbollah, could well be prosecuted as a crime. Similarly, the publication of op-ed articles by FTO spokesmen from Hamas or other designated groups by the New York Times or Washington Post, or the filing by human rights attorneys of amicus briefs arguing against a group’s terrorist designation or the statute itself could also now be prosecuted. Of course, the first targets of this draconian expansion of the material support law will not be a former president or the establishment media, but members of a Marxist organization and vocal opponents of the governments of Israel and Colombia and the U.S. policies supporting these repressive governments.

President Obama in his foreword to the recent autobiography of Nelson Mandela, Conversations with Myself, wrote that “Mandela’s sacrifice was so great that it called upon people everywhere to do what they could on behalf of human progress. [and] . . . [t]he the first time I became politically active was during my college years, when I joined a campaign on behalf of divestment, and the effort to end apartheid in South Africa.” At the time of Mr. Obama’s First Amendment advocacy, Mr. Mandela and his organization the African National Congress (ANC) were denounced as terrorist by the U.S. government. The “material support” law, if in effect back then, would have opened Mr. Obama up to potential criminal prosecution. It is ironic, and the height of hypocrisy, that this same man who speaks with such reverence for Mr. Mandela and recalls his own support for the struggle against apartheid, now allows the Justice Department under his command to criminalize similar First Amendment advocacy against Israeli apartheid and repressive foreign governments.

To provide financial support for the legal expenses those under attack contact: tax deductible checks can be sent to the National Lawyers Guild Foundation. c/o National Lawyers Guild, 132 Nassau St. Room 922, New York, N.Y. 10038

Michael Deutsch is a lawyer with the People's Law Office in Chicago and has been representing political activists and victims of government repression for the past 40 years.


Domestic Insurgents

Yes, We Could Have

The commander-in-chief’s new call sign: Cave Man.

Media louts are pounding the tom-toms about how now that Obama’s domestic agenda is receiving taking final sacraments, he can focus on becoming a “foreign policy president.”   Jesus in camisole.  The only kind of foreign policy president young Mr. Obama can become is the kind young Mr. Bush was: a hapless servant of the Pentarchy that aims to keep American is a constant state of war throughout this American Century and into the next one.  Obama won’t have to work very hard to become that

I noted in early 2009 that Obama should have transferred Gates, Mullen, Petraeus, Odierno and the rest of his war domos to civilian command the nanosecond after that Bush appointed Chief Justice screwed up his oath of office.  I further noted that he should have fired them all when they pushed him to send more troops to the Bananastans but couldn’t tell him what they do with them once they got there.  When Bananas Stan McChrystal finally got so cocky Obama didn’t have any choice but to fire him, he should have sent the rest of the four-star hooligans assigned to Fort Palooka as well. 

But Obama didn’t do any of those things.  Instead, he put the head Praetorian, King David, in charge of the banana stand, thereby insuring that no withdrawal timeline would ever be adhered to in that theater of war, just like the timelines have been blown off in Iraq.  Baghdad is under siege again.  I forget how many times that makes, or how many six-month Friedman units ago we turned that corner for the first time. 

The bad news is that Obama now admits we won’t even be able to think about turning responsibility for Afghanistan over to the Afghans until 2014.  The good news is that outgoing defense secretary Bob Gates is “upbeat” about our legacy in Afghanistan, and hopes that his tenure in office has brought confidence about the U.S. role in that part of the world.  If he’s talking about our plight as unwanted and failed occupiers, yeah, I’m as confident about our performance in that role as I could possibly be.

I’m also confident in the future of our role as a stooge of Israel.  According to Likudnik megaphone JTA (they don’t say what “JTA” means for but I have a pretty good guess what the “J” stands for), Israel’s Bibi Netanyahu is positively swaggering over the recent GOP takeover of the House of Representatives.   He’s so sure he can get anything he wants now that he’s making hee-haw noise about how “Containment will not work” against Iran.  I’m guessing Bibi figures the Palestinians can go suck a gas pipe too. 

The man who started us down this road has been polluting the information environment plugging the autobiography that somebody else wrote for him.  Dubya’s telling every microphone that won’t run away from him that he did everything he did because lawyers like ‘Berto Gonzales and John “Fu Man” Yoo told him it was all legal so they can’t put him in jail.  And I’m guessing that Billy Graham told Bush he couldn’t go to hell for any of it either.

For going on two years now I’ve been thinking that Obama was at least better than the alternative we were stuck with.  I’m beginning to think differently.  Grampaw Pettibone and Tea Bag Barbie would have sold us out to the Pentarchs too, but they would likely have destroyed the GOP in the process.  As things stand, Obama has pretty much placed a pair of shiny new pennies on the “Democrat” Party’s eyelids. 

