Jan 23, 2017

The World Against Trump…

…or is it Trump against the world?

For example:

We need to prepare ourselves for the following: From now on, the most powerful person on the planet, along with his entourage made up primarily of billionaires like himself, will be regularly stomping on that which the international community has spent decades negotiating with effort and care.

Many hope so.  That’s why they voted for him.

Who thinks, for example, that Trump's troupe will feel bound to the Paris Climate Agreement for the reduction of greenhouse gases?

We can only pray that they not feel so bound.

That anybody in the White House will still care for the protection of animals, oceans or forests?

I don’t see this in the job requirements identified in Article II.

Does anyone think he will support culture?

This is written in a Merkel-supporting German magazine?

Once it has pushed Islamic State further into retreat…

Yes, I don’t like this one much either.

…the U.S. will withdraw as far as possible from its role as the world's protective power.

Protective?  Maybe you haven’t heard about Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Palestine, Yugoslavia, Vietnam…. Ask the people there how “protective” the US has been.

This president will do everything he can to weaken international organizations like the UN, the EU or the G-20 in order to make space for bilateral deals…

Not thrilled about the bilateral deals part, but what’s not to like about weakening these organizations?

The UN will need to show that it can be a countervailing power in the civil sphere and an advocate for its especially vulnerable members.

Oh, please, please, pleasemake this so.  I suspect an executive “tweet” will either defang or defund the UN within about two seconds of any such action.