Sep 21, 2016

A 12-Step Program To F**k Up Your Country

From ZeroHedge:
1. Take one country built by other people.

2. Have a central bank debase the currency.

3. Inflict metric shit-tons of rules, regulations and taxes on the citizenry, personally.

4. Drive a stake through the beating heart of the economy – small business (See #3).

5. Import millions of illiterate, low-IQ mouth breathers from 3rd world shitholes who have no intention of assimilating or producing.

6. Dump them on the producers – the descendants of those who built the country.

7. When the citizenry have a problem with the flood of mouth-breathers, guilt them into submission. If you can’t guilt them, hoot them into silence by screaming PC-conflict epithets at them.

8. When Government can’t meet payroll – literally paying for all the Free Shit they’ve ‘promised’ to everyone – continue to take out loans you “promise” to pay back (See #2).

9. Play identity politics by pitting racial groups against each other. The winner gets privileged status. (Pro tip: There is no ‘winner’ and will never be one).

10. Use the distraction created by #9 to loot the treasury.

11. Use the friction created by #9 as an excuse to disarm the citizenry using the fig leaf of “safety”.

12. Keep the citizenry distracted by ginning-up useless foreign wars, bread, circuses and a conga-line of retards in the ‘media’…
Whoever thought that telling people they were too stupid to handle their own money, looting the treasury, telling the citizenry they were responsible for all the evils in the world, shitting on them for decades – literally generations, killing off the beating heart of the economy and making it literally possible to be within the law and in violation of the exact same law at the exact same time WAS A REALLY GOOD IDEA??
Because to me, this seems like very much NOT a good idea.
Why do you think those in places of power and influence try to hard to disarm you and anyone like you? It has nothing to do with anything they’re talking about – nothing. Crime, “safety”, the chiiiillldren, terr-risms, none of that shit.
It boils down to one concept: Self preservation.
Those in power will hold onto that power with the strength born of desperation. Well-paying, powerful jobs like “Being Better Than Everyone Else” are right thin on the ground…
But you fuck things up badly enough, the citizenry just might get it into their heads that they don’t need you anymore. And if you refuse to go? Well, from your point of view, if the citizenry don’t have pointy objects and sharp things, that’s better for you, right? Increases your chances of survival tremendously. Especially if your guards and enforcers are the only ones “allowed” to have pointy objects and sharp things…
Thing is, they’ve knocked this whole thing into a cocked hat. Every single country in the Western World is up-gunning and preparing for “civil unrest”. They know they’ve fucked up, that people are right pissed off with them. And that they are very, very close to that IDGAF moment.
And so they are trying to increase the odds of their own survival.
My people have shown they have the lowest Zero-To-Jackboots time on the planet – those in power are correct in their fears.
What goes around, comes around… create the conditions that foster desperation, shit on a proud, productive people for generations, tell them they’re responsible for all the ills in the world, then go out of your way to replace them? It’s not the barking dog you need to worry about.
You see a dog on the other side of a fence and every day you throw rocks at him, starve him, abuse him, treat him like shit, then try to replace him with another dog… that dog gets quiet… he watches you. And he waits – just looking for that opportunity. That one chance to take his shot and dish out some payback.
This started out as being some gallows humor snark, and it kinda went off on a tangent… apologies. As I write this, I’m watching footage of Charlotte NC riots… looting, burning… bricks being thrown at cops….
Forecast is for a 100% chance of Sportiness with an increased chance of Spiciness…