Jan 25, 2011

WUT?! Hundreds of Chinese communist sovereign towns to be built in the USA!

Once more, paranoid tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists were right all along:

From VeteransToday, January 25, 2011 posted by J. Bruce Campbell 
What could they be?
Where could they be?  Overseas?
Nope.  They’re here.  They’re everywhere.  They’re in all fifty states.  My state, Idaho, has at least one, up in Boundary County, and a really big one is reportedly being set up right now, near Boise.  30,000 acres.  The land inside these foreign trade zones is no longer American land.  It’s sovereign foreign territory.
I called the Boundary County Commissioner’s office up north to get some official version, because a commissioner there named Ronald Smith is the contact man for FTZ 242.  The reader can do the same thing in his or her FTZ.
Most of the top Fortune 100 companies are in these zones, even though they’re “American.”
Here’s some Ray Bradbury-style material from FTZ 9, in Hawaii:
Really, it’s like something out of FARENHEIT 451.
Here’s the information many of us received yesterday, edited somewhat:
”This is an urgent message!   Read this and spread the word!  Subject: Foreign Trade Zones. This is unbelievable at first, but you will soon realize that there are several motives for the global communists to physically weave our United States territory together with communist China. Read On! Here’s what is going on!
Each and every one of our state governors has approved and allocated a certain amount of acres of their U.S. state land to be inhabited by Chinese communists –communists straight from China!  They are to set up little towns and live here, supposedly for the purpose of producing Chinese products for sale in the U.S.A.  The land the states are giving them for their little towns will be considered “foreign territory”!!! We are told that the laws of the state (in which these Chinese communists dwell) will apply to the communist Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ).  Comment: If so, why are they allowed in here!??! Isn’t the whole set up unlawful???  There are 257 of these little communist towns to be built all over the United States.  Go to this website and see the list of the states, and how many FTZ’s are to be erected in each and every state!   Our nation is being peppered all over with these communist closed towns called “zones”! This insane brainstorm by Washington, D.C. officials was just recently discovered by alert citizens in the State of Idaho, where an FTZ is being built there, just south of Boise, Idaho, possibly 30,000 acres of Idaho is going to be used for that FTZ.  Check this site quickly before it is removed.
When you get to this website, be prepared by having enough paper to print 40 pages, listing all the FTZ’s to be built over the whole United States! 257 of these FTZ’s!  It is absolute insanity!! How gullible are we???  The excuse given for creating communist towns all over our nation is that these Chinese people will produce products for sale in the United States, and the FTZ will eliminate overseas shipping costs of the products they create!   A bizarre excuse!!! Can’t we manufacture our own products anymore with American workers?  How foolish are we to allow this??? Remember the hard-learned lesson taught to gullible people back in ancient times, when the Trojan Horse was built and they pulled it past their protective gates???  Do we Americans look THAT STUPID to the Chinese and to our Washington,D.C. leaders???
It will not mean jobs for Americans.  All the help will be Chinese!  Besides, it is to be classed as “foreign territory”, remember! You won’t know what is really going on inside the enclave.   Is there any danger for Americans to allow this? What do you think?”
The reader may have noticed that the things I write about usually have to do with some sort of revisionist history.  My usual purpose is to put a different slant on what happened to justify the drastic sort of action I’m known for advocating.  I generally don’t write about really current things because I’m kind of a slow learner and I want to try to understand what actually happened before I comment on it, especially if I’m suggesting drastic action because of it.  For example, Gordon Duff was able to look at Wiki-leaks and identify it as an intelligence deception back in October, which still amazes me.  If it weren’t for his caustic and extremely accurate warnings, I would still be in the dark.
But this Foreign Trade Zone business is so bad that even I can comment it without having to think about it too much.  I don’t claim yet to understand it but there’s no denying it exists.  Just do a search on Foreign Trade Zones and see what you get.  I’m not sure about the Chinese part.
Now, not to be hypocritical, but this is kind of what I was trying to do back in ’71, when I was sent to British Honduras, South Africa and Rhodesia, to set up a trade zone that was exempt from taxes.  The idea was to bring productive people to the new country, a free port, who would improve people’s lives through trade and increased employment and allow Americans and others to escape the punitive taxation that was robbing them blind and putting them out of business.
This thing, however, is different.  What they admit to is that corporations producing whatever they produce can manufacture and export products tax-free, but if the products made in the FTZs are sold in the US, taxes are paid!  By us!  It’s like a reverse tariff!  Americans are punished for being Americans but foreigners get a free ride.  And “American” corporations get a free ride.  This article claims that all the workers in the FTZs are going to be Chinese, which I find hard to believe.  That remains to be seen, and I will find out from Mr. Smith up north about that.
One thing is pretty clear from all the official literature online and that is the FTZs are autonomous territories, exempt from CBP, which is Customs and Border Protection.  That means they’ve got their own police forces, their own laws.  If foreigners ARE brought in to do the work, no matter where they’re from, these FTZs will become, sooner or later, swollen with low-paid workers from who knows where, resembling the maquiladora factories along the Mexican border.  Here’s what that means:
maquiladora or maquila is a concept often referred to an operation that involves manufacturing in a country that is not the client’s and as such has an interesting duty or tariff treatment. It normally requires a factory, that may import materials and equipment on a duty-free and tariff-free basis for assembly or manufacturing and then “re-exports” the assembled or manufactured product, sometimes back to the originating country. A maquila is also referred to as a “twin plant”, or “in-bond” industry. The principal examples of this sort of operation occur in Latin America, but also occurs in other countries in the world, that have adequate legislation. Currently about 1.3 million Mexicans are employed in maquiladoras.
A maquiladora is an FTZ.  So that’s what this is, 257 maquiladoras in all fifty states.  They’re designed to make the corporation a lot of money by employing poor people and keeping them poor.  Kind of like Wal-Mart.  Wal-Mart is Red China’s main outlet for slave-made goods.
The purpose of World War II in the Pacific, it turns out, was exactly what we have today.  The Council on Foreign Relations wanted Mao Tse-Tung to become the leader of China.  Japan interfered with this plan by invading and occupying Manchuria in the 1930s, and by occupying much of China itself.  So Japan had to be destroyed and prevented from ever interfering with the Rothschild/Rockefeller plan to communize China and turn it into the perfect industrial slave state.
The CFR supported the anti-Communist Chinese Nationalists under Chiang Kai-shek through the war, but kept demanding that Chiang join forces with his deadly enemies, the Communists.  At war’s end, Chiang’s forces were disarmed by George Marshall and all the captured Japanese weapons were given to the Communists.  Defenseless against the heavily armed Reds, the Nationalists were forced out of China to the island of Formosa, which became Taiwan.
On the mainland, the Communists, agents of the Council on Foreign Relations, began slaughtering their own people, people whom Communists called landlords, exploiters and whom we would call “middle-class.”  People who had gone to school beyond the 2nd grade.  The US Congress reported in 1964 that Mao Tse-Tung had murdered 64,000,000 Chinese.  The survivors were mind-controlled zombies, paralyzed by twenty years of state terror.  Eight years later, the CFR sent its agent, President Richard Nixon, to Beijing to toast Mao Tse-Tung and signal US corporations that it was time to begin the transfer of American industry to China.
Wal-Mart is the end product of America’s war in the Pacific and the CFR’s population reduction program in China.
Anyway, here’s what I’ve discovered about our own FTZ 242, which again, is located up on the Canadian border around Eastport, Idaho.  However, FTZ 242 is spreading out!  As you can see in this website
there is Order No. 1640…
Order No. 1640, August 5, 2009 (Docket 53-2008)
Approved, with restrictions, the application of Boundary County, Idaho, grantee of Foreign-Trade Zone 242, to establish Subzone 242A at the manufacturing facility of Hoku Materials, Inc. in Pocatello, Idaho. Signed by Ronald K. Lorentzen, Acting Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Import Administration, Alternate Chairman of the Board (74 F.R. 41382; August 17, 2009).
That is, there’s a new Hoku factory in Pocatello, down here in the southern part of the state, that manufactures polysilicon for use in solar panels.  This polysilicon is mined here and manufactured here but shipped to China for the manufacture of solar panels to be sold through Hoku in Hawaii.  Hoku is owned by Baoding Tianwei Group in China.
So, even though the Foreign Trade Zone 242 is way up north on the Canadian line, this polysilicon factory here in Pocatello is ALSO  Foreign Trade Sub-Zone 242A, also considered foreign, sovereign territory.  The material is, again, sent out of the country for the profit of the Communist Party of China .
Mr. Smith has not returned my calls to his office in Boundary County but I did get some preliminary information from his office staff,  who say they do not know how big FTZ 242 is but that nothing much is going on up there.  No, what’s going on is happening down here in Subzone 242A, at the Hoku plant in Pocatello, for now.
And this is just one of 257 FTZs in this country.
It has been reported for years that the Chinese Army has a plan to wipe out Americans and bring Chinese soldiers and slave workers to this country and take it over.  Nothing we’re now seeing with these outrageous Foreign Trade Zones makes me think that this “wild rumor” is so wild.  I can’t say that the report yesterday that prompted this hasty investigation is true with regard to all FTZs being Chinese.  But the one here in Idaho definitely is.