Israeli human organ trafficking exposed in South Africa and Kosovo

Illegal South Africa kidney deals tied to Israel

Press TV – November 12, 2010

Netcare, the biggest health care provider in South Africa, has pleaded guilty to charges of performing illegal kidney transplant operations using Israeli-linked organ trafficking syndicate.
In return for charges being dropped against Netcare’s Chief Executive Richard Friedland, the firm acknowledged in a plea bargain that, “payments must have been made to the donors for their kidneys, and that certain of the kidney donors were minors at the time that their kidneys were removed.”
The suit follows a seven-year investigation into the illegal operations at St. Augustine’s Hospital in Durban in association with an Israeli-linked organ trafficking syndicate.
According to reports, while organs had originally been sourced from Israeli citizens, they were later obtained from poor Romanians and Brazilians at a lower cost.
According to prosecutors, the Israelis were paid about USD 20,000 for their kidneys, while the Brazilians and Romanians were paid an average of USD 6,000.
Other related reports surfaced regarding 25,000 Ukrainian children who had been brought to Israel over the past two years to be used by Israeli medical centers for their “spare parts.”
Additionally, the Israeli military was accused of stealing the organs of Palestinian prisoners.
The illegal operations in South Africa included the removal of organs from five children.
The healthcare firm was also forced to admit that, “certain employees participated in these illegalities, and [the hospital] wrongly benefited from the proceeds,” as five notable South African physicians were also indicted in the case.
The hospital has agreed to pay nearly 8 million rand (USD 1.1 million) in fines.
The charges account for 109 operations carried out at the hospital between 2001 and 2003.

Global Research, November 14, 2010

Five people including doctors and a former senior health offical are charged in connection with international network. Last Modified: 12 Nov 2010 18:45 GMT Email ArticlePrint ArticleShare ArticleSend Feedback
A private medical clinic in Kosovo called "Medicus" was allegedly used to carry out the kidney operations [Al Jazeera]
Five people, including a former senior health ministry official and a surgeon, have been charged in connection with an international organ trafficking network.
Eulex, the police and justice mission in Kosovo, said the group were charged with offences of trafficking in human organs, organised crime and abusing official authority, while two others had also been charged with unlawful exercise of medical activities.
"The defendants include a number of doctors and one individual who previously worked at a senior level in the ministry of health," it said in a statement on Friday.
In an indictment seen by the Associated Press, the group of suspects are accused of trafficking people into Kosovo for the purpose of removing "human organs for transplant to other persons".
Some 20 foreign nationals "were recruited with false promises of payments" in 2008, Jonathan Ratel, the EU prosecutor wrote in the document.
It said the victims, some 20 foreign nationals, included people from Moldova, Kazakhstan, Russia and Turkey who lived in "extreme poverty or acute financial distress".
Private clinic
They were promised up to $20,000, while recipients were required to pay between $110,000-$137,000.
The group of suspects includes five Kosovan nationals and a Turkish doctor and an Israeli citizen who are both wanted by Interpol. None of the suspects are in custody.
The Turkish doctor named by the indictment, is said to be the subject of several criminal proceedings in other countries for human trafficking and removal of organs.
It also alleged that a Kosovo surgeon was one of the five charged with trafficking human organs, saying that he had carried out the operations in a private medical clinic called "Medicus".
In 2008 investigators closed down the private health clinic where the doctors worked as part of the initial investigation.
Kosovo police launched a raid triggered by suspicions that a Turkish man had sold his kidney to an Israeli recipient after he appeared fatigued at Pristina airport trying to board a flight to Turkey.
The man told Kosovo police at the airport he came to the Balkan country to donate his kidney on invitation from the private clinic.
When police searched the clinic in November 2008 they found an Israeli citizen in post-operative care, according to the indictment.
EU officials said the indictment was filed in a local court, and a preliminary hearing is expected to be held by the end of the month.


Vatic Note: This is a game our intel services play very well and learned a lot about it from Israel who created the Hamas to compete with the PLO who was not managable by the Israeli military. So the Hamas was created and funded by Israel. Well, tomorrow or Sunday, a blog is going up about how we, the USA, is funding AQ and the Taliban to do whatever terrorist attack they need done. In addition, british soldiers and contractors were caught posing and dressing like Iraqi's, Afghani's and Paki's and were committing massive bombings of civilians and blaming it on one faction of the population to try and divide them to fight each other. They had a problem with the Taliban bogus terrorist because the people knew the taliban better than our intel and it turned out the ploy did not work as they had hoped so they used contractors dressed like taliban to do the deeds.

Same here in this country. The panty bomber turns out was being managed and put on the plane by a CIA handler. Remember, the panty bomber was in Gitmo and released by Cheney and his name was not put on the terrorist watch list. On top of that the panty bombers father was the head of banking in Nigeria and worked closely with Mossad.

So, we need to be very careful if some "right wing" nut blows up a building, like McVeigh who it turns out was working for and with the FBI. Keep united no matter what and work out any questions later after we have prevailed. All the famous terrorist names either worked for CIA, Mossad or MI 6, was an Israeli undercover as a provocateur, or had been killed 5 or 6 times and they kept reviving them to use to do more harm to us gradually. What ever made us think the CIA and Israeli's would not use these tactics on us??? Arrogance.

October 29, 2010

The main stream are pinning blame on thier much loved CIA asset, oops, i mean scary terrorist dude, Anwar Al-Awlaki.

