Dec 23, 2016

Berlin Truck ATTACK - No Bodies or Injuries - All MEDIA HACK Witnesses?

via Liveleak:

A "false-flag" attack, is an event (real or fake) in which the persons carrying it out, try to make it look as if someone else is responsible. In the age of democracies, it has become commonplace for governments to execute false-flag attacks, in order to gain popular support for wars, impune their political enemies, control the population with fear, etc..

The closer one looks at a false-flag event, however, the more evident the truth usually becomes. This is the case for most frauds and lies.

The names of the unseen supposed victims, are being kept secret for now. All but one of the witnesses are media hacks - and one has a somewhat altered identity. Why?
Berlin Attack Suspect Reportedly Killed in Gunfight in Milan