Washington facing the ire of the Tunisian people

From Voltairenet, 25 JANUARY 2011
by Thierry Meyssan*

JPEG - 40 kb
General William Ward - formerly in charge of keeping the Palestinian territories in line and current Africom commander - during a ceremony in May 2010. The Tunisian army has been reduced to a skeleton, but the country serves as rear base for regional "anti-terrorist" operations and offers ports which are indispensable for NATO’s control of the Mediterranean.

The big powers abhor political upheavals that escape their control and thrwart their plans. The events that have electrified Tunisia for the past month are no exception, quite the contrary.

It is therefore rather surprising that the international mainstream media, staunch cohorts of the world domination system, should suddenly acclaim the "Jasmine Revolution", churning out reports on the Ben Ali family fortune which they had up until now turned a blind eye to, despite their ostentatious luxury. Western countries are chasing after a situation that has slipped from their hands and which they are trying to rein in by painting it as it suits them.

First and foremost, what must be borne in mind is that the Ben Ali regime was supported by the United States, Israel, France and Italy.
Regarded by Washington as a country of minor importance, Tunisia fulfilled a security role more than an economic one. In 1987, a soft coup d’état deposed President Habab Bourguiba in favour of his Interior Minister Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali, a CIA agent trained at the U.S. Army Intelligence School, Fort Holabird, Maryland. According to revelations that have recently come to light, it would seem that Italy and Algeria were akin to that power takeover [1].
The minute he settled into the Republican Palace, Ben Ali set up a military commission in conjunction with the Pentagon, which has met in May of each year. Wary of the army, he relegated it to a marginal role, keeping it under-equipped with the exception of the Tunisian Special Forces which train with the U.S. military and take part in the regional "anti-terrorism" device. The ports of Bizerte, Sfax, Sousse and Tunis host NATO vessels and, in 2004, Tunisia joined the "Mediterranean Alliance" under NATO auspices.