Yes folks, thats right, the very same Al-Awlaki that has ties to 911, the underwear non-bomber, and the Fort Hood patsy. And the very same Al-Awlaki who dined with top brass at the pentagon in the months just after 911.

You seriously couldnt make this sh*t up. Oh, sorry, it would appear they are making all of it up, again.!

But, be good little slaves, get back to work coz your government loves you and is looking after you.
Everything is ok!


Jesse Ventura: Fusion Centers, FEMA Camps and the Police State

Yesterday I happened to catch the most recent episode of Jesse Ventura's compelling TruTv series, this one on the Police State. The series, Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura is an amazing piece of work not only for the taboo subject matter (God forbid that Americans really understand exactly what the fuck is going on) but for the host himself. It's not often that a major media figure with credentials like Ventura's, Governor of Minnesota, Navy Seal, actor, athlete, commentator would dare to venture into the darkest bowels or this now thoroughly rotted through empire of blood and corruption. The safe bet would be to either sell out and become a shill for official conspiracy theories such as the laughable government tale of the accounts on that holiest of holy days, September 11, 2001 when the reset button was hit on America, the coup cemented into place and our tickets to the fascist state punched or to suffer the slings and arrows of media mockingbirds and payroll pundits who would perform their standard electornic character assassinations. Ventura is a different breed though, he gets it and as a patriotic American does his duty to get at the real nasty stuff that crawls beneath the paper thin facade of our God-kissed, flag-swaddled, John Wayne can of red, white and blue whup ass version of history. 

This week's edition of Ventura's show, the fourth installment of the second season (previous installments were on Plum Island, Area 51 and Wall Street) got right into the most obvious and dangerous issue of the transformation of America into a police state. The process has been ongoing, when you really bother to think about the ongoing and incessant indoctrination to worship the law through vicarious exposure to head bashing and door kicking police and paramilitary television shows, movies and even video games and combined with the ginned-up hysterics of the "terrorist" plot du jour, most recently the alleged print cartridge bomb plot delivered with Bushian timing a few days prior to the latest elections or more appropriately, the latest churn of our political cesspool - Americans are conditioned like lab rats to surrender, grovel and submit. Not that the fear-mongering is any sort of recent phenomena, our entire fucking history (or at least our entire histroy since Kennedy's head was blown off by rogue elements of the shadow government) has this malevolent and poisonous undercurrent snaking through it. A few years back I stumbled across an interesting little book on the entertainment industrial complex and the necessity to promulgate the narrative of FEAR in order to justify American imperialism. It was called American Terminator: Myths, Movies and Global Power from which I am going to excerpt the following:
Fear is essential: ‘Be afraid, be very afraid’ is the American condition. To live in America is to be beset by fear, anxiety and insecurity, to be surrounded by potential harm, enemies and evil intent. And the wolf is always at the door. A nation of optimists is the more usual self-representation of America. Repetitively, Hollywood films conclude with a resolution, a rescue, and the winners ride off into the sunset or snuggle into a warm embrace that reassures us they will live happily ever after. The formulaic ending, however, is necessary because the plot, the narrative, is founded on and propelled by fear and anxiety, the dark essential underpinning of the American condition. For America fear is an original, natural condition, the inescapable birth rite (and birth right), the inherited condition of a fragile existence that must constantly be defended. Without fear there is no America; constant recourse to fear is the motivating force that determines its actions and reactions
True to the nth degree. Fear is the coin of the realm in the new American century, the land of the free and the home of the brave is no longer the brand associated with life in Der Homeland. Fear of joblessness, fear of homelessness, fear of that secret Muslim in the White House and his militant Negro army ACORN cutting a brutal swarth of rape and pillage through lilly white Murka as announced by Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and the rest of the imperial propagandists and rabble rousers...and most importantly fear of the dread Islamofascism (a masterful piece of marketing churned out of one of those neocon think tanks) and the swarthy Arab terrorists. Never mind that it's all bullshit, contrived to justify illegal wars for resources, oligarchical plundering and the enablement of the corporate vampires and Wall Street parasites to use their corrupt government subsidized schemes to enslave the sheep and to get them to not only tolerate but to enjoy their enslavement. It is a brilliant and long term implementation of a fascist state across the fruited plain, conceived by traitors and thieves and carried out with stunning precision by the CIA, the Military Industrial Complex and their profiteering partners. As Aldous Huxley described this Brave New World in this speech given at Berkeley:
"And it seems to me perfectly in the cards that there will be within the next generation or so a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda, brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods."
Sound familiar? Prozac, Viagra and their counterparts, 46 inch plasma televisions, bread and circuses, junk food, electronic gadgetry, porn on demand and most importantly Dancing With The Stars....praise the lord, pass the remote and please line up for your full body cavity search before entering those wonderful naked body scanners brought to you by another one of our fine Israeli 'friends', dual citizen Michael Chertoff and the Chertoff Group. Another insider using his government connections to peddle the wares of another one of the corporate behemoths cashing in big on the FEAR that is now a by God American birthright. Shit, the bastards were already cashing in while the crisp fall breezes in lower Manhattan were still carrying the stench of rotting flesh back in 2001. 

