Apr 8, 2016

Jim Rickards Claims GOLD May Be Keeping The Fed Solvent – LOL!

by Jeff NielsonThe PhaserApril 8, 2016:
It’s time to “call out” notorious disinformation shill Jim Rickards, yet again. This banker mouthpiece is once again soaking up the spotlight, as he’s written a new book: more half-truths and outright fiction. Thankfully, I don’t have to read this trash myself, since we have mainstream prostitutes like Basher Central who are only too happy to pull out “highlights” (lol) such as this:
Gold Keeping Fed Solvent – Rickards’ New Book Suggests
Lol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As we all know, the Fed has NO gold — at least none to which it has clear, legal title.
[Phaser Editor’s Note: FLASHBACK — Ron Paul Gets FEDERAL RESERVE To Admit, “We Own Gold Certificates. We Don’t Own ANY GOLD”]
Kitco continues:
The Federal Reserve, also known as the central bank of the world, is insolvent at times, and one of the major factors keeping it afloat may just be gold, this according to one best-selling author.
Lol (again).
“Insolvent at times”? That’s like saying that Jack the Ripper was “anti-social at times”. Even if we were to make the generous assumption that the Fed was solvent prior to 2008 (a dubious assumption), it blasted any vestige of solvency to smithereens when it ‘absorbed’ $TRILLIONS in finacial feces from the balance sheets of the Wall Street fraud-factories following their manufactured Crash of ’08.
…one of the major factors keeping it afloat may just be gold
Here the logic becomes inescapable. The Fed is insolvent. The only thing which “may” have been able to create a vestige of solvency is its “gold reserves” — except it doesn’t have any. Ergo, the Fed is insolvent…unless one believes the Fairy Tales of “U.S. gold reserves”.
In that case, let me tell you another tale, of a jolly, old Soul named “Santa Claus”. The fact that Rickards is able to flog his work as “non-fiction” tells us all that we need to know about the world of publishing. ;)
P.S. Like most of the Disinformation Shills, Rickards could have carved-out a great career for himself in comedy. Check out this one-liner:
The best-selling author of Currency Wars and The Death of Money, explained that the Fed does not want to be audited to avoid drawing attention to gold and to downplay the role of the metal.
:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
Right! That is why the Fed refuses all requests for a legitimate audit. It has nothing at all to do with the $TRILLIONS and $TRILLIONS of totally fraudulent transactions hidden on its balance sheet.
Kitco and Jim Rickards: a great tag-team when it comes to providing us with some cheap laughs. Lousy sources when it comes to anything remotely resembling reality.
Gold Keeping Fed Solvent – Rickards’ New Book Suggests
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