Not expecting anything in economic terms, Washington allowed Ben Ali to systematically bleed his country. Every expanding firm was requested to yield 50% of its capital plus the accompanying dividends. However, things turned sour in 2009 when the ruling family, which jumped from greed to cupidity, intended to impose their extortion racket also to U.S. firms.

For its part, the State Department began to prepare for the inevitable demise of the president. The dictator meticulously eliminated his rivals and had no heir. A solution had to be found and some sixty figures apt to play a political role in the future were brought on board. They each followed a three-month training at Fort Bragg and received a monthly salary [2].

Although President Ben Ali parroted the anti-Zionist rhetoric prevailing in the Muslim world, Tunisia extended several facilities to the Jewish colony of Palestine. Israeli citizens of Tunisian descent were authorised to travel to and trade in the country. Ariel Sharon was even invited to Tunis.

The revolt
The desperate act on 17 December 2010 of Mohamed el-Bouzazi, a street vendor who set himself on fire after the police confiscated his cart and produce, touched off the initial protests. This personal drama, which resonated with the Sidi Bouzid residents, sparked a general uprising. The clashes spread to several regions before engulfing the capital. The General Union of Tunisian Workers, best known under its French acronym UGTT, and lawyers’ groups joined in the demonstrations, thus sealing spontaneously an alliance between the popular and middle classes around a structured organisation.

On 28 December, President Ben Ali attempted to regain control of the situation, making a bed-side visit to young Mohamed el-Bouazizi and addressing the nation that same evening. Yet his televised speech exposed his obliviousness. He treated the protestors as extremists and paid agitators, promising a ferocious crackdown. Instead of appeasing the people, his intervention transformed a popular revolt into an insurrection. The Tunisian people are not only mobilised against social injustice, they are also questioning the political power system.

JPEG - 15.5 kb
Producer and Nessma TV magnate Tarak Ben Ammar is an associate of Silvio Berlusconi and the uncle of Yasmina Torjman, wife of French Industry Minister Eric Besson.
It became clear to Washington that "our agent Ben Ali" had lost the reins. The National Security Council, Jeffrey Feltman [3] and Colin Kahl [4] concurred that the time had come to drop this spent dictator and to organise his succession before the insurrection could morph into a genuine revolution, i.e. a challenge to the system.

The media were enlisted, in Tunisia and the rest of the world, to circumscribe the insurrection. The attention of the Tunisian people would be focused on social issues, the corruption of the Ben Ali family, and press censorship. Anything to stave off a debate on the reasons that, 23 years earlier, had prompted Washington to invest the dictator and to protect him while he pilfered the country’s economy.

On 30 December, private Nessma TV channel defied the regime by broadcasting protest reports and organising a debate on the need for a democratic change. Nessma TV is owned by the Italo-Tunisian group of Tarak Ben Ammar and Silvio Berlusconi. The message rang out loud and clear for those who were still sitting on the fence: the regime was split.
Concurrently, U.S. experts (as well as Serbian and German) were detailed to Tunisia to channel the insurrection. Exploiting the collective emotional wave, they attempted to plant their slogans during the demonstrations. Attuned to the techniques of the so-called "coloured revolutions", fashioned by the Albert Einstein Institution of Gene Sharp [5], they shone the spotlight on the dictator to forestall a debate on the country’s political future: "Ben Ali, out" [6]
JPEG - 17.5 kb
(Screen still capture) On 2 January 2010, the group Anonymous (a CIA front) hacked the official website of the Prime Minister, inserting an ominous message in English on the home page. The logo corresponds to the international Pirate Party, whose Tunisian member Slim Amanou will be propelled by the U.S. Embassy within the "national unity government" as Youth and Sports Minister.
Hidden behind the pseudonym of Anonymous, the CIA cyber-command - already deployed against Zimbabwe and Iran - hacked Tunisian official sites, implanting a sinister message in English.

The insurrection
The Tunisians continued to spontaneously brave the regime, stage massive street demonstrations, and set fire to police precints and shops owned by Ben Ali. Courageously, some have even shed their own blood. Pathetic and overtaken by events, the dictator stiffened without understanding.

On 13 January, he ordered the army to open fire on the crowd, but the Army Chief of Staff refused. Having been contacted by Africom Commander General William Ward, General Rachid Ammar informed the President that Washington was enjoining him to flee.

In France, kept in the dark about Washington’s decision, the Sarkozy government failed to analyse the various repositions. Foreign Minister Michèle Alliot-Marie set out to save the dictator by dispatching law-enforcement specialists and equipment, enabling him to hold on to power through more orthodox means [7]. A cargo plane was chartered on Friday the 14th. By the time customs formalites were completed in Paris, it was too late: Ben Ali no longer needed the aid; he had already taken flight.