But I digress...

Been away for awhile, so just stretching my legs with that little rant. What I really wanted to talk about was the Ventura episode. While I have not seen every episode of Conspiracy Theory those that I have watched in their entirety have been powerful (although a bit silly with the team angle but you have to have a hook to draw in viewers I guess) but none quite so as the most recent installment. It starts out with a conversation with a young woman named Catherine Bleish whose work on behalf of the Ron Paul campaign landed her on one of those growing government watchlists that anyone who is reading this is no doubt on as well. When she dared to pursue the reasoning for being classified as a potential enemy of the state for exercising her first amendment rights she quickly discovered that such activity can get one in big trouble in the land where Habeas Corpus and the Posse Comitatus Act have already been dismantled and the Obama administration has not only escalated the programs of Bush-Cheney (and further back to Reagan and Ollie North) but have forever legitimized them by failing to enforce the Constitution. The wars continue and Gitmo remains open, the torturers continue their sadistic perversions and the police state infrastructure continues unabated despite the forgotten campaign rhetoric of our weasel in chief and soon it will be handed off to the next puppet who will undoubtedly find a reason to take it to the next level. 

The wettest of dreams of this now despotic state has always been rooted in total control, ubiquitous and ever present surveillance and if necessary martial law. Gun running, drug dealing uber patriot Ollie North dabbled in the rounding up of dissidents with the REX 84 program that would have enabled FEMA to pick up and intern American citizens. There was also Garden Plot, Cable Splicer and a myriad of other anti-American schemes to do away with meddlesome citizens who may not be down with the scum that have hijacked the country (see Ed Encho's series on the shadow government) and can no longer be troubled with anything as quaint as constitutional law or democracy. This must is documented, but never has any of it been as dangerous, or as readly to be rolled out as what is currently in process. The police state conspiracy as examined in the Ventura program looks into the metastaziing growth of Fusion Centers, command and control centers coordinating local law enforcement, military, private intelligence corporations and the Gestapo Department of Homeland Security. These well-funded high tech and unaccountable spy shops were an outgrowth of 9/11 (what isn't?) and with the American Reichstag Fire as justification to combine state, local and federal agencies ostensibly to prevent terrorism. What they are in actuality are antennae of the tyrannical state using data-mining, profiling and sophisticated pattern analysis to keep tabs on potential threats to the power of a system run amok, as capitalism continues into the final states, come to home to roost and now in full cannibalistic mode it is only a matter of time until the inevitable economic collapse, food shortages and civil unrest similar to what is occurring in Europe. Now in full regonition that the vast majority of slothlike, dumbed down and wretchedly cowardly Americans will remain parked in front of the flat-screened electronic living room gods that they worship it scares the bejesus out of the establishment that the 1-2 percenters who still give a damn may revolt. What better way to keep tabs on them than by Big Brother style surveillance? 

There are at least 72 of these fusion centers in operation at this time and that number will continue to grow as the day of judgement gets closer. 

That a woman like Catherine Bleish can be sucked into this monstrous and oppressive system for nothing more than political activism should illustrate the true nature of the bottomless rabbit hole that our country has been dragged into. While Ventura's show uses imagery of the co-opted teabaggers waving their Gadsden flags as visuals of the sort who are subject to being guilty without the pretenses of a trial as well as singles out Obama's diabolical adviser Cass Sunstein (he of the now infamous Conspiracy Theories white paper) this needs some context. During the Bushreich protesters were routinely rounded up and herded into "free speech zones" (I seem to remember when the entire fucking country was a free speech zone), interned in temporary prisons during the virulently fascist 2004 Republican National Convention in New York or the 2003 WTO protest and crushing of dissent in Jeb Bush's Miami not to mention the transformation of Pittsburgh into a martial law zone during the 2009 G20 meetings giving a new meaning to the term Iron City. What is and has been occurring in America to political dissent is an abomination and is not limited to anything out of the bogus left-right paradigm, it is directed at ALL who dare to question the establishment. In fact if anything, the Tea Party being a plutocratic backed hijacking of the original Ron Paul libertarian based movement it represents not so much a threat to the established order but rather useful idiots and shocktroops to defend it. 

Ventura goes on to team with Alex Jones of (a man who I have mixed feelings about regarding some of the material that he covers) to actually visit some of the detention facilities or U.S. concentration camps that are currently operational. That such facilities are so often dismissed out of hand as being only the delusions of the paranoid fringe is indicative of the deep denial that Americans hide in as though it were a coccoon, and the raw cynicism of the politicians who are supposed to work for them but instead are fully complicit in the construction of these camps/detention facilities (there is a real hoot in the program where a P.R. woman at one of the facilities states that it is a residential center). Not only are these camps documented in mainstream news on occasion like the 2006 New York Times story on the $ 385 million in taxpayer money given to Haliburton subsidiary KBR to build detention centers. Americans are not only funding their own enslavement but seem to be incapble of understanding that it could happen here. If these facilities aren't enough to prove what is coming then just Google Manzanar. To his credit Ventura addresses the FDR order to intern over 100,000 Japanese Americans during World War II. This is one of the most shameful stories in our national history yet it is largely unknown, another of the great sins of ommission when it comes to teaching America's real history. 

