Jun 8, 2011

Obama will be Impeachment Bait on June 20 for Flagrant Violation of War Powers Act

From PressTV, Mon Jun 6, 2011
Webster G. Tarpley,Ph.D.

NATO warplanes have intensified attacks on Libyan capital, Tripoli after British Foreign Secretary William Hauge said there is no deadline for military operations in the country. He said NATOS's almost three month-long mission is intensifying and it could last for more than months.

The following is the transcript of Press TV's interview with Webster Tarpley Webster Tarpley regarding the issue.

PressTV: Why is NATO going a lot further than the UN has allowed to. What do you think the final outcome or results that NATO has in mind?

Tarpley: well we are seeing a drama of Imperialist desperation. The goal of all this all along has been to smash Libya into various parts to drive Gaddafi out of power and to seize control of the oil to re-impose the yoke of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank in still more severe form than we ever had it. And I think right now desperation is growing especially in London and Paris, that old Suez 1956 combination unreconstructed Imperialist. They are desperate now because what they met with so far are not working. They tried high level bombing, combined with this rebel rabble underground with a lot of al-Qaeda fighters included in it and that's not working. So their basic cards to play are still two. One is now the helicopters that the British and French ships sent with their boasting that the helicopters cannot ... very close to the ground well.
Anyone who saw the movie black hawk down knows the vulnerability of these helicopters to rocket propelled grenades and in particular to this ..kind of surface to air missile that the Russians undoubtedly have sold to Gaddafi. So as these helicopters come into play, it's likely that loses may increase and that will cause a crisis in that coalition. The other side of it is that they back ground invasion, but ground invasion will probably bring down the British government which is a coalition and if would guarantee that Sarkozy would never get a second term in office, and the Italian government and couple of others will probably fall too. Let me also mention that here in the United States, you are getting Republicans, people who have been warmongers for decades who are now ceasing on the Libyan war as a means of attacking Obama, especially we do have the war power act which would have required Obama to get congressional approval for what he is doing within 60 days meaning by about May 20th. At May 20th the second clock starts which gives him 30 days to pull out. If Obama does not pull out of the attack on Libya by about the 20th of June, he could be brought down by the Republicans in the House, who might use that as a vehicle to express their resentment so they build up some other issues.

PressTV: the use of illegal weapons also makes matters worse. Don't you think so?

Tarpley: I think the record of NATO is one of the Nuremburg crimes frankly. I think that Nuremburg precedents do apply and people in the NATO command should realize that those Nuremburg precedents are still there. Whatever, somebody like Ocampo at the International Criminal Court may say there is some idea of justice. So yes, we have undoubtedly depleted uranium being used, cluster bombs being used and all the rest and that's what they call democracy these days.



U.S. Plans $3 Billion Mercenary Force for Iraq --State Department Prepares to Hire 5,100-Strong Security Detail and Take Over Military Hardware for After Army Leaves --State Dept. will rely on mercenaries to carry out range of military-style missions 'not inherently governmental' 07 Jun 2011  The State Department is preparing to spend close to $3 billion to hire a security force to protect diplomats in Iraq after the U.S. pulls its last troops out of the country by year's end. In testimony Monday before the Commission on Wartime Contracting, Patrick Kennedy, undersecretary of state for management, said the department plans to hire a 5,100-strong force to protect diplomatic personnel, guard embassy buildings and operate a fleet of aircraft and armored vehicles.

The Bravery of Targeting Unarmed Civilians

What's 'aL CIA Duh's #2 Man Doing Taking Trips to Switzerland?

Following the 1994 execution of the sons of Ahmad Salama Mabruk and Mohammed Sharaf for betraying Egyptian Islamic Jihad, the militants were ordered to leave the Sudan.
At this time he is said to have "become a phantom" but is thought to have traveled widely to "Switzerland and Sarajevo. A fake passport he was using shows that he traveled to Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, and Hong Kong."
Now what would 'crazed' jihadist Al-Zawahri be doing hiding out in one of the Rothschilds bankster gangster nations, Switzerland?

Checking his anonymous bank account to make sure the CIA and the MOSSAD had deposited the money promised for various 'false flags" and issuing those fearsome sounding fatwas against the USA and Israel?
Strange that this video comes out on the anniversary of Israel's brutal, savage and unprovoked attack on the USS Liberty.