His erstwhile friends, in Washington and Tel-Aviv, Paris and Rome, denied him asylum. He ended up in Riyad. He is said to have taken with him 1,5 tons of gold stolen from the Public Treasury, which the authorities still in place have denied.
JPEG - 38.6 kb
Marketing : the logo of the "Jasmine Revolution" is unveiled at the exact moment of Ben Ali’s flight. In the center, a raised fist, which is the ex-communist symbol used in all the "colour revolutions" since Otpor in Serbia. From Washington’s perspective, what is important is to affirm that the events are over and that they are part of a liberal international order. Also, the title appears in English and the Tunisian flag has been reduced to a simple ornament on the letter R.

A bit of jasmine to calm the Tunisians
The U.S. communications strategists tried next to blow the whistle to call the end of the game, while the outgoing Prime Minister was assembling an interim government. It is at this juncture that the press agencies launched the "Jasmine Revolution" mantra (in English, if you please!), assuring us that the Tunisian population had just lived through its "colour revolution". A national unity government was on the rails ... and all is well that ends well!

The epithet "Jasmine Revolution" evokes bitter memories to Tunisians of older generations: it is the same one alread used by the CIA in its communications at the time of the 1987 coup that placed Ben Ali in the seat of power.
The Western press - henceforth better controlled by the Empire than its Tunisian counterpart - turned its floodlights on Ben Ali’s doubtful fortune. No mention was made of the report by IMF Managing Dominique Strauss-Kahn commending Tunisia’s decision-makers in glowing terms just a few months after the 2008 hunger riots [8]. Nor was any mention made of the latest Transparency International report stating that Tunisia was less corrupt than certain members of the European Union, such as Italy, Romania and Greece [9].

The regime militia which had terrorised the civilian population during the riots, forcing it to organise through self-defense committees, disappeared from the scene overnight.
The Tunisians, considered as depoliticised and malleable, proved to be extremely muture. They realised that the Mohammed Ghannouchi cabinet is tantamount to the earlier version without Ben Ali. Despite some cosmetic changes, the bosses of the sole ruling party (RCD) held on to the key ministries. The UGTT trade unionists refused to be associated with the U.S. manipulation and walked out of the coalition government.

JPEG - 16 kb
An opponent "made in the USA".
With a little help from Nessma TV magnate Tarak Ben Ammar, film director Moufida Tlati was nominated Culture Minister. Less in the limelight, but far more significant, Ahmed Néjib Chebbi, a National Endowment for Democracy pawn, was given the Ministry of Regional Development. The obscure Slim Amanou, a blogger familiar with the methods of the Albert Einstein Institute, filled the slot of Youth and Sports Secretary under the label of the shadowy Pirate Party attached to the self-proclaimed hacker group Anonymous.
JPEG - 17.8 kb
The real of power is no longer the Republican Palace, but the Embassy of the United States. This is where the Ghannouchi government was concocted. Located on the outskirts of Tunis, in a vast gated campus, the Embassy is a gigantic bunker that houses the main CIA and MEPI functions for North Africa and part of the eastern Mediterranean.
Needless to say, the U.S. Embassy did not invite the Communist Party to be part of the so-called "government of national unity".

On the other hand, preparations got underway for the return of Rachid Ghannouchi (unrelated to the Prime Minister), a legendary leader of the Rennaissance Party (Ennahda) who was exiled in London. A Muslim (formerly of the Salafist tendency), he extols the compatibility between Islam and democracy and has been preparing a reconciliation with the Democratic Progressive Party headed by his friend Ahmed Néjib Chebbi. In case of a coalition government breakdown, this pro-US duo could offer an illusion of change.
Tunisian street power is still alive, with the people expanding the slogan that had been handed down to them: "RCD, out!". In the villages and workplaces, they stalk the collaborators of the fallen regime.

On the road to Revolution?
Contrary to what has been reported by the Western media, the insurrection is not yet over and the Revolution has not yet commenced. It is clear that Washington has channeled nothing at all, except for western journalists. Today, even more than last December, the situation is out of control.

 Thierry Meyssan
French political analyst, founder and chairman of theVoltaire Network and the Axis for Peace conference. He publishes columns dealing with international relations in daily newspapers and weekly magazines in Arabic, Spanish and Russian. Last books published in English :9/11 the Big Lie and Pentagate.
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[1] Declaration made by Admiral Fulvio Martini, then Chief of the Italian Secret Services (SISMI).
[2] Direct testimony recorded by the author.
[3] Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs.
[4] Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for the Middle East.
[5The Albert Einstein Institution: non-violence according to the CIA, by Thierry Meyssan, Voltaire Network, 4 January 2005.
[6The Technique of a Coup d’État, by John Laughland, Voltaire Network, 5 January 2010.

Warmists Touts Green Credentials Of Genghis Khan For Slaughtering 40 Million People