The show also draws attention to the Obama administration's recent executive order that establishes the Council Of Governors, 10 executives who will rule over 10 regions in the always vaguely worded event of the "national emergency" that previous executive orders, such as Bush's NSPD-51, all laying down the legal parameters for the declaration of martial law. Interestingly the 10 zones overlap nicely with FEMA's. It is late in the episode where Jones and Ventura film a huge repository of plastic coffins/graveliners in Madison, Georgia and speculate on whether there will be a controlled release of a biological warfare agent or some other form of virus to create a pandemic that would trigger the roundups and the filling of the camps with those who try to fight it and don't end up in one of the plastic coffins. I have always been a bit skeptical of this but have read a good deal of material that offers a glimpse into the sort of thinking that drives the pigs who run this system and despite my skepticism that they would actually trigger this sort of event it does fit within their worldview. When thugs and servants of the elite like war criminal Henry Kissinger can come out and refer to people as "useless eaters" it is obvious that there are only two lifeforms in America, vampires and cattle. Being aware of the military and intelligence experimentations with biowarfare and the rumored but not to this point proven existence of race specific bioweapons it would be foolish and naive to not believe that those who are able to conceive of this stuff don't have the stones to use it to further their agendas. There was much hysteria over last year's H1N1/Swine Flu potentially being this event but rather it was in all likelihood the result of greed with Big Pharma rushing to sell as much untested vaccine to a terrified public as they possibly could to juice their stock prices. Again, I am skeptical that the elite would actually carry out such a thing but given the real problems of overpopulation and the need for a big culling don't reject it as paranoia. It would likely be blamed on Iran and then used like 9/11 was to start another war.

Finally, the best part of the show was when Ventura confronted Tennessee Congressman Steve Cohen on the existence of the camps. Cohen is a perfect example of the corrpution and amoral elitism that has taken control of our government. Initially the smarmy little bastard is dismissive and mocking, talking about green martians, paranoia and other talking points used to equate honest questioning with the real black helicopter types (even they don't seem to be quite as crazy anymore in this terminally diseased society) and UFO freaks. But when Ventura had a copy of the bill, H.R. 645: National Emergency Centers Establishment Act that was a co-sponsor of the condescension quickly evaporated and this cringing little rat gave up the ghost, being reduced to a quivering blog of jelly when confronted with the truth and disingenuously claiming that he didn't know what was in the bill. Pretty ironic that Cowen is Jewish, it would seem that of all people that he should have an appreciation of the dangers of allowing such facilities to be built by an out of control regime under the pretense of security. That this vile piece of fascist legislation was produced by the so-called liberal Democratic Congress is just another indictment of our thoroughly rancid and compromised two-party game of three-card Monte that passes for American democracy. 

The trap my friends has already been built and is rapidly closing, have no illusions that you will be able to resist when the orders are given to pick up the future residents of the camps, there is no match for raw power and serious military weaponry. The only hope, given that it is not too late already is to espose the bastards, Ventura has done a damned good job of it but it's not enough.


Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory – Police State and Fema Camps

Are Fusion Centers the New "Gestapo" Facilities for the North American Union Under HLS?

On The Incompatibility Of Money And The Modern Financial System; A Look At The Upcoming Great Unwind Now That All Talk Has Failed

From ZeroHedge 11/14/2010:

In the past few weeks, there have been tomes of disjointed literature written on why the final days of the modern financial system may be approaching. Disjointed, as it goes against everything that existing economists believe in, and thus are forced to forget all they have learned from Ive League professor-written textbooks and start from scratch, i.e., acknowledge their religion has been flawed all along. Bill Buckler (author of the Privateernewsletter), who has seen this for ages, shares some of the most comprehensive views on the upcoming great financial unwind, first analyzing the case study of the aftermath of Volcker's 1979 Belgrade meeting, which was everything that Bernanke's "easy way out" QE choice was not. Buckler then analyzes the broken fabric of financial reality, and explains why at its very core, money is incompatible with everything that modern finance stands for. Lastly, Buckler looks at the aftermath of the failed G20 meetings, and concludes that: "Now that the LAST hope of an international agreement to solve an insoluble problem has been lost, it is just a matter of time before talk is followed by action." We may in fact see the first "action" today if, as some rumors are swirling Portugal or Greece may escalate to the "next level" of bailout action.
From Buckler's as always must read The Privateer (number 666).
On Volcker and Bernanke: a compare and contrast in success and failure.
The Successful Rescue - 1979-1982:

When the US Fed under Paul Volcker stopped “targeting interest rates” in late 1979, they stopped trying to hold US interest rates below levels set by the markets. The result, of course, was that US interest rates SOARED. They soared because there was now no impediment which prevented them from reflecting both the risk of a depreciating currency and the risk of the debtor reneging in part or in whole on the debt. Until late in 1980, these risks were also reflected in the $US “price” of Gold which soared to $US 850 in January of that year and had a secondary rally to $US 720 in September. But while all this was happening, the US Dollar had stopped falling in the international currency markets simply because high US interest rates were compensating US Dollar and $US-denominated debt paper holders for their risk.

