Oct 14, 2015

The Fake Victims of the Umpqua Massacre Hoax

 By Russ Winter, Via Winterwatch:

The Fake Victims of the Umpqua Massacre Hoax

The Crime Syndicate behind hoaxes, such as the Umpqua Community College “massacre,” often uses the method of prevaricatore disonesto, or malfeasant persona, perfected by the mob and deep-state intelligence agencies. We also see old, time-shifted, morphed, distorted “victim” images altered with Photoshop to hinder recognition of the base identity. Usually when one looks at such photos, there is a strong resemblance — but then some trait, like the ears usually or sometimes skin tone, is different, which leads to a “nothing to see here, move along” conclusion for those with a strong group-think, normalcy bias.

I focus on what I consider the most botched, lazy or sloppy details. For example, the details of the Chattanooga Muslim-demonization shooting hoax, which I covered previously. This was an identity switch using the persona of a U.S. Marine (with a foster family background) who had died in combat. This method was likely used with one of the Umpqua “victims,” Jason Dale Johnson, who died two years ago in Alabama and was exploited as the persona for this latest hoax. It is not necessary for me to bust every one of these cases or red herrings. If I had the resources of the Crime-Syndicate infested FBI, I could; but since I don’t, we go with the better examples.

The case of Lucero Alcaraz, an alleged “victim” from the Umpqua, Oregon, shooting is most illustrative. Her photo was shown in a number of American and U.K. publications. Notice the visible line around her throat. Note the slightly less visible rings between that line and the chin. In fact, the whole image between the chin and the collar bone looks altered, and discolored.  I think the hair style looks a little fake and contrived in the forehead. This technique and the use of hats is used to conceal. Even a non-expert might easily conclude a sloppy Photoshop job. And you would be correct, as EXIF data reveals:


The source of this alleged Lucero Alcaraz photo came from a Tweet just after the shooting and from someone professing to be “Lucero’s” cousin, who was looking for her. Once again, we see the classic “innocent, sweet” psy-ops face that’s so preferred by the perps as if to say, “How dare you examine the Photoshopped throat,” and “How dare you look into public records and find I don’t even exist.” If you fall for that: YOUR problem. This also answers the typical refrain of the unknowing that it wouldn’t be possible to pull these scams off without being revealed. Well, in some cases THEY ARE REVEALED.

Image source: The Mirror, originally in a cousin’s tweet
The names chosen in these events are often strange and rare. I don’t exactly know why. Finding records on someone with this “Lucero Alcaraz” name combination should not be difficult. ALCARAZ is the 19,610th most popular name in the USA. One in every 351,102 Americans is named ALCARAZ and the popularity of the name ALCARAZ is only 2.85 people per million or less than 1,000. There won’t be many if any Lucero Alcaraz’s.

One “Lucero Alcaraz” appears to exist in social media accounts (can easily be faked) — AND ITS NOT THE SAME PERSON. See 2:10 of this must-see video below. There appears to be no social media for the 19-year-old Lucero. Isn’t that unusual for someone her age? She grew up in Roseburg, Oregon, according to Mexican media. A new post-hoax Twitter account called “Lucero Alcaraz of Roseburg” is strangely lacking, with only the Photoshopped image and no personal comments from people who supposedly knew her. They aren’t even bothering with fake friend’s comments. Somebody on the hoax crew is sleeping on the job.

Also the use of the name “Lucero” is a mind-game, jerking-your-chain farce. According to, “Lucero is a girl who isn’t afraid to express who she really is.”

I did a public records search for Lucero Alcaraz in the entire U.S. as well as Oregon and turned up not one single reference. Even for the different persona on social media shown above, it was lacking.


I searched public records for Ezequiel Alcaraz, who was named by a NBC News article as Lucero’s father. As shown again and again on these pages, NBC News is front and center to these frauds and clearly has direct Crime Syndicate ties. The search did reveal someone by this name, age 57, living in Roseburg. Possible relatives listed were Maria (the 20-year-old sister and author of one of the tweet messages), but no Lucero. Ezequiel was apparently a late starter as a father. “Lucero” was alleged to be 19.


Click to enlarge: Maria, but no Lucero.
In sum:

  • There is no birth record for Lucero Alcaraz
  • There is no tombstone or burial record for Lucero Alcaraz
  • Social Security death records are now blocked from public access by U.S. presidential order
  • The name “Lucero Alcaraz” does not appear in U.S. Census records for the State of Oregon, or anywhere else
A search of associations and relatives for the Roseburg, Oregon, sister Maria Alcaraz shows no Lucero; nor does Lucero show up with “cousin” Bertha Letica Alcaraz. There are scant public records for Letica, Maria and Ezequiel Alcaraz.