Paul Joseph Watson - Prison
Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Environmentalists are promoting a new historical hero in the fight against global warming, none other than Mongol warlord Genghis Khan, with the Carnegie Institution touting the emperor’s green credentials because his empire slaughtered no less than 40 million people – an act that helped lower carbon emissions and keep the planet cool.
No, this isn’t a spoof or a satire, the Carnegie Institution’s Department of Global Ecology has actually released a report that cites Khan’s exemplary environmental record as a suitable yardstick for future “land-use decisions”.
“Genghis Khan’s Mongol invasion in the 13th and 14th centuries was so vast that it may have been the first instance in history of a single culture causing man-made climate change, according to new research out of the Carnegie Institution’s Department of Global Ecology,” reports Mother Nature Network.
“Unlike modern day climate change, however, the Mongol invasion actually cooled the planet, effectively scrubbing around 700 million tons of carbon from the atmosphere.”
Without getting into the details of the fraudulent causative link between CO2 emissions and temperature increases (the relationship is actually inverse), the fact that Khan achieved this by invading and slaughtering the inhabitants of entire towns and villages in China, Korea, the Caucasus, Central Asian countries, and substantial portions of modern Eastern Europe, Russia and the Middle East, is not seen by Carnegie as a negative course of action.
Indeed, Carnegie lauds the fact that Khan’s actions were more successful than the Black Death in depopulating agricultural areas and allowing the land to return to forest so more trees could soak up CO2.
“We found that during the short events such as the Black Death and the Ming Dynasty collapse, the forest re-growth wasn’t enough to overcome the emissions from decaying material in the soil,” explained Julia Pongratz, who headed the Carnegie Institution research project. “But during the longer-lasting ones like the Mongol invasion… there was enough time for the forests to re-grow and absorb significant amounts of carbon.”
Using the “knowledge we have gained from the past” in studying the positive impact of Khan’s role in slaughtering 40 million people in cold blood, Pongratz says the research will be utilized to “make land-use decisions that will diminish our impact on climate and the carbon cycle.”
“We cannot ignore the knowledge we have gained,” she added, clearly entertaining the arcane and barbaric notion that massive programs of bloody depopulation should have any place in 21st century thinking.
Emperor Khan is a perfect compliment to new green guru, and former serial killer mastermind, Charles Manson, who also now preaches the need to slaughter millions of people in the name of saving planet earth from his California prison cell.
Indeed, numerous other prominent leaders of the man-made global warming movement openly advocate neo-fascism, the end of freedom, programs of mandatory euthanasia and sterilization, as well as simply killing huge amounts of people in the name of lowering CO2 emissions.
We literally have mad scientists being funded by the biggest universities and NGO’s on the planet to push monstrous programs of mass genocide under the guise of population control.
Carnegie Touts Green Credentials Of Genghis Khan For Slaughtering 40 Million People 250111banner1
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- In his new book, author and environmentalist Keith Farnish called for acts of sabotage and environmental terrorism in blowing up dams and demolishing cities in order to return the planet to pre-industrial society. Prominent NASA global warming alarmist and Al Gore ally Dr. James Hansen endorsed Farnish’s book.
- James Lovelock, top environmentalist and creator of the Gaia hypothesis, told the Guardian last year that “democracy must be put on hold” to combat global warming and that “a few people with authority” should be allowed to run the planet.
- During a speech to the Texas Academy of Science in March 2006, biologist Dr. Eric R. Pianka advocated the need to exterminate 90% of the world’s population through the airborne ebola virus. The reaction from scores of top scientists and professors in attendance was not one of shock or revulsion – they stood and applauded Pianka’s call for mass genocide.
- Professor David Shearman, MD, Emeritus Professor of Medicine, University of Adelaide, who worked as an assessor for the United Nations IPCC, recently called for democracy to be replaced with an eco-dictatorship where enslaved masses are ruled over by an “elite warrior leadership” and forced to adhere to a new green religion. Shearman has also demanded that Americans pay a carbon tax of more than $18,000 dollars for each child they have.
- Finnish environmentalist guru and global warming alarmist Pentti Linkola has publicly called for climate change deniers to be “re-educated” in eco-gulags and that the vast majority of humans be killed with the rest enslaved and controlled by a green police state, with people forcibly sterilized, cars confiscated and travel restricted to members of the elite. Linkola wants the last 100 years of human progress to be “destroyed”.
- The current White House science czar John P. Holdren also advocates the most obscenely dictatorial, eco-fascist, and inhumane practices in the name of environmentalism. In his 1977 Ecoscience textbook, Holdren calls for a “planetary regime” to carry out forced abortions and mandatory sterilization procedures, as well as drugging the water supply, in an effort to cull the human surplus.
- Top environmentalist organization 10:10, which is funded by massive corporations as well as the British government, produced an ad campaign last year in which children who disagreed with taking steps to lower their CO2 output were murdered in an orgy of blood and guts.
- Another environmentalist organization funded by oil companies like Royal Dutch Shell, recently produced an ad that depicted a future eco-fascist hell where car use will be heavily restricted, CO2 emissions will be rationed, meat will be considered a rare delicacy, the state will decide your career, and only the mega-rich elitists enforcing all these new rules and regulations will be exempt from them. The campaign promoted a future world in which people who resist the state controlling every aspect of their existence will be forced to live in squalid ghettos while the rest of the population will be tightly controlled in high-tech prison cities.
In a May 2009 confab in London, a gaggle of rich “philanthropists,” including David Rockefeller, Ted Turner, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and George Soros met to discuss ways of “solving overpopulation”.
As we have tirelessly documented, “population control” has nothing to do with saving the planet – the United Nations’ own figures show that world population will level out at 9 billion and then make a rapid decline.
In reality, what is now termed population control is merely a disguise for the barbaric and arcane race-based theories of eugenics, which were exported out of Britain where they originated by Rockefeller’s father, John D. Rockefeller, to Nazi Germany, where they were cited by Hitler as a justification for the holocaust, the sterilization of so-called defectives and state-sanctioned mass murder of disabled people.
Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Prison He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a fill-in host for The Alex Jones Show. Watson has been interviewed by many publications and radio shows, including Vanity Fair and Coast to Coast AM, America’s most listened to late night talk show. 