At the time when this was happening, US Treasury funded debts were hovering just below the $US 1 TRILLION level. Interest payments could still be met, albeit with some difficulty. But as these high interest rates persisted, the global attitude towards the US Dollar changed profoundly. All of a sudden, it was possible to earn a very good rate of return on US Dollar investments. Even better, US Treasury debt paper was selling at rock bottom prices on the secondary markets and had been falling for a decade. With the Dollar now stabilised and indeed starting to go up on the currency markets, everyone knew that US rates would start heading down at some point and when they did, the prices of Treasury paper on the secondary markets would soar. The world was enticed back into US paper with a rush, starting in 1982.

On the surface, this looks like the “classic” means by which a chronic balance of payments deficit is resolved. But it was not. There was still no “final means of payment”. The entire financial world still relied totally on the “full faith and credit” of the US Government.

The Failing Rescue - The GFC - 2007 To Date:

In 1980-81, the US Treasury was in hock (on the funded debt side) to the tune of just under $US 1 TRILLION. Today, the US Treasury is in hock (on the funded side) to the tune of just under $US 14 TRILLION. In 1980-81, the US was still an international net creditor nation. It became an international net debtor nation in early 1985 and has long since become the biggest international debtor the world has ever seen. In 1980-81, the US central bank let the market reflect the true financial status of the US by ceasing to interfere (for a short time) with interest rates. In December 2008, the US Fed under Ben Bernanke got rid of interest rates altogether by lowering their controlling rate to 0.00-0.25 percent. In 1980-81, Fed Chairman Volcker faced the stark choice of letting interest rates free or throwing in the towel and directly monetising the “reserve” behind the Dollar - the debt issued by the US Treasury. He chose the former course. In early 2009, Fed Chairman Bernanke faced the same choice. The intervening three decades had seen US debts increase to a point where the system could literally not afford any interest rate at all. He chose the latter course with “QE1". On November 3, 2010, he compounded this by ushering in “QE2". The introduction of QE2 is an acknowledgement that QE1 failed.

In the lead up to the announcement of QE2, Mr Bernanke stated publicly that he hoped to INCREASE “inflationary expectations” amongst the American public to induce them to borrow and spend NOW before prices increased further. He has since reversed his field, too late to make any difference. US cost of living increases already bear no resemblance to the official figures so beloved of the Fed. To give just one example, the prices of ingredients in many staple packaged foodstuffs sold in the US have jumped 20-30 percent since August. US retailers are at the point where they can no longer keep prices down without suffering actual losses. The inflation is rampant. The pressure under prices is a pent-up volcano. The only “incentive” for the rest of the world to hold US Dollar debt paper is that they already hold so much of it. The only rationale for the US Dollar to remain as the world’s reserve currency is that the global financial system is set up on that basis. The only thing holding the system together is fear of the consequences of dismantling it. But the world can now see, at least in outline, that three years of US “stimulus” has just made things worse. There has got to be a better way, but what is it?
On the intractable problem of modern money:
Money Isn’t Power - But The Control Of What Is Used As Money IS!:

The original Bretton Woods agreement of 1944 had the US Dollar as the world’s “reserve” currency. Exchange rates between all foreign currencies and the US Dollar were “fixed” (except when governments decided to devalue or revalue). In return for this, the US government promised to redeem its Dollars (to foreign central banks and governments ONLY) at $US 35 per troy ounce of Gold.

In 1971, this promise was withdrawn, an act which led to the era of floating fiat currencies which has been given the name “Bretton Woods II”. Exchange rates between currencies were “free” to fluctuate as the “markets” decided they should. If you look at the cumulative deficits of almost any major nation in the world, you will find that almost ALL of it has been taken on since 1971.

In more recent times, talk has begun to flow about the need for a “Bretton Woods III”, a system in which multiple currencies would take the role of “reserves”. In the week leading up to the Seoul G-20 meeting, Gold has been mentioned as an “indicator” to try and keep the nations issuing the (as yet undecided) reserve currencies more or less on the straight and narrow. But any talk about Gold AS money is as heretical as ever. Ellen Brown says money is credit, neatly putting the cart before the horse. Edmund Conway says Gold is incompatible with modern banking practices - notably fractional reserve banking (true) - and with “democracy as we know it” (very true).

The Privateer has said this before - nearly 16 years ago when we first put up the Gold Pages at our website: “There really is no place for Gold - in the modern financial system. That leads us, however, to a further question: What does that say about the modern financial system?” We’ve been saying it ever since and we are now saying it again. In essence, you can have money or you can have the modern financial system. YOU CAN’T HAVE BOTH!

