May 23, 2016

Downfall: Will the EU End in a Bloodbath?

From Sputniknews, 22.05.2016
by Angus Gallagher

The British people are poised to strike a massive hammer blow against the EU on June 23rd. Our aim is to liberate Europe from globalist inspired tyranny. But do claims that the EU transcends history and is a force for good mean it’s all just British nastiness?

On a frigid November morning in 1576, Philip II’s tercios storm beleaguered Antwerp. Hardened by the savagery of Dutch resistance, the imperial troops have turned wild due to their bankrupt monarch’s failure to pay them.  
What follows is a 3 day orgy of murder, arson, and rape that leaves Antwerp a charnel house and 7000 innocents dead.
Those slaughtered at Antwerp were the sacrificial victims of a stubborn ideal that refused to acknowledge reality: the millenarian dream that all Europeans should live under a single ruling authority.   
Ever since Charlemagne revived Caesar’s ghost, Europeans have been haunted by the concept of a universal monarchy. The tides of history regularly churn up such composite transnational entities as the Holy Roman Empire, the Habsburg Empire, the First French Empire, the Third Reich, and now, in its modern incarnation- the European Union.  
Only two things have remained constant: the first is that Britain and Russia have always sought to remain beyond the centralization of European power and the second is that just as a tide comes flows in, it must also recede. Indeed, no supranational European power has ever stood against the tide of history.  
It would seem that if the EU has any hope of surviving, it would need to be radically different from its predecessors. But is it? Has the concept of European unity evolved from that cold morning in 1576 when Spanish soldiers burned Dutchmen alive for the dream of a united Europe?  
The EU’s policies of economic and monetary union have looted economies and imposed austerity as completely as Philip II’s hated tax collectors. The Euro is no more stable than was the ducat with its massive inflation due to imported silver from the New World. Financial and monetary union was a disaster then, just as it is now.   
Just as the Habsburgs harangued their subjects into a common defence policy against the Ottoman Empire, the EU, with infinitely less cause, is forcing member states to confront Russia. This creates the geopolitical instability around the EU that typified former empires: this is solid proof that the EU is not some evolutionary leap in the European psyche.    
Faced with the failure to integrate its Muslim immigrants, Philip II banned the use of Arab culture in 1568 only to instigate an Islamic revolt that lasted five years.
Once quelled, Philip dispersed the Muslim population to different regions, forcing governors to accept them. Unable to crack the problem, mass expulsions to Africa finally eradicated the issue from 1609 to 1614. 
Does this not sound worryingly familiar given the tensions that are simmering in 2016?   
Social protests and poverty often fused with nationalism to fuel uprisings against the Holy Roman Empire: we see this both in the age of Luther and today where rising anger with the EU’s directives has ignited labour unrest from Greece to France.  

The EU’s secular liberal dogma has replaced Catholicism as the central eschatology of European absolutism, the mainstream media as coercive as the pulpit in the moral blackmailing of the population. The EU’s message is no different from that of the Church and its inquisitors: support us, or you are going to hell.    
While no historical parallel can ever be complete, Europeans know in their very bones that something is not right with the EU. They know instinctively that power and manipulation cannot control diverse peoples indefinitely. Many have personally seen how labour protests in Poland set off a cascade of revolutions in 1989 that led to the rapid dissolution of the Warsaw Pact.  
The freedoms those peoples in Eastern Europe thought they had won so easily were given to them by the Soviet Union’s conscious decision to reform- not by some imaginary victory of the West over the USSR: the terrible irony is that it is a creature of the West, created by the CIA in fact, that has now trampled on all that was earned as the EU mercilessly pummels eastern European states with migrants, attacks on sovereignty, and geopolitical scaremongering.      
The British BREXIT referendum on June 23rd is being hailed across Europe as an act of liberation from the last in a long line of totalitarian euro states. We are preparing to strike a blow for democracy, firm in the belief that what we have set out to challenge is nothing but the same absolutist masquerade that has plagued us for centuries. 
There is no guarantee that BREXIT will succeed. It may not. Every globalist card has been played against the British people. The EU knows that many of those who are against its usurpation of sovereign authority are older citizens and that this is the last generation capable of resistance. 
Mass migration is designed to batter populations to the point where they are so disorientated by radical ethnic and cultural transformation, so divided, so broken from their history, that the very idea of people power is impossible.   History teaches us that European absolutists will fight to the bitter end. They never relinquish power peacefully.
They believe that a united Europe is a globalist Europe and as completely as any counter reformation fanatic, they believe that they are absolutely right. The best we can hope for, after a successful BREXIT, is a cascade of referendums that will allow a quick and painless divorce- similar to that of 1989 in Eastern Europe.  
Yet the EU is unlikely to go quietly. If it refuses to realize its time has passed, the centrifugal forces of labour unrest, ethnic division, terrorism, national sovereignty, and geopolitical instability will force it into a corner where the beast must at last reveal its true nature.
If that time should come and the EU chooses to fight it out, to hold onto its authority by any means, it will plunge Europe into a conflict every bit as hideous as the 30 Years War. Because the EU isn’t the end of history, it’s just another door to hell.