Jan 29, 2016

The EU Refugee Crisis - How and Why it Happened

From Ian56:

The EU Refugee Crisis is the natural result of the Neocon Wars to destabilize the Middle East which have been on going from 2001. Wars and conflicts always produce refugees and displaced people.

There are now more refugees in the world than at any time since the end of World War 2. 10 million or more of them are the direct result of the Neocon wars in Iraq, Syria, Libya and Afghanistan.

The majority of the people flooding into Europe come from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and North Africa. Some are from Ethiopia and Somalia - the results of conflicts in these countries (the US has active in both, propping up the brutal regime in Ethiopia in its near civil war while destabilizing Somalia). Some others come from the rest of Africa and Pakistan.

The number of actual Syrians is difficult to determine as the majority of the refugees and economic migrants transit through Turkey and fake Syrian passports are easily available in Turkey for $250 to $700. 

The latest wave of migrants from the summer of 2015 has been an engineered / arranged event. It appears to have started with significant numbers of people leaving Turkish refugee camps or other areas of Turkey where they had been living for some years. Lots of these people were from Syria - mostly Sunnis and Kurds who had fled the violence and the takeover of their villages, towns and cities by al-Qaeda or ISIS. 

The people in the Turkish refugee camps are not legally entitled to work so they earn money via illegal employment or the Black Market. Life must be tough.

There has been a steady stream of refugees arriving on Greek Islands from Syria and Turkey and to Italy from Libya for some time, but nothing on the scale we saw in the second half of 2015.

1.1 million refugees and migrants arrived in Germany in 2015, most of them in the second half of the year. Germany says it expects similar numbers in 2016.

This sudden increase in the number of refugees or migrants and the sudden decision by thousands of people to leave Turkey and head for Europe was not accidental. It was encouraged by Erdogan - probably by making life in the camps more difficult in some way. The presence of 2 million refugees is a drain on the Turkish economy. Perhaps Erdogan wanted to relieve this economic strain, perhaps he had other reasons.

The open Turkish borders, the easy availability of cheap fake passports (to pretend to be war refugees and not migrants) and the presence of people traffickers, which the Turkish government seems to have done nothing to suppress, all helped increase the number of people trying to get into the EU.

In addition to this, thousands of travel guides suddenly started appearing in Turkish ports with detailed instructions, including railway routes and timetables, on how to get from Turkey to Germany and Northern Europe. These travel guides were produced by a group calling itself W2EU (Welcome to Europe). This is an open borders  advocacy group, the funding of which is murky. We don't know who exactly is behind this group but it is the sort of thing that Soros' "Open" Society groups would support in their efforts to destabilize Europe.

Once news that thousands of refugees were successfully making it into the EU and Germany spread, it encouraged thousands more people to try. Lots of these people were not from Turkey or Syria, but made their way to Turkey in order to get into the EU.

A high proportion of the refugees arriving in the EU are young males aged around 18 to 35. There are  4 times as many adult men arriving than there are adult women. 

Then Angela Merkel did the best possible thing she could have done to encourage a wave of mass immigration to Europe "Germany welcomes all refugees".

Merkel and Germany were aiming for 400,000 to 500,000 immigrants a year to address the problem of an aging population and to provide cheap labor for German Corporations.
However as soon as she said it, over 150,000 immigrants a month (or 2 million a year) started turning up so she said that the rest of EU would have to take some - a dictatorial edict for Imperial quotas (the sort of thing the USSR used to do with their Central Planning).

Well that didn't work and started causing rebellions and ructions from several Governors of the Provinces of Romecountries in the EU.
Several countries suspended the Schengen (open borders within the EU) agreement and started putting up physical fences as well as border checks and cross border transport suspensions, to try and stem the onslaught from the mass invasion.

It also started causing large scale problems for Merkel at home with open rebellion from her sister party in Bavaria and protests against the immigrants on the streets of German cities.
Merkel's approval ratings in Germany plummeted.

Merkel started backtracking saying that Germany would start checking if the immigrants were refugees or whether they were economic migrants - in the latter case they would be deported. It is not known if Merkel is serious about mass deportations, we will have to see if she does it.

Additional pressure has been put on Merkel with the reporting of sex attacks in Cologne, several other German cities and other countries on New Years Eve. The media and authorities at first tried to suppress the news of these attacks, but the news got out anyway on social media so they published.
Reports of rape and sexual assault by immigrants has been suppressed for years in Sweden but is now being more openly reported (together with the previous cover ups).

N.B. the best way of reducing reliance on future immigration is to drastically reduce taxes on middle earners and the lower paid to encourage higher birth rates among ordinary workers and to pay for it by reducing Corporate Welfare and military spending. But this goes directly against the elites intentions - it would encourage a prosperous and well informed middle class, so they definitely won't do it.  