Every participant at the G-20 Heads of State summit is aware of that fact. So are the advisors they have taken with them to Seoul. So are the treasurers and central bankers who preceded them to South Korea. To hang onto their power, they MUST hang onto their control over what is used as money. They need it to issue the debt they incur to feed that power. They need it to maintain the fiction that is modern “democracy” - that political freedom stands or falls on unlimited majority RULE.
Most importantly, now that all talk has failed and yielded absolutely nothing, the time for action may begin. Sadly, it will do nothing more than confirm that America has now lost its hegemony as an absolute power. What happens next is anyone's guess.
The First Glimmerings:

At the just concluded G-20 Heads of State summit in Seoul, the US did not get ANYTHING it wanted. This is universally known. Even the Wall Street Journal acknowledged it, running a headline on November 13 which reads: “US Gets Rebuffed at Divided Summit”. So it did - decisively.

In the Global Report in this issue, we mention a November 8 article that World Bank President Robert Zoellick wrote for the London Financial Times advocating that Gold “prices” (not Gold itself) be used as an international reference point for global economic fundamentals. The problem here is that Gold “prices” are set on paper markets in which only paper, not Gold, actually changes hands. This affords ample scope for the control of these prices - and they have been controlled for decades now.

Before he travelled to South Korea for the G-20 meeting, President Hu of China spent almost a week in Europe. Shortly before Portugese banks were being downgraded by US ratings agencies, Mr Hu was concluding large trade deals with Portugal. He was concluding even bigger trade deals with France, and going much further. With the Seoul summit now over, France has taken over the presidency of the G-20 from South Korea. At a State dinner in his honour in Paris, President Hu publicly said that “China supports France in its efforts to ensure the success of the G-20 summit next year”. French President Sarkozy has made it clear that his top priority is a fundamental reform of the world’s monetary system, a priority he shares with Germany and, in President Hu’s own words, with China.

In 1979-81, Fed Chairman Volcker postponed the demise of the US Dollar as the reserve currency by, at least temporarily, taking away the punch bowl. Mr Bernanke has done precisely the opposite. It is, or should be, crystal clear that the days of the global monetary system in its present form are numbered.

Recent Events:

In the immediate aftermath of the conclusion of the G-20 meeting in Seoul, China came to the forefront on global markets. On November 12, a rumour that the Chinese government was about to further tighten the reserve requirements of their banks and were going to increase their controlling rates sent almost ALL markets into chaos. Stock markets either stopped going up or slumped dramatically, in Asia in general and in China in particular. Commodity and precious metals prices - all denominated in US Dollars - fell sharply. The US Dollar itself abruptly ended a five-day rally on global currency markets.

The most ominous movements on global markets, however, came in the US Treasury market. Longer-term bond yields have been rising, and prices falling, ever since the announcement of QE2 on November 3. On November 12, the Fed made their first Treasury purchases under QE2. Despite a fall on almost all other US markets, Treasury yields rose further and prices slumped some more.

What’s Next?:

Mr Obama returns to Washington on November 14. He faces a “lame-duck” Congress and the almost certain prospect of political gridlock. Globally, the US policy of Treasury debt monetisation is being condemned almost everywhere. Now that the LAST hope of an international agreement to solve an insoluble problem has been lost, it is just a matter of time before talk is followed by action.

Why You Should Have Silver in Your Portfolio – As Well As Gold

By Jerry Western

Silver has had quite a run the last couple months so it’s no surprise that it has gained much attention and interest from investors – even more so than gold.  It is extremely volatile, however, and tends to rise or fall in spurts so I’d like to focus on its attributes as compared to gold, make a case for holding some, and discuss some ultimate price possibilities.

Gold is known as the ultimate form of money; the king of money.  Silver is generally thought of as gold’s little brother or ‘Poor Man’s Gold’.  It is said that:

Gold is the money of Monarchs,
Silver is the money of Gentlemen,
Barter is the money of Peasants, and
Debt is the money of Slaves.

Both gold and silver have been used as money forever.  Historically, the price of gold has almost always been greater than that of silver.  This is because silver is ten to twenty times more plentiful in nature.

Should We Only Hold Gold?
I say no for the following reasons:

1. you get more (metal) for your money holding silver. 
2. the price of silver has more room to appreciate, both because of its relative low price and because of the current relatively high gold:silver price ratio. 

Should We Only Hold Silver?
I say no again – for the following reasons: 

1. Gold is highly recognizable and highly coveted in all societies.  Most world governments and central banks hold gold but virtually no silver, save a few notable exceptions (Russia, China, and India).  They know that gold is the ultimate money. 
2. Just as you would diversify your portfolio among asset classes and large/small cap stocks, etc., so too should you diversity between gold and silver.  No one knows which will appreciate faster or further and be the superior investment going forward.  Therefore, I hold both.

What Are Silver’s Major Attributes?
Silver has three huge attributes that make it special, valuable, and unique:
1. Versatility: silver has many and varied important uses where it is the best solution.  It is either the best material to use for a given application or it is the least expensive of all the alternatives.
2. Inelasticity: more silver is not produced as price increases because most silver comes from other-than-silver mines, and less is not consumed as the price increases because there are no less-expensive alternatives.
3. Duality: silver has the potential to do well price-wise in both an up and a down economy.  Being both an industrial metal as well as money in and of itself, silver tends to have a market no matter the condition of the economy.