Goonstruck: The Mysterious Mind of Modern Progressives

From Empire Burlesque, January 24, 2011 
By Chris Floyd

I must have born too long ago, in a world that's dead and gone. Maybe that's why I can't understand the "progressive" politics of our day.

All across the blogosphere -- and in those few niches in other media where outright corporate harlotry and hardcore militarism don't yet hold absolute sway -- I see earnest, eager exhortations to our political leaders, urging them to act with wisdom, morality, mercy and justice. I see calls for those in power to think of the future, think of the children, think of the planet, think of the vulnerable, think of the needs and interests of working people. I see vast expenditures of mental and emotional energy devoted to parsing the politics of the high and mighty -- and to devising the best strategies and tactics (especially the oh-so-savvy tactics) for advancing the fortunes of those top dogs whose rhetoric occasionally seems simpatico to the ideals of peace, freedom, equality and human advancement.

There seems to be a widespread, deeply held supposition that politicians –politicians! -- will save us, if we can only put the right ones in charge of the power structure. And behind this supposition there is an unspoken -- and, in many cases, unconscious -- belief in the inherent goodness of this power structure itself. To be sure, it is a goodness that most progressives believe has been lost or diminished, or perhaps not yet realized. But there seem to be few doubts in the ultimate moral efficacy of this power structure, however lost or latent it might be at any given time. It just needs to be guided properly.

All this is very strange to me. I came of age in a time when politicians of every stripe were considered little more than sinister buffoons: gasbags, grifters and gloryhogs in the pay of the rich and powerful -- and in happy thrall to a brutal power structure based on violence, war, corruption and cronyism. We thought this not because we considered ourselves too cool or too hip or too cynical for that establishment drag, man; we thought this because of what we had seen with our own eyes.

We saw people torn from their private lives by an implacable militarist state and forced to kill and die in a savage, pointless imperial war that left millions of innocent people dead. We saw people gunned down in the street or clubbed into bloody goo for peaceful acts of dissent against the power structure. Politicians mouthed witless pieties that no one believed they believed, while behind the scenes elections were fixed (or "ratfucked"), contracts were rigged, laws were laughed at, and rules were broken at every turn. Cities were left to choke and rot; an entire industrial infrastructure was sold off to enrich a tiny, tax-dodging elite feasting on foreign slave labor. The wars went on and on, covertly and overtly; the living standards of working people kept plunging relentlessly; the prisons filled up; the farms went down; torturers, murderers, liars and thieves were applauded to high heaven.

This was the power structure. This is the power structure. This is the same system that bred every politician dancing on top of the greasy pole today. I have lived a politically aware life inside it for more than 45 years. When did it change for the better? When did the courtiers of this system suddenly become vessels of hope and goodness, and not the third-rate time-servers and witless goons they have been from days of yore? [Naturally, there have been a few exceptions; but then, there are always exceptions. You will always find a few individuals more concerned with the common good and acting honorably cropping up in every political system, however harsh, throughout history. But the presence of honorable exceptions does not redeem an entire system.] Where did today's belief in the power structure's inherent worthiness -- if we can only get a few plucky guys and gals in there to work the gears -- come about? Somewhere along the line, the "progressive left" became imbued with the same worship of power that we are constantly, and rightly, told is a hallmark of the Right.

Nothing illustrates this better than the sorry, shameful, cringing state of the "progressive left" in the age of Obama. As Arthur Silber warned us a long time ago -- far in advance of the 2008 election -- the acent of Obama to power has effectively neutered the entire edifice of progressive 'dissent' against the truly monstrous crimes of the power structure. Silber is no mystical prophet; he simply has a keen eye and sharp mind, and he simply looked at what was in front of him, in front of us all: a candidate bankrolled by Big Money and War Profiteers, clearly stating his intent to escalate the Terror War, surrounding himself with the architects of the economic collapse and pledging billions, trillions to bail out the rich, refusing outright to "dwell on the past" (i.e., investigate and prosecute the war crimes of his predecessor), and so on. None of this was hidden from view -- for anyone who wanted to see it.

Yet despite Obama's admirably frank presentation of himself as willing, eager tool of the bloodstained, brutal power structure that progressives decried so strenuously during the Bush years, these same progressives clambered onto Obama's bandwagon, declaring his election to be a moral imperative that all must support, or else be damned as an enemy of truth and light. They drank in his vague and vacuous rhetoric -- which in its soaring words about unity, peace, justice, equality, the future, etc., did not differ by a single iota from the disgorgings of meaningless gas we have always heard from the high and mighty. And when he reached the top of the power structure, and set about replicating, defending, entrenching and expanding the crimes of his predecessors, "progressives" fell silent, or carped a bit around the margins of this issue or that, or stuck out their tongues at Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck, or, in a great many cases, simply pivoted on a dime and began praising and justifying Obama's savvy "continuity" with policies they had considered intolerable abominations just months before.

This supinity toward power is also seen, on a far less important level, in the reaction to the departure of some talking head from some cable TV network. This development -- which apparently involves some vast golden handshake for the multimillionaire commentator -- has been greeted in some progressive quarters as a grievous blow to the health of the Republic. Witness this outpouring posted on Eschaton:

There was a time when Keith Olbermann was the only person who drew attention to the deep, deep veins of damage in our public life.