When the world's most feared 'terrorist' isn't checking on his Swiss bank accounts, he's at MOSSAD Recording Studios, in Herzilya, Israel, sitting in front of a curtain emblazoned with Star of David icons


Switzerland is particular about who visits their country and has strict passport controls, so how is one of the world's most wanted men able to visit Switzerland without getting caught?
Bin Laden deputy issues eulogy for al-Qaida chief

CAIRO – Osama bin Laden's deputy said the slain al-Qaida chief "terrified America" when he was alive and would continue to do so in death, according to a eulogy that appeared on militant websites Wednesday.

The message by Ayman al-Zawahri, al-Qaida's longtime No. 2 and considered the network's operational head, heaped praise on bin Laden, who was killed in the May 2 raid by U.S. Navy SEALs in the Pakistani garrison town of Abbottabad.

Al-Zawahri also blasted the United States for burying bin Laden at sea after the raid and urged the people of Pakistan to rise against the country's rulers, describing them as "traitors."

Al-Zawahri, who is Egyptian, is a less charismatic and unifying figure, and he is believed to lack bin Laden's ability to bring together the many nationalities and ethnic groups that make up al-Qaida. His appointment as the next al-Qaida leader could further fracture an organization that is thought to be increasingly decentralized.

The euology included five poems of praise for bin Laden, describing him alternately as modest, noble and shrewd commander and "the vanguard of jihad (holy war) against the Communists and then the Crusaders," a reference to bin Laden's campaign in the Afghan war against the Soviets in the 1980s and the Sept. 11, 2011 attacks against the United States.

Al-Zawahri also vented his anger at the Pakistani military leaders and politicians, implying they had a role in bin Laden's death.

"I call on the Pakistani nation to rise up against the mercenary military traitors and the corrupt politicians who turned Pakistan into an American colony, allowing it (America) to kill or capture whoever it wants," al-Zawahri said.

He concluded by saying bin Laden will remain a "source of horror and a nightmare chasing America, Israel and their allies."
More Zionist propaganda from the perps who were behind the 9/11 FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB.

They want us to remain scared of 'al CIA Duh' so those Jewish owned "Too Big to Fail" Wall Street banks can keep robbing Americans of ALL their money and to give the USA an excuse to invade Pakistan so the USA and Israel can gain control of Pakistan's nukes.
If you believe this BS story, then what is Santa bringing you for Christmas?

Question: Why didn't the USA have any enemies in the ME until Israel came into existence?
Just another BS psyops from either the Jewess MOSSAD agent Rita Katz and her SITE outfit or her comrade in arms, the Jew MOSSAD agent Ben Venzel's IntelCenter or the MOSSAD outfit MEMRI.

At least that sick New York Congressman, Anthony Weiner, got the stories about his 'weinie' off the news.

Senators seek crackdown on "Bitcoin" currency

ST. LOUIS (Thomson Reuters Accelus) - Two senators are pressing federal authorities to crack down on an online black market and "untraceable" digital currency known as Bitcoins after reports that they are used to buy illegal drugs anonymously.

Democratic Senators Charles Schumer of New York and Joe Manchin of West Virginia wrote to Attorney General Eric Holder and Drug Enforcement Administration head Michele Leonhart in a letter that expressed concerns about the underground website "Silk Road" and the use of Bitcoins to make purchases there.

The letter prompted a discussion among Bitcoin enthusiasts about whether the government was capable of closing related bank accounts and thereby stifling the currency.

The senators released a copy of their letter on Monday. It cites recent media reports that some tech-savvy individuals were using an "anonymizing network" known as Tor to gain clandestine access to Silk Road and buy illegal drugs.

Silk Road buyers pay with Bitcoins and sellers mail the drugs, the Gawker blog reported. The transactions leave no traditional money trail for investigators to follow, and leave it hard to prove a package recipient knew in advance what was in a shipment.

"The only method of payment for these illegal purchases is an untraceable peer-to-peer currency known as Bitcoins. After purchasing Bitcoins through an exchange, a user can create an account on Silk Road and start purchasing illegal drugs from individuals around the world and have them delivered to their homes within days," the senators' letter states. "We urge you to take immediate action and shut down the Silk Road network."

