Sep 6, 2015

On the incoming financial controlled demolition

A must read, from a comment on ZeroHedge:

Well, of course the Fed is going to attempt a controlled demolition, because they know some sort of collapse is unavoidable. Don't be surprised if a false flag event is perfectly timed to help deflect attention from the true criminals and remove any remaining rights you may have. Those who own the Fed will be positioned quite nicely no doubt, and more so with each of the contrived bounces in the holiday illiquid market. Wouldn't be surprising to see equities crash next week when the global financial elite's Fed will have the most control for a demolition. Then, don't be surprised if the recently enacted laws by the criminals who call themselves US government will be implemented to do savers a "favor" and convert all those juicy retirement funds into US Treasuries. The Fed's owners can then buy those equities low and savers will be forced to buy Treasuries at an all-time high.
With the last of the real capital ownership of productive assets transferred to the global financial elite, they will no longer be concerned with face values in the equity markets. Meanwhile, the sheeple will watch their savings disappear into an inflationary sink hole of illigitimate government debt under which they were encumbered by the criminals who call themselves government, and those who own them.
The next act is the most critical one, when most central governments collapse in financial and moral bankruptcy. Extensive top secret plans have been made for continuation of government by the criminals who would benefit most from it. First, they want to eliminate a large majority of the population which will have been milked for everything that can be stolen from them. Then to save themselves, they will try to ban cash, create a new currency, default on the debt owed to the people (but not their owners), and then impose martial law to ram it down our throats. All the while, they will be claiming that all the pain is because of the loss of central government and that we need a stronger new one to do a better job (on us).
Indeed, the inevitable self destruction of central governments will be extremely difficult, because of what central governments have done to destroy the intrinsic value of what people use as a medium of exchange, money. If commodity backed non-government money doesn't re-emerge quickly (very unlikely), economic exchanges will be severely hindered after the self-destruction by the return to barter for the most part. Supply chains will collapse, and then a large majority of the populations of people whose survival depend entirely on the supply chains will perish in a few months.
When, not if, the central governments self-destruct, we need as many people as possible to remember these few simple facts:
All of the societal pain will be because of what central governments did to consume the resources of society and destroy its money, while enslaving the majority to dependence upon it's stolen and counterfeit money. The pain will NOT be because of the absence of central governments. The return of the state will only assure that future generations will experience this pain again.
...Life, Liberty and the Persuit of Happiness. To secure "these rights", governments are instituted AMONG men, not over them. No form of "government" beyond, possibly, the most local level is needed to secure "these rights". Anything more, will only serve to violate "these rights". Central government is unnecessary and only serves to violate these most basic rights.
For those of us who survive the pending calamity, and all future generations, we must do everything in our power to prevent the return of central governments after they soon self-destruct. No other lesson for the future of mankind is more important.
To learn more about the many advantages of a stateless society, start with Murray Rothbard's "For A New Liberty", available free at