May 28, 2016


via The Ugly Truth:

Ed-note (Sabba) – This article describes Germany as ‘the vassal in chief’ and I would like to elaborate on this theme a little bit further.

In the EU project, which is only a part of the JWO project albeit a huge part, Germany is the ‘managing director’, the UK and America are the CEO/CFO and the jewish messianic elites are the share holders.

The CEO/CFO gave the ‘vassal in chief’ – Germany – free rein to do to Europe what she had been dreaming of doing for centuries: germanize it, regiment it and control it – on behalf of the share holders. Joschka Fischer let the cat out of the bag when he bragged about how the EU had given Germany what 2 world wars couldn’t.

The EU is built on German principles and philosophy; it is built on the German model of the Länder; the charter of the ECB is the exact same as the German Central Bank’s charter and Germany is indeed the pillar under which the EU project is built on.

The German people take immense pride in it and in the fact that Europe is being ‘germanized’. They take this as the world’s acknowledgement of their God given greatness, ‘efficiency’ and ‘superiority’. They take this as a proof that their way is the best and only way, that they are right in wanting to regiment the whole of Europe. They gloat over the catastrophic economic situation of the Latin countries. They look down upon the very very highly educated Latin people who come to Germany to work in factories, call centers etc. only because they can not find any work in their own country. This proves to them that their way, their model, their ethics are the most ‘superior’ and most ‘efficient’. And they will proudly claim that had Latin/Hellenic Europe been more ‘germanized’ from the beginning, she would not be in such dire situation.

Deutschland über alles all the way, to this very day.
They do not see that Germany has been pimped up like a 3 dollars hooker, that she is what she is because of jewish money, because those who crushed her to submission rebuilt her because they had a mission for her, that the economic situation of Latin/Hellenic Europe has jewish finger prints all over it, that the same powers who made her rich and powerful are the same who are destroying the economy of the Mediterranean countries. No… They think it is all due to their God-given ‘superiority’ and ‘efficiency’ and the inherent ‘inferiority’ of non-Germanic nations.

But there is a much more sinister reason as to why Germany was selected to be the ‘vassal in chief’ and why the share holders want the European nations to become carbon-copies of the German people.

To understand what the process of ‘germanization’ really means, one need to look at the history of Prussia, the Prussian military mentality, her Teutonic roots, culture and mindset. Prussia destroyed and transformed beyond recognition the minds of the German people of old when she united them under her banner in 1871. The German people of old have had their spirits broken by by generations and generations of ‘barrack life’ and what Prussia did to the German people/states of old, Germany is now doing to the rest of Europe.

The Germans have a very different concept of state (and, by extension, any source of authority) as the rest of European people.

All European nations look upon the state as something which is quite apart from ourselves and, more often than not, as a potential enemy. We all tend to believe that the State is made for the individual and not the other round.

The Germans however believe that it is the individual who is made for the State. There is no greater human destiny for the individual than to be absorbed by the State to the point where the State becomes not an external entity but the incarnation of his ‘race’. To contend against it is to contend against himself, against his ‘people’.

Here is how Eduard Meyer contrasts the German and English (and European) concepts of state and liberty:

“As a matter of fact, we are here concerned with two diametrically opposed conceptions of the State, and with their life (…). 

The difference affects not only the English and German conceptions of the State, but the ideas of liberty formed by each of these nations. Liberty to the Englishman means the unbounded right of the individual to pursue his own material interests undisturbed by any interference from the State, and his submission to the will of the majority, or public opinion, with regard to everything else : point of view, manners and customs, and habits of life.

Liberty to the German, on the other hand signifies subordination to the interests of the collectivity and the ideal aims of his nation.

The Englishman looks upon the State as an instrument of compulsion, whose rights and demands, as they affect the individual, must be limited as far as possible, while the German regards the State as an organism which pre-eminently embodies the loftiest aims that his nation has set before it, whose sphere of authority should embrace and vivify the whole of national life, and whose injunctions are of such a nature that every individual, in his quality as a member of the great whole, transforms them into free manifestations of his own volition, and thus elevates them to the dignity possessed by moral sanctions of free submission and free accomplishment of duty. 

This is why the German looks upon universal military service as at once the foundation and highest expression of the free national State, while the Englishman considers it the greatest abomination and a form of despotic coercion which subverts his idea of liberty” 
(This prompted J.M. Robertson to reply in a book: “Britain vs. Germany, An Open Letter to Professor Eduard Meyer” )

It is this love for authority and submission, it is this total alienation of the Self that must be imposed upon what the Germans love to call the unruly, messy, chaotic Latin and Hellenic nations of Europe.

The process of ‘germanization’ entails therefore the destruction of the spirit, soul and roots upon which the other European countries have been built so that can be infused into them the German mind-set, the German way of thinking, the German love and quasi-worship of state and authority and… dare I say it, the German love of obeying orders, no matter what they are or who gives them.

Some call it discipline. Another way to describe the same reality is servility, slavishness, regimentation to the point of stupidity. And loving every second of it. 

For many Latin/Greek people who have lived in Germany, to become ‘German’ often means to have the mind set of an obedient soldier, to have a submissive regimented spirit, to become a robot.

And so it is no surprise that the main target Germany has had on her cross-hair is Latin/Hellenic Europe. Germany, the vassal in chief, has been ordered to tame the ‘unruly’ Mediterranean Europe, germanize it, infuse in it the ‘German spirit’, which means the German unconditional love for submission to Authority.

She has been allowed to use any mean to bully and pressure the Latin/Hellenic people until they surrender, until they become as disciplined as the Germans, until they love their regimented mind set, until the concepts of freedom and individual personality are erased from their hardware, until they reached the point where, like the Germans, they detest even the thought of being free.

In other words, until they become slavish and deeply in love with their servitude… exactly as Aldous Huxley predicted.

When we look at Europe now, when we see the economic wars that Germany is waging on Latin/Hellenic countries, when we see her waging culture and societal wars on the oldest civilizing nations of Europe, on those very same countries where European Civilization came from, it is hard not to be reminded that it was already ‘Germany’ who had been ‘selected’ to start destroying and tearing apart Christian Europe in the XVIth century with the Reformation.

And it is even more difficult not to draw a parallel with what happened in the Vth century A.D, when the barbaric Germanic tribes destroyed Civilization the day they destroyed Rome. 

We often hear that History repeats itself. And it does seem to do so.