Jul 14, 2015

Versailles Treaty 2.0: Cabal Unapologetically Shows How Modern Plundering is Done

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

The Troika has shown its true colors with its latest demands to Greece. This now includes direct veto authority over the government’s budget and spending programs. And there’s nothing ambiguous about the foreclosure clause. This nasty feature applies new the debt slavery template on current and future generations. With the continuation of sanctions against Russia and now this, it is becoming obvious that Germany is clearly and shamefully in the pockets of the Cabal.

Under this Versailles Treaty version 2.0, €50 billion worth of “assets” will be deposited with a Luxembourg trustee (cabalist) to be held as “available for sale” should the Troika not get whatever it wants both now and in the future. This has absolutely nothing to do with the welfare of the Greek people. The purpose is to “recapitalize Greek banks.” On the menu of assets to be liquidated and offered up to Parasite Guild: airplanes, airports, ports, tourist concessions, infrastructure and most certainly banks.
Elsewhere on Monday, Ukraine Puppet Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk revealed more of the Cabal’s agenda during a U.S.-Ukraine Business Forum in Washington, D.C.:
We ask American business to participate in a large scale privatization of Ukrainian state-owned enterprises.
Next up, more plunder via bank bail-ins, and of course more and more you-are-next, we-can-pull-the-plug intimidation of other debt saturated countries is to be expected. This will really wake people up.
What incredibly evil intent and error! This is the wake up call: Versailles 2.0 coming to your country and community. With the abject failure and sellout by leftist politicians in Greece, look for politics in the debt slave countries of Europe to swing far right and for countries to form new “axis” blocs and strive for national independence from Brussels and the Cabal. The basic Versailles 2.0 template and cabalists are the same as version 1.0. And there will be a public reaction.

With the gauntlet thrown down, the message from emerging European politicians will look a lot like this video, just with different faces. This went viral in Europe, and has been continually “taken down” from YouTube and is often banned throughout Europe, only to pop up again and again.
Do you really think this man was just talking completely out of context and to a wall? In fact, I doubt anybody today has the slightest idea about what he addressed. Incredibly, history repeats, so start getting used to this message.