How Do Gold and Silver Compare With Each Other?
Below are 22 things to ponder when comparing and contrasting gold and silver, in no particular order:
1. Gold is hoarded and the above-ground stockpile is continuously expanding.  Silver is consumed and is uneconomical to recycle in most uses.
2. There is greater than 300 times the dollar value of gold in above ground form as there is silver.  Silver is the smaller market by far.
3. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, there are fewer years of production of silver left in the ground than any other metal or mineral, including gold.
4. Silver is used in more applications than any other commodity (aside from petroleum).
5. About 30% of silver comes from primary silver mines.  Approximately 70% is byproduct of other primary metal mines.  Most gold is produced from primary gold mines.
6. There is less gold mined than silver, but there is more gold than silver bullion in existence.
7. Both gold and silver have been selling near or even below the cost of production for the last 15 years.
8. Both gold and silver are up over five fold since the beginning of this current bull market.
9. Silver is used in industry and for investment.  Gold is used almost entirely for investment.
10 Silver is more expensive or difficult to store (or hide) than gold because you get more for your money.
11. It would be easier for silver to rise higher on a percentage basis than gold due to the ‘law of large numbers’.
12. Only about 2% of the 160,000 tonnes of gold unearthed over the last 5,000 years has been lost and is unrecoverable according to Goldfields Mineral Service (GFMS) and the World Gold Council (WGC) while most of the silver ever mined is unrecoverable and gone for good.
13. Silver supply and demand are both ‘inelastic’.  This means that supply cannot be ramped up quickly when its price rises.
14. The National Inflation Association (NIA) picked silver as its investment of the decade in December 2009 (see article here).
15. The Silver:Gold Price Ratio favors silver appreciation to return to historic norms.
16. Both gold and silver tend to rise and fall in price together but not necessarily in percentage terms.  Their price movements are still highly correlated though.
17. In precious metal bull markets, silver always outperforms gold before it is over. Silver has a tendency to underperform gold as a rally in the metals gets going, however, it tends to greatly outperform gold near the market tops.  At its peak, for example, gold was up nearly 250% in early 2008 but silver was up well over 300% at the same time from the beginning of 2002.  As the metals both declined throughout the remainder of 2008, silver fell farther than gold from peak to trough.  Silver fell nearly 60% while gold fell about half as much or 30%.  Now on the way back up silver is again leading.
18. Gold and silver related stocks tend to greatly outperform on the way up but terribly underperform on the way down.  On the way up, many stocks leveraged the metals 3, or 4, or 5:1 but on the way down some gold and silver stocks lost 90% or more of their pre-crash market value.
19. When the economy is good, silver will tend to outperform and when the economy is bad, gold will tend to outperform.  This occurs because silver is also an industrial metal besides being a monetary metal and, [as such,] is in great demand when the economy is rolling along but less in demand when the economy is in recession.  Conversely, gold tends to be forgotten when times are good and remembered when times are bad.  Even though gold fell substantially during the financial meltdown of 2008, it fell less than did the stock indexes, silver, or oil.
20. I believe silver may outperform gold dramatically before the bull has run its course.  Silver rose more than 38 fold in the 70’s bull market; from a fixed price of $1.29 to $50 ($52.50 CBOT).  Silver bottomed just above $4 in 2001.  38 x 4 = $152.  Not a bad initial target.
21. Interestingly, the Silver/Gold ratio bottomed at ~ 16:1 in 1980.  In other words, you could exchange one ounce of gold for 16 ounces of silver near the end of that bull market.  Today, the ratio is about three and a half times higher (~56:1).  Should gold get to $6375 (see article here) and the ratio return to 16:1 at the top, silver will reach almost $400 an ounce.  That’s a 100 fold increase from its pre-bull low.  Remember, we’re only playing with numbers here, the markets will surprise and do their own thing in due course (see article here).
22. The following two extremely important and potentially explosive events for silver have happened just recently:
a) CFTC commissioner Bart Chilton, in regards to the trading of silver on the Commodities Exchanges, said; “There have been fraudulent efforts to persuade and deviously control that price”, and “I believe there have been repeated attempts to influence prices in the silver markets”, and  “the public deserves some answers to their concerns that silver markets are being, and have been, manipulated.”
b) Two separate lawsuits against JPMorganChase and HSBC for manipulating and suppressing the price of silver futures on the Comex in violation of the Commodity Exchange Act and the Sherman Anti-Trust were filed as class action suits. Any hint that these suits have merit and may be settled in favor of the complainants or a finding of price suppression by the CFTC in its current silver market investigation, could send the silver price sharply higher.
Which is better to own – gold or silver?
I own some of both but I believe that silver will outperform gold in the end.

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Jerry Western is the author of the newly published “Got Gold?  Get Gold!: The Everything Gold Book” on how to protect one’s wealth in the 21st century gold rush. Buy it on-line or at your favorite book store.
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