Nov 15, 2015

Oh yeah, about those Syrian passports…

From The Impious Digest, November 15, 2015:

Now there’s something you don’t see too often: a Syrian ISIS terrorist that stands with Israel… for all we know he was on his way to Paris in a few months but wanted to enjoy the scenery in Syria for a while.
From the beginning it was openly debated that the Paris attacks were a false flag that were not, at least entirely, orchestrated by jihadists. They did happen at a curious time, on a masonically symbolic date like Friday the 13, following a terrorist attack on another symbolic day, Halloween, when a Russian airliner was downed in Egypt. The latest attack occurred right after Benjamin Netanyahu secured some 50 billion dollars from the US; after Israel decided it would annex the Golan Heights in Syria after oil was discovered there.
But if it was a false flag it would justify, at least for the unwary, a full scale invasion into Syrian territory by Rothschild oil interests that had just recently been cut off when Russia attacked Isis. As Ben Fulford writes on November 10, 2015...
The Saudi oilfields near the Yemeni border are now being overrun by Yemeni forces backed by the Iranians, Russians and US military… The result is the flow of Middle Eastern oil money to the Rothschild family is also being cut off. The Rothschilds reacted to this situation in what only can be described as a suicidal move when they ordered the shoot down of the Russian airliner on Halloween. They followed this up with what amounts to a confession of the crime by celebrating the massacre with tasteless cartoons in their Charlie Hebdo magazine….However, Russia and Egypt have reacted by making a move into Libya, thus cutting off the oil money the Rothschilds stole following their overthrow of the regime of Muammar Gaddafi.
From Veterans Today, a July 11th 2015 headline from author Gordon Duff stands out…

Hack of Netanyahu Chief of Staff Shows Israeli Control of ISIS

There’s a couple of screen shots from the hack.

We lost 3,000 in 2001. Paris was bad, but the scale was much smaller. Are we dealing with the same players?
This much we do know: Netanyahu Chief of Staff Manzar al-Safadi had his phone hacked, one of the pictures in his phone is of a Mossad asset’s with pro-Israeli writing on his hand, and there are cables dating back months showing Israeli support for ISIS terrorists in Syria; the same terrorists now being implicated in the Paris attacks, and before that, the downing of the Russian airliner on Halloween.
A US Apache helicopter, from the McCain faction, escorting ISIS. What gives?