The DEA is "absolutely" concerned about Bitcoins and other anonymous digital currencies, agency spokeswoman Dawn Dearden said when asked for a response to the senators' concerns.

"The DEA is constantly evaluating and analyzing new technologies and schemes perpetrated by drug trafficking networks. While we won't confirm or deny the existence of specific investigations, DEA is well aware of these emerging threats and we will act accordingly," she said.

Silk Road may be hard to close. It could easily move from server to server around the globe and change its Web address and name at will, while remaining accessible through Tor.

However, Bitcoins must be purchased with real money; of late, they have been selling for roughly $10 each.

Therefore, there are exchanges with bank accounts, such as the Mt. Gox Bitcoin Exchange, that the Justice Department and other law enforcement agencies may be able to target. It is this weak link that worries the currency's enthusiasts.

A discussion thread this week on the primary Bitcoin forum was titled "Will Mt. Gox US Bank accounts eventually get frozen?" Some speculated that if the government bans transactions involving Bitcoin exchanges, a layer of shell companies might allow them to continue.

One user described this process as simply "growing pains" and asserted that the government "can't stop a peer-to-peer service."

U.S. law enforcers might have difficulty stopping Bitcoins without help from their peers in other countries.

While little information about Bitcoin exchanges is publicly available, an item posted on a website called Bitcoin Watch states that Mt. Gox's bank account is in Japan, and anecdotal evidence suggests many other exchanges operate outside of the US.

Mt. Gox's website does not list a phone number, representatives could not be reached via email.

(Editing by Randall Mikkelsen)


(Somewhat) related:
 One in four US hackers 'is an FBI informer' --The FBI and US secret service have used the threat of prison to create an army of informers among hackers 06 Jun 2011 The underground world of computer hackers has been so thoroughly infiltrated in the US by the FBI and secret service that it is now riddled with paranoia and mistrust, with an estimated one in four hackers secretly informing on their peers, a Guardian investigation has established. Cyber policing units have had such success in forcing online criminals to co-operate with their investigations through the threat of long prison sentences that they have managed to create an army of informants deep inside the hacking community.

NATO: Anonymous will be "infiltrated" and "persecuted" 

Hackers force closure of FBI-linked site

Send All Debt Defaulters to the Gulags!

From, June 8th, 2011
By Mac Slavo

If you haven’t caught this story yet, then you’ll be shocked at how far the Department of Education will go to collect monies owed them (if that is, in fact, what this was about). Our government, it seems, is fully prepared to follow the route of mob style knee-cracking. If the banks had their way, this is how most debt collections would go:

A father was dragged from his home and handcuffed in front of his children by a SWAT team looking for his estranged wife – to collect her unpaid student loans.
A stunned Kenneth Wright had his front door kicked in by the raiding party at 6 am yesterday before being dragged onto his front porch, handcuffed and led to a police car with his three children.
He says he was then detained for six hours while officers looked for his wife – who no longer lives at the house.

Mr Wright was later told by Stockton police that the order to send in the SWAT team came from The U.S. Department of Education who were looking for his estranged wife to collect defaulted loan payments.

An officer then grabbed him by the neck before dragging him out onto the front lawn.
His 3, 7, and 11-year-old children were also removed by officers and put in a waiting police car.
‘He had his knee on my back and I had no idea why they were there,’ Mr Wright said.
‘They put me in handcuffs in that hot patrol car for six hours, traumatising my kids.’

He even had words of advice for anyone thinking of skipping paying their college bills.
He added: ‘People who have student loans , pay your bills, take care of your credit.
‘If you don’t belive me, this could be you one morning 6 o’clock.’
Source: Daily Mail

For those who are familiar with FEMA emergency “refugee” camps, after reading this story we can’t help but wonder if these are the debtors’ gulags of the future.
Perhaps before going after main street debtors, we can first send SWAT teams with search warrants to the homes of those government officials who have taken on more than $14 trillion in national debt and in excess of $60 trillion in unfunded liabilities, as well as those who debase our currency on a minute-by-minute basis by printing billions of dollars daily.

Author: Mac Slavo
Date: June 8th, 2011
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Want better self-esteem? Saddle yourself with mountains of credit card debt!