The first time he came to my attention was in 2004, when he focused like a laser on the electoral irregularities rife in Ohio, both on Countdown and his old blog Bloggermann, with a simple, straightforward shrug: "I'm a sports guy. I look at the numbers." (I may have that quote wrong, but it was similar to that.)

As he developed a clearer voice in his broadcasts, including the often hotly-awaited Special Comments, I didn't always agree with him, but he always seemed to speak from a principled position. He is a good American, and we need him. He will be missed.

"The only person who drew attention to the deep, deep veins of damage in our public life." Really ? The only person -- in the whole country? In all the world? Across the universe? There was not a single other person, anywhere, drawing attention to these veins of damage? Just Keith Olbermann? And not until 2004? So there was not a no other person in the entire cosmos drawing attention to damage in American public life until 2004, when Keith Olbermann stepped forth, alone?

But of course we are being unfair. The writer is not really saying that Keith Olbermann was the only person in the world who publicly criticized the policies of the Bush Administration and its rightwing allies; what is actually intended by this literally nonsensical statement is that Keith Olbermann was the only guy the writer saw on the Tee-Vee speaking disparagingly of one faction of the power structure. He was, to the writer's obviously circumscribed knowledge, the only person with a bit of media pull -- a bit of power -- to make some critical remarks on current politics.

It is also telling that what drew the writer's attention to Olbermann was not, say, fierce public denunciations of the mass slaughter of innocents in Iraq, but a partisan squabble to put a Democrat at the top of the power structure. The "deep veins of damage" apparently refers to the quite obvious vote-rigging and ratfucking in Ohio, which shocked the tender sensibilities of the writer -- who seems blissfully ignorant of the campaign histories of, say, Lyndon Johnson, John Kennedy and Harry Truman. Of course the vote in Ohio was rigged by the Republicans; and it could easily have been contested by John Kerry, with the full support of tens of millions of people. But while the young John Kerry -- who came out of the savage, pointless imperial war noted above and hurled the medals of the power structure in its face -- might have fought the ratfucking, the John Kerry of 2004 was, well, a politician: a third-rate sinister buffoon, in the pay of the rich and powerful, too frightened, and too comfortable, to upset the golden trough where he now fed. Yet it was the political fortunes of this ludicrous gloryhog -- who spent the entire campaign frantically running away from any principled position he had ever espoused in public life -- that alerted our Olbermann-mourning author to those deep, deep veins of damage in the green, green grass of home.

Today it is the political fortunes of another politician happily embedded in the corrupt and murderous power structure that exercises our progressives. Not the fact that Obama's war machine is razing entire villages -- entire villages!Go look at the pictures -- at a single stroke in Afghanistan. Not the fact that Obama's massive escalation of an entirely illegal war of murder and assassination by robot drones in Pakistan is destabilizing and destroying one of the most volatile regions on earth. Not the fact ten percent of entire working population of the United States is without employment, while tens of millions more languish in underpaid jobs with little or no benefits. Not the fact that the "secret government" of unaccountable intelligence and security agencies -- many of them with own secret armies and death squads -- keeps spreading like kudzu across the land. Not the fact that the nation's economic policies are firmly in the hands of Wall Street sharks and squids. Not the fact that Obama has openly declared he has the right to kill anyone on earth if he arbitrarily deems them a 'terrorist.' Not the fact that the torture of Terror War "detainees" goes on and on under Obama -- and is now aimed more and more at American citizens.

No, none of that bothers our fightin' progressives -- or at least, not for more than a blog post or two. Instead, it is the political fate of the most powerful man in the world that really gets their pulses racing with earnest, obsessive concern. It is the question of whether this third-rate murderer of innocent villagers in Central Asia gets to spend six more years managing the bloodthirsty power structure, or just two more years. And whether the far right clique of imperial courtiers wins the White House and then dismantles Social Security -- or whether Barack Obama and his clique of courtiers dismantle Social Security first as part of their "grand bargain" with their fellow trough-feeders. Oh, what mighty, weighty straws these are which spur our progressives to the field!

True, a handful of progressives lambast Obama now -- without, it must be said, ever apologizing for their misjudgment in insisting that we vote for him in the first place. But even some of the Obama's most vociferous critics on the left are making it clear that no matter what happens -- no matter how many more crimes the Terror War Continuer lays at America's door -- they will, in the end, stand squarely by his side when the battle trumpet sounds. John Caruso has just found a jaw-dropping example of this progressive-compulsive disorder,with which he makes much antic hay:
What do you do when Democrats ignore everything you want (on those rare occasions when they're not actively doing the exact opposite of what you want), and dismiss you as the sanctimonious purist fucking retards of the professional left for not applauding their betrayals loudly enough? Declare that you'll support them unconditionally, of course:

NORMAN SOLOMON: Obviously, on the one hand, when November comes along we want to stop right-wing Republicans, so we're going to vote Democrat.

I wanted to hear more about this seemingly counterintuitive strategy, so I got in touch with Solomon and asked him a few questions:

JC: Norman, you, Jeff Cohen and others have started Roots Action, a group which pledges to "take action independent of both party leaderships."  Can you explain just what this independence means to you?

NORMAN SOLOMON: Obviously, on the one hand, when November comes along we want to stop right-wing Republicans, so we're going to vote Democrat.