Of course the only way to actually resolve the EU Refugee Crisis is to address the root cause. The root cause is WAR.
The EU would have to stop the US from its campaign to destabilize the Middle East with Wahhabi terrorist proxies. It would have to pressure Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States into ceasing their activities in recruiting, arming and funding Wahhabi terrorists. It would also have to stop Israel pressing for war in the wider Middle East. 

As a first step the EU would have to force the US to make peace with Assad in Syria. If this was done and the supply of arms to ISIS and al-Qaeda by the US, Saudi Arabia and Turkey were stopped and its oil revenues also drastically reduced, then ISIS and al-Qaeda would quickly be defeated and the circa 4 million Syrian refugees could start going home.

But the people pulling the strings in the EU do not want peace to break out in the Middle East. The Grand Plan for the EU is to destabilize it with mass immigration from outside the EU.
The plan is explained by Peter Sutherland, ex Goldman Sachs banker, Globalist and currently UN special Ambassador for migration - oh the irony. Its like someone having the ridiculous idea of making Tony Blair "Peace Envoy for the Middle East" ......... no wait.

Note - that Peter Sutherland celebrates the fact that the EU is largely immune from democratic processes and public opinion (he uses the disparaging term "populism" for the will of the ordinary people). The EU was deliberately designed to be undemocratic. The Lisbon Treaty, for example, would never have got through if it wasn't. The Lisbon Treaty was passed after initially being rejected in several referendums which asked if people wanted to reject National Sovereignty and Parliamentary democracies in favor of an undemocratic European Super State. The EU's rulers ignore democracy until they get what they want.

Note also that Peter Sutherland wants to destroy European identity and the various traditional national cultures that back in the 1990's made it a great place to live. He wants to replace it with an amorphous mass and chaos. Amorphous masses are easier to manipulate and control by rulers than those who have clear identities and principles.

Peter Sutherland is upset that the media reported the recent wave of sex attacks in Europe on New Year's Eve. It provoked a widespread public backlash and upsets his plans to destroy Europe.
He calls people that want to retain traditional European cultures and those who don't want to be ruled by an unelected and unaccountable clique of super elite bankers and Corporatists "racists".
Note also that "racism" (the elites promote both pro and anti) is one of the most prominent tools that the ruling elites frequently use to divide and conquer the masses. Others include religion, abortion, gay rights and women's rights / feminism. None of these issues affect Corporate profits, but they are great at getting the masses fighting each other instead of the bankers.

Other prominent Globalists who want a single government to rule the whole of the world, with that government controlled by money and not by the will of the people, include:
The Rothschilds
The Rockefellers
George Soros
Zbigniew Brzezinski
Members and invitees to Bilderberg
The Trilateral Commission
The Bush's
The Clintons
Goldman Sachs
Angela Merkel
Tony Blair
David Cameron 

The following video has an excellent explanation of the Globalists history and their agenda

The Quigley Formula - G Edward Griffin on Cecil Rhodes, the Round Tables, the CFR and world governance by elites

N.B. The EU (formerly the EEC) was initially pursued, promoted and designed by the Bilderberg group. The first meeting of the Bilderberg group was in 1954 and chaired by Prince Bernhard - a Nazi collaborator during WW2. 
The EU was always intended to transfer power from smaller, local and more democratic governance (where the people might be able to influence policy) to unelected and unaccountable bureaucrat puppets in a Super Size Centralized planning system, controlled by the bankers. 
See the US Federal government over the last 50 years for a similar scenario, where power has been taken from the 50 State governments and the Federal government increasingly operates a near monopoly on tax revenues, makes unconstitutional policy diktats and is completely subservient to the interests of the large banks.

Leo Strauss, the godfather to the early Neocons, also advocated governance by an unelected and unaccountable clique of elites. See also Plato's Republic.
The Neocon Agenda and it's results 

Another factor is that the ruling elites in the US do not want a strong and prosperous Germany or EU to link up with Russia, which would undermine the power of the US & UK based banks. They would much rather see a weak EU and Germany - see this:-
Geopolitics - China, Russia and the end of American Hegemony 

N.B. The TPP, TTIP and TISA Corporate Power grab "trade" deals are written by and for Globalists. They seek to transfer power from democratic national / regional / local governments to unelected Corporate paid lawyers sitting on supra national arbitration panels and to transfer the wealth of the middle class to the top 0.01%

These deals should be strongly resisted with every ounce of your being.

TPP, TISA and TTIP agreements are massive Corporate power grabs dressed up as trade deals