Mar 19, 2016

Another Alliance of Fools Targets Russia

Turkey and Britain have increased their military alliances with Ukraine, as part of a continuing targeting of Russia.
Following a two day visit to Ankara by Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko March 9-10, the two countries announced closer military and economic ties.  A meeting of the Ukraine-Turkey high-level strategic council, co-chaired by Poroshenko and Turkish President Recep Erdogan, produced a document denouncing and rejecting the Russian annexation of Crimea, promising unspecified joint steps to de-occupy Crimea.  Some Western media have touted the new Kiev-Ankara defense alliance as a threat to Russia's ability to navigate through the Black Sea.  But in reality, Ukraine and Turkey have been longstanding competitors for transit contracts for Russian gas from Gazprom.
Poroshenko brought along his Chief of General Staff Gen. Viktor Muzhenko and two leaders of the Crimean Tatars minority, now living in Ukraine.

Friday, British Defence Secretary Michael Fallon announced the Britain had signed a 15-year defense pact with Ukraine, under which Britain will provide training and intelligence, and will engage in more frequent joint maneuvers.  The agreement revives a previous joint military program that was terminated in 2006.