JC: I see, I see.  Now, in an essay titled "A Time for Action — Not Servility", you and Cohen have said that Roots Action's first action will be to send a petition to President Obama calling for an end to the Afghanistan war.  Assuming Obama ignores this just as he's ignored dozens of other toothless petitions directed at him, how will you demonstrate your lack of servility?

NS: Obviously, on the one hand, when November comes along we want to stop right-wing Republicans, so we're going to vote Democrat.

JC: Huh, ok.  You know, it's nearly two years until the next "November" that you're talking about—isn't there a possibility that the Democrats might do something so despicable between now and then that you'd change your mind?  Let's try out a hypothetical here: suppose Obama announces a plan to terminate social security and use all the accumulated assets to invade Yemen, give lavish bonuses to corporate CEOs, throw all anti-war activists into an expanded Guantanamo, and then to celebrate he comes to your house and personally drinks the blood of your adorable pet schnauzer.  What would you do in that scenario?

NS: Obviously, on the one hand, when November comes along we want to stop right-wing Republicans, so we're going to vote Democrat...

They will not, and evidently cannot, break faith with their fundamentalist belief in the inherent goodness of the power structure -- as long as this structure is managed by politicians from the Democratic Party. The actual, demonstrable content of this management -- war, murder, torture, repression, injustice, inequality, corruption -- doesn't seem to matter. All that really matters is that these atrocities are carried out under the proper factional label, by gasbags and gloryhogs occasionally making the proper noises in their empty speeches. That's what progressivism, liberalism, dissent, the "left" has come to in America.

Like I said, I was born in a long-gone age; I just can't fathom this fawning modern mindset.

Was the Moscow airport bombing a Mossad/CIA false flag? Motives and opportunity

From Goon Squad, Israeli 'Security' Firm ICTS Helped Provide 'Security' at Russia's Domodedovo Airport:

The details about this 2009 article are here, but it's PDF and I don't know how to copy and paste the story.

The story goes into a little detail about how Security Partners Ltd., the ICTS Europe subsidiary in Russia was going to assist with 'security' at Domodedovo airport.

The SAME ICTS that on 9/11 helped those MOSSAD agents, made up to look like Arabs, onto several flights.

The SAME ICTS that let the 'Shoe Bomber,' Richard Reid board.

The SAME ICTS that sent a 'sharp-dressed man' to help out the Christmas day 'underwear bomber' board a flight, with no money and NO PASSPORT.

Surely this can't be related to Russia getting ready to recognize a Palestinian state, could it?

Would Israel be so low, sneaky and murderous as to use a FALSE FLAG to accomplish their goals?
Fatah official Nabil Sha'ath tells Al-Hayat newspaper that Dmitry Medvedev will affirm Soviet Union's 1988 recognition of a Palestinian state during West Bank visit. By Barak Ravid

Israeli officials fear that Russian President Dmitry Medvedev will announce on Tuesday during a visit to Jericho that Russia recognizes a Palestinian state based on the 1967 borders.

Officials became concerned following an interview given by Fatah official Nabil Sha'ath to the Al-Hayat newspaper on Tuesday. Sha'ath said that Medvedev would affirm the Soviet Union's 1988 recognition of a Palestinian state - a recognition that was based on the declaration of independence made by Yassir Arafat that year.

Such a move would be significant, particularly since Russia is a member of the Quartet of Middle East peace negotiatiors.
Source: Haaretz

Either ICTS is the sloppiest 'security' firm in the world, or... 


Russia threatens NATO with nukes

The Russian president has called on NATO to clarify Moscow’s role in a European missile system, warning if no agreement is reached, Russia will be forced to deploy “offensive” nuclear weapons.
“So this is not a joking matter. We expect from our NATO partners a direct and unambiguous answer,” Dmitry Medvedev said during a meeting with Russia’s NATO envoy Dmitry Rogozin.
“In either case, we are either together with NATO, or we separately find an adequate response to the existing problem,” he said.
Under former US President George W. Bush the United States proposed a plan to deploy a missile system in Poland and the Czech Republic — a plan which was fiercely opposed to by Russia. Moscow said it would deem such a deployment a threat to its sovereignty and would properly respond to it.
US President Barack Obama later scrapped the plan proposing Russia to join the missile system.
Russia and NATO agreed to cooperate on a joint missile system plan in Europe during a NATO-Russia Council meeting in Lisbon in November last year.
The parties agreed to formulate terms for cooperation on the missile system by June 2011.
“Either we agree to certain principles with NATO, or we fail to agree, and then in the future we are forced to adopt an entire series of unpleasant decisions concerning the deployment of an offensive nuclear missile group,” Medvedev was quoted by AFP as saying.


The Ugly Truth Podcast Jan 24, 2011:

We are joined by regular co-host Mark Dankof and special guest Dr. Matt Raphael Johnson of to discuss the latest bombing of the Moscow airport and the likelihood that this was yet another Mossad false flag operation aimed at punishing Russia for its recent re-recognition of a Palestinian state within the so-called 1967 borders. 
Listen Here


24 Jan 2011 The Russian security services had been tipped off that a terrorist attack was planned at a Moscow airport a week before the suicide bombing. According to reports, the warning even gave details of precisely where the bomb would be planted and yet the authorities failed to stop the attack at the country’s busiest airport. A security source told the RIA Novosti news agency: "The special services had received information that an act of terror would be carried out at one of the Moscow airports. Agents were seeking three suspects but they managed to access the territory of the airport, witness the explosion which their accomplice carried out and then leave the airport."